18 October, 2006

Abah jangan lupa pakai lampin tau~!

Another year close to its end and I am still alive and well (fortunate enough if I am still alive then) to be celebrating another Aidil Fitri next week. TVC on festive seasons has been some anticipated occasion for the past 5 years or so. Some are refreshingly funny while some touches the sentimental side of us and realities of everyday life. This year is no different...the TVC by Petronas for Raya is especially amusing and touching at the same time. Face it, to a certain point we do neglect our parents and I could certainly relate to that.
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Raya to me used to be a cheerfuly happy time of year (food food food~!). But as I am approaching my mid 20s it has been somewhat not as joyfull or at least carefree as it used to be when I was a kid. I dont think I am jaded of it, its just that with age I see and understand things more intricately. I realised over the years certain qualities are slowly dissappearing.
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With each great progress there is a great regress. We are bigger and better economically but we are loosing our eastern charms and ethics. More and more old folks homes are set up, some elders are abandoned, mistreated or simply forgotten. I mean what exactly happened here? I have realised troughout the years I have grown up to be, along the way I might have done something if not of that magnitude but at least resembles such a deplorable state of mind and conscience.

Parents brought us up...feed us...put diapers on our bums...put nice clothes on our skinny backs...gives us an education and when we are able to stand on our own for everything they have given I realised they only asked to be repayed in kind, love, and a bit of attention at times. Yet, we tend to forget...pass them of with a wave of the hand or just deport them somewhere for a monthly fee.
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For one thing when I grow old I wouldn't want to be sent away from home. I wont want to leave the securities and comfort of my own home. It is something that was built and nurtured with hard earned income made thru my own limbs. I dont think I would like to be anywhere else but home when I come to that age. Nor would I want my children to put me into a corner with a plate and share dinner time with Tobby the cat.
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For all that I am worth is exactly how much effort my parents have put in. And by no means is it cheap or easy. I would put on their diapers on for them as to how they have put them unto me when I was a mere toddler. All so my kid wont come up to me one day and tell me "Abah jgn lupa pakai lampin tau~!".

Here is the link to Petronas Raya and Deepavali TVC:

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