13 November, 2006

Thank you to those who came and tried really hard to make it

Eid is a one day celebration. But being Malaysian Muslims we tend to drag it the whole lenght of the month. Habit or tradition I think...whichever it is I got down to actually having a tiny gathering of friends in tune with the Eid spirit.

I would like to thank Faizal who came all alone all the way from Klang, Saiyid who never misses an invitation, Erwan being so intrigue and shutter happy (semua benda dia nak amik gambo), Pejal and Ateh...you guys were so friggin late but you managed to find your way to Sepang and Baby who braved my mom's questions and helped a fair bit in the kitchen.

To those who did not make it, all your reasons need not matter but the thought is really heartwarming....espacially Balan...I feel you man....next year I'll personally pick you up from your crib. To Daud, it would be absolutely crazy if you were to be around last night...but you had family matters to attend to. Faatin....there is still next year for you to help wash plates~ Hahaha..

Thank you, thank you and thank you...

From the house that served Teh Tarik....Salam~

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maman said...

dude. did u invite me ?