29 December, 2006

One sided French toast Malaysian style.

Ever heard of the one sided French toast? It looks like an ordinary bread dipped in beaten eggs....but only on one side. Now, I bet you people think "What the F*Ck?". Let me tell you my experience with this one sided Frech taost. An ex-housemate decides to do kind by cooking us something to munch on a Sunday afternoon. He asked if would any of us want some? Hey, it's food man....sure hell yeah. So he did exactly that...and yes only dipped one side of Uncle Slocum's wholesome bread with egg.
He then served us...I thought well this looks nice (he placed them on a plate with the egg dipped side facing up). I took a whiff and it smelled good too! Quickly took a piece and munched it down. Now this here is when I felt there is something odd about this here le pain grillé français. I took a look at whats still on the plate...Bloody hell~!! It's only dipped with egg on one side??!!
I am not complaining of anyone being a cheapskate. But it's just a metaphor that I will use in terms of the many products that are offered in the vast Malaysian consumer market. Look at what is on the shelves. Dining sets made from low grade porcelain and been given names as exotic as porn stars. Sure they are cheap but it does not mean it has to be of shabby looking....I mean teapots should have a nice curved spout not one which looks like a shriveled dick.
The local used car market is loaded with rip-offs... yes it is cheaper now but no it's not getting any easier to get loans for them old automobiles. It is also harder to get it insured....with loads of modestly modified used vehicles in the market there is certainly a niche in the market. But we will always get the uglier end of the rod.
What is the justification for the toll hikes anyway? It's not like they need to employ more people to man the toll booths or patch up the roads every few days. So in 2006 alone we are going out with a few bangs aren't we?
At least the government we vote are doing lots of reforms (insert cynical laughter here)....Petrol prices went up not once but twice, Utility fees went up as well....MyCard is effectively a failure since it's implementation...then there was the issue with the bent Johore bridge...Proton was under fire for the quality and under par designs...the AP shit...Dr.M and Pak Lah drama...lets not forget the various crimes reported (murders, rape, incest, robbery) and now is a quick wash with floods hitting 5 states.
Whhaaliiauuuwei~! So with 2006 coming to a close we shall celebrate and rejoice for what the government we voted for have done and usher in the new year with the invitation to foreigners by Visit Malaysia 2007 with a big smile saying we are a peaceful and loving nation with "a really-really good future~!" Hmmm...sounds like a really one sided French toast kan?
Happy new year people and good riddance to 2006~! (bow)

28 December, 2006

Are we just dreamers?

There is this dark force that pulls guys generally into the inner depths of four wheel fuel guzzling internal combustion machine we call amiably as cars. Its really a passionate thing but the majority of us I believe will just end up dead and still dreaming about THE car of our orgasmic fantasy.
1996 Satria 1.6(A)....that is what I drive. Its in a sad state really...all battered from the dings of curbs and the occational season of road bullying and racing with friends (I was younger when I did that). Those days are over but the scars of battle still remains. Now I am just barely managing to maintaining it to be in running condition. Thank god it has not started to leak yet.

I once had a dream too.... when I was 17 an EVO3 at first and around 20 I fired up a F355 Spider and drove at a respectable 60km/h for 10 minutes. Thats when I knew nothing Japenese can beat an Italian assult rifle of a car. Yes, Japs can make really fast and crazy cars...Evo 4 and WRX STi v5 to me is crazy enough. But somehow the prancing horse gave me a kick with class...lots of it too.

Evo is like a pair of Synthetic football boots while the scarlet is like leather football boots. But both gets the job done pretty well. Owh yes...but I am just stuck with what I have and can now. My friend Dominic has a dream too....an Evo 6 TME. Apparently it goes for RM120K second hand. He was enthusiastic about it that he can afford it....but yours truely made him realise the unforseen cost of maintaining let alone modding the TME. "Maybe I could refinance my house" he said. Bonkers of a guy I tell you.

Finally we managed to convince him for a Toyota Vios instead, which has good potential to be a street cred ride if done tastefully. My point is I use to dream a lot....dry ones and wet ones once in awhile. Its a source of inspiration and if its constructive its motivational too. Just that we boys tend to get overboard when our balls tend to hang a bit on the far side of the earth's atmosphere.

Yet I dare to dream...if that what makes me get up every morning and get my ass to work to earn that paycheck. Really, why not? Maybe if I cant get my arse in an Italian petrol burner perhaps one from the otherside of Europe can do...a BMW M3 does not sound that far fetched to own right?

27 December, 2006

It might just be dust to the most.

The beautiful only mix with the beautiful. Do you believe that? Let me just put it that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But have you ever thought that "I wish I could be cool".
Inferiority complex is to sum it up. Some will hang and chill at the most trendiest of spots in town...just to be cool? Or probably buy a single item of clothing that is the most expensive that they could ever afford and wear it when they hang out or lets say to be "seen". Try ooh so hilariously to hook up with the pretty ones with their really off English accent.
C'mon....who are we joking? Ourselves I bet. Don't show what you cant afford. But the look apparently is everything these days. Shallow huh? It's probably some sort of epidemic swiping society...especially the teens. Can't afford it don't starve for it man...Don't know colours don't try to match polka dots and stripes. Get it?
Lets see who can mack a chick? It's a laughing sight~! Its not an art or rocket science...it's common sense. All it takes is a bit of education and loads of gumption. Speak the Queens tongue with a Java accent...please get the grammar right at least. Because when we fake it but people would notice it like a lump of shit to a diaper.
I am saying this because I am a Malay who is ashamed of those of my kind that are shameless enough to think that they have what it takes to go far....just because you have a tiffin carrier does not mean you have kuih in there. It might just be dust to the most.

When we make noise only then the bones will move.

I see that everyone is complaining of the nose bleed pace of their internet connection today. Apparently locally hosted sites are not that much effected. Me? My work revolves around a local area network but for the *cough* not work related bits like blogging its a sure fire pain.
Apparently with just a shout there is a retaliation effort to subdue the voices of the rakyat at least for awhile.
A statement released in the papers today said a more collective effort shall be motioned to give the MyCard a much needed boost. Quoting what was written in NST today..."We are setting aside an allocation under the Ninth Malaysia Plan for the purpose," said Deputy Home Affairs Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho. Hehehehe~!!!
I guess anything to everything is planned under RMK9. Hahahah....let me see what seems to be such an elaborate plan could very well be the catalyst of faltering execution. I mean its like RMK is developed to satisfy everyone. Thats a noble thing but it really sounds like a jack of all trades project. So lets say, just enough of us makes just enough noise about hmmm.... electricity tariffs would it be slotted in the next RMK plan as well?
Highly doubtful....the way I see things is like most of us are underpaid, the economy can't really sustain all of us for long as the rising costs are just barely bareable. Those who are rich have nothing to say but what about the medium to low income group? I mean the mojority of the rakyat is from there alone right? So....why should the MyCard be re promoted and waste even more taxpayers money? There should be a reason why banks and the rakyat refuse to use the technology.
The normal reason why the public dont use the MyCard features is we have credit cards which auto reloads TouchNGo and pays the bills. Next is if everything put into MyCard and I loose it...everything else goes along with it. So in terms of practical security its near useless. So now what? Another RM50mil to promote the usage of the friggin thing? I reckon it would be better to pump the money for lets say....better schools in rural areas? Or partially subsidise the education of less fortunate children? At least teach the next generation not to do the same mistakes like the present ones have done....what a shame.

26 December, 2006

MyCards the rakyat has been ripped off.

Its a project of mega proportions. A flagship application towards developing a tech savvy nation. What a sales pitch don't you think? Its in the papers....only now the stats are out? I am totally againts the pitching of new technology in my dear country Malaysia for one thing we don't bugger well no how to use the friggin' thing~! C'mon...lets think just a tiny bit here and you will see my point.
Lets remind ourselves of how was the old identity cards was like. It is completely void of any technology whatsoever right? WRONG~! There was a friggin barcode at the back. Did you ever wonder why it was there? Ding~! One point if you answer no. The government didn't even implement the use of the barcode then. Why on earth do you thing they would go for a so called chip enhanced version?
Even the chips in Mycards are not standardised thus rendering half of the readers useless. Who renews their diriving licence the old fashion way? I do. In fact I still don't see the point of changing to MyCard, thus YES~! I am still using the old flappy barcoded IC. Why? Because I don't see the point of migrating to another technology when the implementation is a failure even from the planning stage.
The authority can sue, charge me in court or even put me in jail for it but really it is a waste of time and tax payers money. Plus the MyCard could not withstand abuse like the old ones does. Pathetic...I have a friend who had to change his MyCard twice because he broke it during some extreme sports activity. Now he keeps it away in his backpack while he does flips and grinds.
Get this the aching part is that the whole project costs a cool RM500 mil~! You know what can be done with that amount of money? Better education facilities, perhaps to educate our kids that these politicians don't know jack about technologies that builds a developed nation. Now, I wonder which company got the tender for the MyCard project? It's listed on the KLSE if I am not mistaken....and during recent months it's shares have plummeted. I guess some people has cashed out before the public lashing catches them.

22 December, 2006

Its gonna be a long weekend for Christmas.

Christmas celebrations is not really something I get into. Number one being I am a Muslim, second they serve what looks to be good food but some are not Halal. There was a time I used not to care that much of what I eat and drink though...semua tibai. Now I as I am getting older I know I have to clean my acts. Anyways....
We had some "makan-makan" at the office yesterday evening. Its the quarterly birthday celebrations and for some chinese festival that I forgot it's name. The food was Oooohh..My..GOD~! Sedap giler~! Got roast turkey, some beef roast, lots of pasta, salads, mash potatoes dan banyak lagi. There is this one particular chinese desert that they made..."Tong Yuen", it has red bean filling and tastes like kuih nyonya. I had loads of that.
The big boss brought this big ass bottle of wine...some '93 Italian thing. It took a good hour or so to open it because the pantry's cork screw was a pussy at the task. Some how the lads managed to "Screw" the cork and made a trickle hole to pour the wine.
To give an illustrative coordination of events here are a few pictures....

4th quarter babies.
Dominic tried to call the wine maker's customer service line...

Peeerghhh.....Everything was so good. We had the left overs for breakfast today~
Tong Yuen in the making...
Sui Wei reading the instruction on how to open the bottle.
Finaly...Andrew thought it was good reason to celebrate that they managed to open the bottle. He was so happy that he blushed about a half cup later~!

21 December, 2006

Scooby Doo and Transformers.

Relief, at least for the moment. Now I can get back on track to working with a slightly lighter heart and sleep a tiny bit better.

(Yesterday Evening)

The Curve is different on weekdays... Erwan had his Nikon D70 still clicked away happily at the Christmas Deco. There was this huge big ass tree decorated in blue livery. I thought it is nice...just a bit too blue to my tastes.

I was just strolling around and took in the sights of the many pretty things (women included). Pretty...very pretty indeed. Nike stuff going cheap...getting rid of old stock for the new season. Nothing really caught my eyes. Elleycats performing at one of the bar cum restaurant. No cover charge 7 days a week! That would be interesting to watch. Sometime next month perhaps.

Caught this Scooby Doo christmas gig in Ikano. Stood there for awhile enjoying the Scooby Dooby Doo song. I actually sang to it too. Some how kids do still dig the stuff. Even when the original Scooby Doo appeared in the 80s. Minus the movie, I still love em to this day.

After that headed to subang for dinner. Chilled at TMB till 12am. Got home and feel asleep in my towel without even managing to get my socks off. I was so bloody tired I guess. If there was this hot hoochie mama I reckon that I would have just given her a wave and slept anyways.

(This morning till noon)
I found this super pics while randomly sniffin in forums today. Droooling man~!! Transformers movie to be out in April 2007 (thanks to Teething Humanity for the correction). I am a huge fan of the cartoons and had my fair collection when I was a kid. Owh how I wish I still have 'em now. It would be worth a tiny fortune~!
Bumble Bee
Optimus Prime

Owh hell I cant wait for the movie...I am so stoked now~! Hahahhaa~!

We (Dominic, Saiyid and I) had lunch at Phileo 1 just now. From yesterday's recon and intel it showed a high saturation of cun chicks. Thats why we decided to take a looky....apparently there was nothing much too look at in the end. Consolation was that the food is way better there than the mamaks at Phileo 2.

Better luck next time perhaps. At least we have a sort of dinner party at the office coinciding with birthdays and Christmas. The food is always good for these sort of things and the iron lady boss is apparently a good cook.

Back to work now...Salam~