28 December, 2006

Are we just dreamers?

There is this dark force that pulls guys generally into the inner depths of four wheel fuel guzzling internal combustion machine we call amiably as cars. Its really a passionate thing but the majority of us I believe will just end up dead and still dreaming about THE car of our orgasmic fantasy.
1996 Satria 1.6(A)....that is what I drive. Its in a sad state really...all battered from the dings of curbs and the occational season of road bullying and racing with friends (I was younger when I did that). Those days are over but the scars of battle still remains. Now I am just barely managing to maintaining it to be in running condition. Thank god it has not started to leak yet.

I once had a dream too.... when I was 17 an EVO3 at first and around 20 I fired up a F355 Spider and drove at a respectable 60km/h for 10 minutes. Thats when I knew nothing Japenese can beat an Italian assult rifle of a car. Yes, Japs can make really fast and crazy cars...Evo 4 and WRX STi v5 to me is crazy enough. But somehow the prancing horse gave me a kick with class...lots of it too.

Evo is like a pair of Synthetic football boots while the scarlet is like leather football boots. But both gets the job done pretty well. Owh yes...but I am just stuck with what I have and can now. My friend Dominic has a dream too....an Evo 6 TME. Apparently it goes for RM120K second hand. He was enthusiastic about it that he can afford it....but yours truely made him realise the unforseen cost of maintaining let alone modding the TME. "Maybe I could refinance my house" he said. Bonkers of a guy I tell you.

Finally we managed to convince him for a Toyota Vios instead, which has good potential to be a street cred ride if done tastefully. My point is I use to dream a lot....dry ones and wet ones once in awhile. Its a source of inspiration and if its constructive its motivational too. Just that we boys tend to get overboard when our balls tend to hang a bit on the far side of the earth's atmosphere.

Yet I dare to dream...if that what makes me get up every morning and get my ass to work to earn that paycheck. Really, why not? Maybe if I cant get my arse in an Italian petrol burner perhaps one from the otherside of Europe can do...a BMW M3 does not sound that far fetched to own right?

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