27 December, 2006

It might just be dust to the most.

The beautiful only mix with the beautiful. Do you believe that? Let me just put it that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But have you ever thought that "I wish I could be cool".
Inferiority complex is to sum it up. Some will hang and chill at the most trendiest of spots in town...just to be cool? Or probably buy a single item of clothing that is the most expensive that they could ever afford and wear it when they hang out or lets say to be "seen". Try ooh so hilariously to hook up with the pretty ones with their really off English accent.
C'mon....who are we joking? Ourselves I bet. Don't show what you cant afford. But the look apparently is everything these days. Shallow huh? It's probably some sort of epidemic swiping society...especially the teens. Can't afford it don't starve for it man...Don't know colours don't try to match polka dots and stripes. Get it?
Lets see who can mack a chick? It's a laughing sight~! Its not an art or rocket science...it's common sense. All it takes is a bit of education and loads of gumption. Speak the Queens tongue with a Java accent...please get the grammar right at least. Because when we fake it but people would notice it like a lump of shit to a diaper.
I am saying this because I am a Malay who is ashamed of those of my kind that are shameless enough to think that they have what it takes to go far....just because you have a tiffin carrier does not mean you have kuih in there. It might just be dust to the most.

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Sensual Sophia said...

It'll get worse. In future, humanity would split into 2 distinct types. The superior - beautiful, rich and well-built. The inferior - ugly, poor and short. We can already see this happening, so it's no wild imagination on my part :)