26 December, 2006

MyCards the rakyat has been ripped off.

Its a project of mega proportions. A flagship application towards developing a tech savvy nation. What a sales pitch don't you think? Its in the papers....only now the stats are out? I am totally againts the pitching of new technology in my dear country Malaysia for one thing we don't bugger well no how to use the friggin' thing~! C'mon...lets think just a tiny bit here and you will see my point.
Lets remind ourselves of how was the old identity cards was like. It is completely void of any technology whatsoever right? WRONG~! There was a friggin barcode at the back. Did you ever wonder why it was there? Ding~! One point if you answer no. The government didn't even implement the use of the barcode then. Why on earth do you thing they would go for a so called chip enhanced version?
Even the chips in Mycards are not standardised thus rendering half of the readers useless. Who renews their diriving licence the old fashion way? I do. In fact I still don't see the point of changing to MyCard, thus YES~! I am still using the old flappy barcoded IC. Why? Because I don't see the point of migrating to another technology when the implementation is a failure even from the planning stage.
The authority can sue, charge me in court or even put me in jail for it but really it is a waste of time and tax payers money. Plus the MyCard could not withstand abuse like the old ones does. Pathetic...I have a friend who had to change his MyCard twice because he broke it during some extreme sports activity. Now he keeps it away in his backpack while he does flips and grinds.
Get this the aching part is that the whole project costs a cool RM500 mil~! You know what can be done with that amount of money? Better education facilities, perhaps to educate our kids that these politicians don't know jack about technologies that builds a developed nation. Now, I wonder which company got the tender for the MyCard project? It's listed on the KLSE if I am not mistaken....and during recent months it's shares have plummeted. I guess some people has cashed out before the public lashing catches them.

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Honey Star said...

so typical..always wanna be the most "advance" in asia upgrading this and that..but at the end of the day most of it are useless..agree with you..why upgrade a bloody useless card system when they should channel in more money in helping gov hospitals, orphanage and old folk holmes, cleaning the rivers, saving the forest and etc.