29 December, 2006

One sided French toast Malaysian style.

Ever heard of the one sided French toast? It looks like an ordinary bread dipped in beaten eggs....but only on one side. Now, I bet you people think "What the F*Ck?". Let me tell you my experience with this one sided Frech taost. An ex-housemate decides to do kind by cooking us something to munch on a Sunday afternoon. He asked if would any of us want some? Hey, it's food man....sure hell yeah. So he did exactly that...and yes only dipped one side of Uncle Slocum's wholesome bread with egg.
He then served us...I thought well this looks nice (he placed them on a plate with the egg dipped side facing up). I took a whiff and it smelled good too! Quickly took a piece and munched it down. Now this here is when I felt there is something odd about this here le pain grillé français. I took a look at whats still on the plate...Bloody hell~!! It's only dipped with egg on one side??!!
I am not complaining of anyone being a cheapskate. But it's just a metaphor that I will use in terms of the many products that are offered in the vast Malaysian consumer market. Look at what is on the shelves. Dining sets made from low grade porcelain and been given names as exotic as porn stars. Sure they are cheap but it does not mean it has to be of shabby looking....I mean teapots should have a nice curved spout not one which looks like a shriveled dick.
The local used car market is loaded with rip-offs... yes it is cheaper now but no it's not getting any easier to get loans for them old automobiles. It is also harder to get it insured....with loads of modestly modified used vehicles in the market there is certainly a niche in the market. But we will always get the uglier end of the rod.
What is the justification for the toll hikes anyway? It's not like they need to employ more people to man the toll booths or patch up the roads every few days. So in 2006 alone we are going out with a few bangs aren't we?
At least the government we vote are doing lots of reforms (insert cynical laughter here)....Petrol prices went up not once but twice, Utility fees went up as well....MyCard is effectively a failure since it's implementation...then there was the issue with the bent Johore bridge...Proton was under fire for the quality and under par designs...the AP shit...Dr.M and Pak Lah drama...lets not forget the various crimes reported (murders, rape, incest, robbery) and now is a quick wash with floods hitting 5 states.
Whhaaliiauuuwei~! So with 2006 coming to a close we shall celebrate and rejoice for what the government we voted for have done and usher in the new year with the invitation to foreigners by Visit Malaysia 2007 with a big smile saying we are a peaceful and loving nation with "a really-really good future~!" Hmmm...sounds like a really one sided French toast kan?
Happy new year people and good riddance to 2006~! (bow)

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