21 December, 2006

Scooby Doo and Transformers.

Relief, at least for the moment. Now I can get back on track to working with a slightly lighter heart and sleep a tiny bit better.

(Yesterday Evening)

The Curve is different on weekdays... Erwan had his Nikon D70 still clicked away happily at the Christmas Deco. There was this huge big ass tree decorated in blue livery. I thought it is nice...just a bit too blue to my tastes.

I was just strolling around and took in the sights of the many pretty things (women included). Pretty...very pretty indeed. Nike stuff going cheap...getting rid of old stock for the new season. Nothing really caught my eyes. Elleycats performing at one of the bar cum restaurant. No cover charge 7 days a week! That would be interesting to watch. Sometime next month perhaps.

Caught this Scooby Doo christmas gig in Ikano. Stood there for awhile enjoying the Scooby Dooby Doo song. I actually sang to it too. Some how kids do still dig the stuff. Even when the original Scooby Doo appeared in the 80s. Minus the movie, I still love em to this day.

After that headed to subang for dinner. Chilled at TMB till 12am. Got home and feel asleep in my towel without even managing to get my socks off. I was so bloody tired I guess. If there was this hot hoochie mama I reckon that I would have just given her a wave and slept anyways.

(This morning till noon)
I found this super pics while randomly sniffin in forums today. Droooling man~!! Transformers movie to be out in April 2007 (thanks to Teething Humanity for the correction). I am a huge fan of the cartoons and had my fair collection when I was a kid. Owh how I wish I still have 'em now. It would be worth a tiny fortune~!
Bumble Bee
Optimus Prime

Owh hell I cant wait for the movie...I am so stoked now~! Hahahhaa~!

We (Dominic, Saiyid and I) had lunch at Phileo 1 just now. From yesterday's recon and intel it showed a high saturation of cun chicks. Thats why we decided to take a looky....apparently there was nothing much too look at in the end. Consolation was that the food is way better there than the mamaks at Phileo 2.

Better luck next time perhaps. At least we have a sort of dinner party at the office coinciding with birthdays and Christmas. The food is always good for these sort of things and the iron lady boss is apparently a good cook.

Back to work now...Salam~

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