27 December, 2006

When we make noise only then the bones will move.

I see that everyone is complaining of the nose bleed pace of their internet connection today. Apparently locally hosted sites are not that much effected. Me? My work revolves around a local area network but for the *cough* not work related bits like blogging its a sure fire pain.
Apparently with just a shout there is a retaliation effort to subdue the voices of the rakyat at least for awhile.
A statement released in the papers today said a more collective effort shall be motioned to give the MyCard a much needed boost. Quoting what was written in NST today..."We are setting aside an allocation under the Ninth Malaysia Plan for the purpose," said Deputy Home Affairs Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho. Hehehehe~!!!
I guess anything to everything is planned under RMK9. Hahahah....let me see what seems to be such an elaborate plan could very well be the catalyst of faltering execution. I mean its like RMK is developed to satisfy everyone. Thats a noble thing but it really sounds like a jack of all trades project. So lets say, just enough of us makes just enough noise about hmmm.... electricity tariffs would it be slotted in the next RMK plan as well?
Highly doubtful....the way I see things is like most of us are underpaid, the economy can't really sustain all of us for long as the rising costs are just barely bareable. Those who are rich have nothing to say but what about the medium to low income group? I mean the mojority of the rakyat is from there alone right? So....why should the MyCard be re promoted and waste even more taxpayers money? There should be a reason why banks and the rakyat refuse to use the technology.
The normal reason why the public dont use the MyCard features is we have credit cards which auto reloads TouchNGo and pays the bills. Next is if everything put into MyCard and I loose it...everything else goes along with it. So in terms of practical security its near useless. So now what? Another RM50mil to promote the usage of the friggin thing? I reckon it would be better to pump the money for lets say....better schools in rural areas? Or partially subsidise the education of less fortunate children? At least teach the next generation not to do the same mistakes like the present ones have done....what a shame.

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