31 December, 2007

Hike is inevitable. Subsidies will make the country bankrupt.

I could give a damn and make a fuss over price hike in fuel and toll rates. But lets face it, we will forever make noise about it and nothing will keep the prices from climbing. So should this be alarming?

Depends, the way I see it is that if fuel price increases it should be more cause for our industries to start being green. Lets face it, we polute our air so bad that we have a haze season. Unofficially we have 3 seasons in a year then. A rainy season, dry season and now hazy season. Yeah, I know that most of it is caused by our neighbour Indonesia but what to do?

DPM has made it clear that do not hope of no price increase for fuel. Well at least he is being honest for once. What good would this do for the economy. Well, look at it this way~ More commercial vehicles that runs on diesel will be bought plus motorcycles will be a favourite transport for urbanites. We will be just like Japan or China!

Public transportation will be more popular and hopefully there will be lesser jams. But I prefer driving on my own. I can't really explain it. I just love motoring. For the many car nuts out there I think more time will be spent on just polishing their cun cars instead of cruising in them around the city. I even noticed that there are more superbikes around these days. I practically see no less then 10 a day.

For one bad indication give the same amount to the good side. But what more can we ask? Instead of bickering on prices, prices and prices why not concentrate more in getting more business? 2008 will be a very tough year but even more exciting economically. Businesses was booming in most parts of this year. Should there be any difference for 2008? I hope not.

The part where we have to pay more attention would be towards our environment. It has been neglected for far too long and with fuel prices going up and up it should be a good time to clean up. Those with meagre pay however will be very cross~ But companies should share some of their wealth to their employees. Which I know some are not. Earning millions and millions a year but do not appreciate what their human resource has done for them.

29 December, 2007

Uncle Sam - Pak Lah's Moderation and Extremism.

It's the end of a year again. Which has been very colourful if not beautiful. Malaysians are indeed a concerned lot and have matured in ways that many would have never expected. I am proud in some ways but there still seems to be many who are mislead or just simply sleeping.

Pak Lah has been for the past 2 or 3 days explained that extremism will not be tolerated. However I think that is just based on individual interpretation. I can say his extreme sleeping has let a few things slip out of his sarong. But that is just a point of view.

Moderation is also another term based on interpretation. What seems to be moderation? Tun M had extensive ideas on the MSC and honestly I don't really see much of the hoohaa now as compared to the first time it was mentioned. KLCC is just an expensive office block and an icon so to speak but it serves to be nothing else but an interpretation of the country's prosperity.

I can say all that has been built are forms of extremism too. Now Pak Lah has this plan to leave his legacy as the Northern something-something corridor is in the works. Heck...Cyberjaya and Putrajaya is still undergoing development. Making people work there is hard enough already. But lets put that aside.

Over to more tangible things. Samy Vellu seems to be oblivious that there is a growing number of people that loves to see him decommissioned from politics. Now for him is what I call political extremism to the highest decree. Why? He has been hogging that chair for far too long and I bet you that he is not thinking of letting go willingly. It is either someone whacks him off the chair or he simply expires naturally.

If by any fault that Pak Lah warrants for moderation in everything then there should be a moderate amount of subsidies and incentives for the Malays. The NEP has proven to work in one race specifically but the rest are at least in the mood to take the streets. Hindraf's actions are the slow brewing of dissatisfaction on the distribution of the county's wealth. So there is always the cause and at least one effect from it.

So a moderate action shall normally produce moderate effects and extreme actions will cause extreme effects. If only the leaders of this country can think logically then they should know when should each and everyone bow out of the scene. Yes, that is you I am talking about Samy. To me, once my own people talk crap of me and see that I no longer bring much progress I find it every reason to step down. Perhaps those hair grafts did something to your brain. Thanks to Pak Lah who has been sleeping too for it is just too convenient of him to pick you term after term.

28 December, 2007

Pakistan mourns for their Queen of Hearts.

Asian politics took a dark turn today. Benazir Bhutto who is portrays as a champion for Women in a traditionally male dominant Pakistan was assassinated. I find it hard to believe and comprehend. She might as well be one of the most influential women in modern times left abrupt a cavernous void in Pakistan's democracy.

I would not want to further elaborate what happened. It is enough what the international media is repeating through every means of media communication. Instead I would like to pay my deepest condolences and respect to what Bhutto could have done for Pakistan regardless if she lost the elections or not. But it is indeed sadly too late. If I was a Pakistani I will call her the Queen of Hearts. She was a mother figure to bring Pakistan up to date with the rest of the world. Nothing beats a women's touch and she did exactly that.

Although many may say that Pakistan and Bhutto holds no major significance to International politics and more specifically Asian politics I seriously would like to disagree. What more better chances was it to have Bhutto actively in politics or at least becoming a minister in the Pakistani Government. I am sure she will bring some modernization and democratize Pakistani economy to further enhance the standard of living of the citizens of Pakistan.

Now hopes has remained just a dream and worse still the dreams is now a living nightmare. I pray for her peace and that Pakistan will stand united and strong to face future challenges. Owh, how nice it would be to have a mother figure to lead such a deprived nation.

Mixed feelings on Subhashini.

The media is portraying that marriages by other faiths converting to Islam is a big problem. I wonder why? But again Muslims will not tolerate those who drop Islam in favour to other religions. Subhashini's case is one such case where it has caught the media's attention since it is an interesting tale to begin with.

I can see that in these modern times religion can in fact be compromised. But sometimes it is compromised in ways that it shouldn't in the first place. I am no expert in my own religion but let there be a fair amount of tolerance.

Subhashini's case is only stuck because of technicalities. All that she needs to do is file for a new application. I figure that the court has been fair enough and that the civil courts can proceed with her case even if her husband has filed another one in the Syariah court.

I sympathise her plight for her child, I really do. No mother need to be separated from her kids regardless if her kids are of different faiths. I know the question remains that the kids conversion cannot be accepted. But lets put it simply....why not when the kid reaches the age of 12 he or she will be given a chance to make a decision. To either stick with the conversion or revert. Besides, I bet the kid has some rights too.

27 December, 2007

God, Tuhan and Allah

Not a fair topic to discuss but it is important nonetheless. Before I proceed any further need I remind my kind readers that I am a Muslim. However I will try to decipher this situation that the courts has their ass binded in and the rights for non-muslims to use "Allah" to refer to God universally.

I understand that between these two religion it has the same basic foundation. Both have prophets and messengers of God. But the understanding of many things are vast and very different. Let us not side step the issue, the core of it is "is it right for non-Muslims to use "Allah" in their publications and their understanding of God?".

In my humble opinion NO. Reason being is that although Christians and Muslims know there is only one God both cannot refer to God as the same. Firstly being that we carry out our worshipping very differently. Our practices to fulfil our faith are worlds apart. I am not saying Christians has their way doing all wrong. I have no right to say that. But I can't dare say that Islam has it all wrong either.

What seems to be the real problem here is that the use of "Allah" in publications other than those preaching and teaching Islam may cause great confusion not only amongst Muslims but Christians as well. Of course those bickering about the issue are adults and we can differentiate between the two religions fairly but what about children?

Children have such simplistic minds that they are not able to think any deeper than what their knowledge of their religion allows. Thus it is a very crucial standing point here to make it very clear that "Allah" can only be used when it is referred to God in Islam. Imagine the confusion that it might raise if this matter is utterly blown out of control.

I wouldn't want my Christian friends to think that we Muslims are a sure selfish lot which in fact we are not. As much as how Muslims fear of more and more of them convert to Christianity, Christians should be worried too not to confuse fellow followers into thinking Islam and Christianity are the same.

Besides, it is only one word. But I assure you even from one word it can be such a big issue that one the line of tolerance has snapped it would be a point of no return. So I implore Christian publications please not to use "Allah" but instead use Tuhan or God. This is so no one is mislead into following a religion blindly and no further debate when it comes to religious issues. I would like to still walk and enjoy company of my Christian friends without the fear of loosing it all over just one word.

Arresting without warrants, detaining without reason, human rights in this country a bluff

Lets stop pretending. Let us stop saying that it is all OK. Because seriously it is not OK and something is seriously wrong. Unlawful arrests and detention with baseless charges is occurs very often in this country. This reminds me of a comic character called Judge Dread. He goes on saying his famous quote~ "I am the LAW". But that is fiction and it works as a selling point to sell comics.

Comically, our police are no where close to the fictitious character. They dont ride super muscle bikes like in the comic nor do they carry guns with bullets of multiple purpose and calibre. Plus, compared to Judge Dread....our police uniforms are like soiled towels after a football match. Still they act as if they own the country.

Do they? Actually the people owns this country. We work the soil, harvest the crops, develop businesses selling products and services, tend to the sick and the needy, care for the children, put clothes and a roof over their heads. The police do nothing of that sort. They demand higher pay and they got that. They wanted better benefits, and they have that. Still they arrest whoever they like just because they feel like it.

I have worn cuffs before~ Not because I was caught for some illegal activity but just to get the feel of it at some Law enforcement expo during my schooling years. It does not feel pleasant at all. It feels dark, cold and very scary...especially for a kid like me at that time. But I guess every few hours or so in this country someone gets cuffed, hauled and manhandled like they are convicted scums of earth and denied the right for them to hear what are their rights are as a citizen.

Bribery is still going on~ Even after that very generous pay hike. Now what is wrong? Can't citizens of this country have any say any more? What does it take to realize that the police has abused their powers and are infact acting like gangsters. They hit, whack and bully those they arrest. Where is the discipline? Where is the "Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah"? All down the drain perhaps.

Anyone has the right to fight back and resisting arrest if their rights are not read to them and the warrant for arrest is not produced or a charge is not read to them clearly. Police are humans and they make mistakes and they can be influenced. We are humans and we have rights and we can fight. So, why not just do that and spit these merry bumbling boys in blue smack in their face and say shoot me if you dare. The Royal Malaysian Police have lost their credibility for merely being tools of bullying by those certain people running this country.

Correct me if I am wrong~ And only if I am wrong. Otherwise go bite your own bullet.

My thank yous to Pak Lah, Samy and the IGP.

What is a concerned citizen has to do to get truthful news in this country? The official media portrays that all is well but blogs and international news agency says otherwise. Anwar has begun to put his words through all states in Malaysia. The Ex-DPM has people listening for what he has to say in the thousands. While Samy Vellu got jeered and booed by the hundreds at least. Pak Lah keeps saying that everything will be looked into.

I have read many blogs and other news forms and it's safe for me to say that the sentiment against the current government is as strong as ever if not stronger. You Tube tells a very vivid picture with a lot of video posted on everything concerning the recent events in the country. I find it saddening that the government does not recognize the people's wishes and requests. The police are called gestapo or amiably called "Polis Raja Malaysia". At least the bunch of my friends are calling them that. I just refer to them as popo.

What is there for us Malaysians? I feel that I have sold my citizenship to the devil. I am not calling anyone specifically but take a look around. Those who just shut up and blindly follow are safe and those that question a bit too much gets dragged into lock-ups. I am disappointed, very cross and feel very useless until the next elections are called. My Indian friends do not feel safe and wearing yellow or orange on weekends is not an option anymore. The paranoia is very real.

Anwar is rallying supporters. What are his motives I have no idea but still I remain skeptical. My Prime Minister just keeps on mumbling at random and his actions are even more random. Not to point that he does everything wrong but even a cub scout makes more noise and gives out orders more than him. At ground level it is very easy to see and make a conclusion that he is doing nothing. Keeping the people in the dark is not a very good idea.

Public areas are no longer public...any gathering more than 3 is a considered a crime so what are we suppose to do? Dating is it? What has 2007 end up to be? Thank you Pak Lah for deterring me from enjoying my weekends in the city. Thank you Samy for allowing me to listen to my Indian friends pissing on the very mention of your name and the plight of Indians nationwide. And thank you IGP for allowing me to witness all my friends giving your subordinates the middle finger whenever they pass them. I bet all of you are bloody proud.

26 December, 2007

Extremist have no place here. Is that so Pak Lah?

Is that so Pak Lah? I am a Malaysian. Proud to be one but awfully not proud of the government. Again I am not proud of those I know that have voted for them for years. But what can be said? A lot apparently...and what can be done? Even more perhaps. But what is happening? Nothing? Well, that is almost the case.

What has been done so far? Are Extremists a part of the system? I think it is the core of the system. Lets look around...there is extreme bribery. The every day Malaysian is bound to have given at least RM20 to a policemen once in his or her lifetime of driving. What about District Officers? They get more then cash~ they get free tickets by the hundreds to amusement parks like Genting and Sunway Lagoon. Town Council men? Haahaa~ This is the best I think. They can buy state land at the price of peanuts when others who submit tender papers are told to pay in the excess of tens of millions.

What other extremism exists? The most recent ones are Extreme road blocks. Don't blame the groups to stage the protests. Blame you and your merry men for not paying attention to details to the smaller people below. When one of your policeman get his head split open then your merry public prosecutors slaps 15 people with a murder charge. Doesn't make sense. The judiciary crisis is conveniently masked. I have not heard anything since the report by the Haidar 3 are forwarded to your merry idiotic men headed by Nazri.

We have extreme asses for Ministers. Need I name them? They are more than capable than the 3 stooges in giving out statements and trying to cover your incompetent government. So, for pointing fingers out to the public, remember....there are 4 of your own sleeping fingers pointing back. It is more than just catching up that you have to do now.

UMNO youth answers it for seniors.

The streets are very quiet during the holidays, peaceful even. That is good. But the air in politics is never is. Anwar is on a campaign, a very busy man this late in the year. Samy Vellu has a bit more than highways to report on~ Temples are his staple topic of reading I bet. And the ever hyper UMNO youth are out there to answer to any allegations on behalf of their seniors.

I wonder why the senior UMNO can't answer themselves. Too busy finding money for their next campaign perhaps. Good timing for the floods to begin~ now it is a rush for all politicians to suck up to those poor voters of theirs in suffering. I could say that the situation is better planned and handled. Plus again monetary help are given to families effected. I don't think it is a payout or reimbursement of losses just a token to start rebuilding things.

A normal debate fracas and just a point to have a shouting competition. Allegations are just that. Unless any proof can be brought forward it should not cause anymore than just mumbles. But I figure everyone wants their shot to fame. Even if it is only for 60 seconds.

22 December, 2007

Phd. and Masters of cheating.

Again I am utterly flabbergasted. Again I feel that those who deserve better results on their own hard work are short changed. Again I also feel that the Ministry of Higher Education and the institutions that are under their jurisdiction are lying to the country. If those participated in the recent rallies are called traitors to their country why not those who have the responsibility to ensure quality graduates are called the same? Double standards? Perhaps, but I would rather call it the "Tidak Apa" attitude.

NST carried an article on phantom writers. Writers who offer their expertise to undergraduates to complete their term papers and thesis with a price. Yes, everything has a price. I have witnessed a lot of this through my years in University. But when I shouted and defended the plight of those deserving better results I get shot down like skeet shooting. Which finally led me to getting the boot as I was against those in the higher echelons on how they do their work.

Still the morons do not see the point. Education is such a critical part of a civilized nation but yet they still do not curb illegal and sly practices. It is a very well known secret. Some advertise openly on walls of these higher education institutions for those wanting to obtain their qualification without the hassle to use their own bloody brains to write them.

So they pay like say 30 grand to go through the course and yet they pay up to 8 grand for someone to write the frigging report or thesis. Let me tell you this....it is not only those taking their Masters or Phd that does this. It starts all the way down from those taking their Diplomas. I have a friend that is good in Multimedia. During the entire final year he charged other students a cool RM250 each to have their Multimedia projects completed. Throughout that year he had over 30 projects. All the 30 projects got an above average result. I assume that is a B+.

Good for this friend of mine. He found a demand for his services and the stupid kids that was desperate were willing to pay. It was not against any formal law but ethically it was wrong. So how many graduates out there working now do not really deserve their jobs? How could they sleep soundly at night? What about those who worked their asses off and still scored miserably?

For one the lecturers could care less most of the time. As long the product handed to them fulfilled the marking scheme than it's a confirm pass. I say a good 2/5 of the graduates for the past 5 years do not deserve their qualifications. I dare say that~ because the very same amount can't even do their job right and yet they command better pay. Why? Because they cheated the system. While the good fellas are left to slog for years to obtain a better status of living.

I say shame on everyone in the system. There is no integrity, no responsibility, no sense of justice and discipline. In my field of work~ I train people from various backgrounds who are more than double my age. I command the attention of bank managers, IT managers, remisiers, software engineers, system analysts and even managing directors of various investment banks and securities. When they ask what are my qualifications I just say "Diploma". I say the papers these days are worth nothing when everyone cheats and buy their way through everything.

I'll take the challenge of any Masters or Phd. holder in my field in a head to head training or presentation. 2 out of 3 times I can tapau them nicely. So what can anyone say of that~ The qualifications they "paid" are merely fancy printed paper while their brains still remain empty or filled with just hot gasses.

21 December, 2007

How many more Malaysians need be duped into trafficking drugs?

I find it that sometimes money does cloud ones judgment. But doesn't it strike as odd that someone is willing to pay you an insane amount just to carry a package about the size and weight of 2 bags of sugar? Yeah, Malaysians can be that stupid sometimes.

First and foremost how did the package slip past customs on our side? Are our customs sleeping? It would save a lot of trouble if it was screened earlier and not passed the point of no return. Now it becomes some international fracas and some parents might not see their kids alive again. I can't say that I pity the girl that was caught in China for trafficking drugs. I say serve her right because of being so gullible and being so careless.

20 December, 2007

Public Listed companies will do anything to get better margin.

This is one attitude of us Malaysians. It is so bad that even public listed companies are not spared. Software piracy and the use of it is a big deal abroad. But there it seems to be a bit of a "Tidak Apa" attitude. I am not surprised really.

When I was working for an advertising agency during the early days of my career I got so pissed that a company that pulls in tens of thousands a month uses pirated software. Guess what I did? Yes, I reported. but the company closed down before any action could be taken~ It seems the MD was swindling pay off the employees. Sad.

But in the news today I was shocked that even a public listed company does the same thing. I don't think there should be a wait until there is a report made to conduct checks or investigations. I say send out a team of 3 twice a day and randomly pick a company to do spot checks.

Because for all you know even some PCs in government offices have pirated software~ Besides~ sofware are much more cheaper these days and the added value of having a technical support at your back and call. I think original software is well worth for the money compared to 10 years ago.

18 December, 2007

Charges dropped for attempted murder.

To start it of as if it was a logical thing to do. A whole bunch of Hindraf supporters faced the possibility of being sent to jail for attempted murder. Out and out the charges were ridiculous~! Charge them for assault and psychical harm can be understandable.

I wonder which end of the bottle were they peeking into to decide the charge in the first place. At least now they have retracted the charges~ which means they are pretty much sober already. From one stand point, I think that the 31 held for attempted murder charges might have broken a few records. One, the highest number to be charged at one go for attempted murder and second, the highest number of Indians charge in one case at any one time.

Now Pak Lah finally decides to wake up and do something about the predicament of Indians in the country.I guess now he knows that 8% out of the whole country's population could cause so much trouble and incur losses and destruction of public facilities. Now talking alone won't work Pak Lah. I''ll give the old chap 6 months max to see the improvement of Indians in this country.

16 December, 2007

Rumours: The Malaysian Habit

Instigators of public disorder can be put under the ISA. Those who co-ordinate activities in triggering public fear or worry can be put under the ISA. Those who spread rumours can be kept away from seeing daylight under the ISA. Whooaaa~ just rumours can put one behind bars without trial!!!

Lets hang on for a bit here. Sit down and think and see the logic. I do not support the existence of this ISA thingy. My definition of any law enacted should be based on the core value of upholding fairness and justice. Personally to me ISA violates that entirely. Holding anyone without charging them proper under any law is already a violation of basic human rights. But clearly some with the upper hand has decided that it is necessary. So I could just shut up right? Wrong~ I shall state clearly what I think and feel. It is my right so just as long I do it peacefully and not instigate some riot or public disorder.

Now for what that the IGP has announced on rumour mongers~ for one the rumours are specific~ Those that could spark public disorder and harm will fall under the dark cloud of ISA detention probability. So those who loves spreading rumours of your neighborhood superstars can go on doing so without worry. But this here is the thing...rumours is very much a part of our culture. Lets take some publications for example. Metro, URTV, Media and many other so called entertainment based prints are indeed inculcating the habit into our society.

So who can the government blame about the dirty habit of spreading rumours? I say it's the media. Imagine all these publications is available to anyone who can afford to buy them. That is pretty much everyone from the kids still in school all the way to their grandparents.

Rumours does not inculcate the practice of integrity. It does not promote good faith and trust. It puts many into doubting each other fellow Malaysian. A famous rumour is this one..." When you see a snake and an Indian, which one should you kill first? The Indian." Now that is simply a barbaric joke. But lets put is this way....to say all gangsters are Chinese, the lazy are Malays and the liars are Indians are just plain disgusting acts of spreading rumours. If we could eradicate this basic name calling and racist jokes and puns we could be well rid off the ones that the IGP refers to.

Now, can Malaysians just think for a bit? How from something so tiny as a bug has grown to be the ugly monster of racial hatred? For those who did spread about the illegal gathering in Kampung Baru or in any other places in this beloved country of mine I say go jump off a ledge. You are the cause of a social disease and breed like hamsters with some incurable disease. I hope and pray you die in suffering.

14 December, 2007

ISA = Immediate Screwing Action

It has begun. What has come to a country which uses it's ultimate move instead of a round table meeting? No doubt that the 5 detained do pose a risk but not that much until it could cause a civil war. At least I don't think so. Each of them do not own their milage on their movement. So why did the government do it?

I figure it is to show that whoever it is and whatever it may be the wildcard can be used just to anyone they fancy. I bet kids too can fall prey to the turds we call leaders. At the same time it should serve as a reminder that the people have to be a few steps ahead when wanting the government to implement changes.

Anything done peacefully I support fully but once the destruction of public property and violence pops up it should be controlled and eradicated as soon as possible. I would rather not point fingers to anyone in particular. Lets us all point our fingers to ourselves first and ask....what led to this predicament?

It started from us voting the wrong people. It started from us not keeping tabs of the performence of the representatives we choose. It is from the fact that we are afraid of change and challenges. That is why we have the same leaders in office for the past 20 years. That is why only a select group are profitting while most of us are just marginally improving.

It still makes the economy grow but the market has an intentional limitation. So the immediate effect when everyone realize the mechanics is utter disbelief and disappointment which slowly changes to anger of wondering how on earth did some people have the heart to cheat on those who voted for them. Dramatic? You bet.

So it is a plot that has been left to brew for at least the past 25 years. Now the sucker punch is ripe for deployment. For the 5 that are detained....I don't really feel sorry for them since they asked for it but still I believe that the government could use some other friendlier way and avoid using the Immediate Screwing Action. My thumbs down goes to both sides.

12 December, 2007

Irresponsible opposition MPs walkout.

I don't understand the opposition sometimes. They seem to be very patriotic (very good acting). Seem to work their butts off to garner support for a clean and transparent elections. Create all the hooohaaa~ this and that with the occasional freak parade to get more seats in the parliamentary house and yet they do a walkout!

I should still be ashamed. The very house that upholds democracy has been compromised to the fact that those who were given the responsibility in which they have spent a lot of time and effort to get in could easily just walkout. Can't the bloody MPs sit down and bloody raise their hands to support or just place their palms to their bums to go against the motion?

All opposition MPs walked out but one who decided to stay and vote. But what does it matter anyway? One stupid vote wont make any difference if the rest simply waltz out of the hall. I am wondering, exactly what were they thinking. I say those walked out did not fulfil a responsibility. They failed to represent their people and ultimately failed the democracy system while they are at it.

I hope some MPs are reading this shit. Because if they do I would like them to convey this message to their supporters...DO NOT VOTE THE SAME BUGGERS FOR THE NEXT ELECTIONS~!!! Owh, and there should be a rule stating that MPs that walk out during a vote shall be suspended and serve at least a 20 hours community service.

Dewan Rakyat: Walkout over bill to extend retirement age

11 December, 2007

Public safety kah UMNO safety?

Many times over I am mulling over the significance of all these protests and rallies. Many times over too have I just sat and thought why on earth the ruling party can be so arrogant. Of course the 50 years of power is surely long but can 50 years be a good cause for the ruling party to deny the people from the right of choice and freedom of speech and thought?

For as long as time could tell we all know where there is money there would be people drawn to it. Just like ants to sugar. Basic animal instinct so to speak. So now we Malaysians are at a juncture where we could very well decide if we do need a change or not. But over and over again the government states that public safety is their number one priority.

But who exactly is the public in their context? Those who voted them only? Their cronies only? Their pet iguanas and parakeets? Yes I do mean my pun here very clearly. Iguanas are lazy and parakeets are just simply noisy but don't do much but lay perched while nibbling on nuts. But at least they are pretty compared to those laying perched in power.

Anyway, what is public safety in their context really? As far as I could see, the public are those who do not support the opposition and their recent brave nationalism. So lets say you happen to walk together with all these people chanting "We want reform! We want transparency!" You are very likely to be not part of the public but a part of them. Which could risk you of being detained without trial.

ISA I suspect will soon be used. It is no different from calling a state of emergency. Whoever that are suspiciously shady will be nabbed and chucked into a cell good enough to be a dog pound. So lets say you have a membership card of the right colour...would you be spared? Maybe, perhaps a bit of leniency~ oats with condensed milk in the lock-up perhaps.

So what is public safety? Isn't the ones making the noise in rallies Malaysians too? Unless they are indeed immigrants or foreign workers being paid to wear yellow or orange on weekends. What I see is more to protect not public interest but more to protect those with the like political preference. Perhaps with the membership card you could get discounts. Like this one bunting I found at the curve next to a donut shop. Flash your UMNO membership card and get 15% off or some shit like that.

I think I'll go to the curve to get a picture of it and post it up later tonight.

Owh....my bad, It's something like Real Rewards or Bonuslink I think. Ngaahaahaa~!

10 December, 2007

Some analyst speculate~ and ISA could be imminent

Looks like the government is putting it's foot down. But they won't admit to any responsibility of what could happen. Huh? Say that again please? It seems to me that there are some in the ranks that would love that ISA to be used if the stability of their peace is compromised.

Why do I say their peace? Well, lets look it this way. Only when that the people are oblivious of their surroundings that some people can profit with lies and slender. ISA as many would very much agree to is fit for the draconian age. Which is pretty much dead now accept that this country seem not to realize it that much. Call it comfortable ignorant bliss.

But let us not put the blame all on the government. Lets put the blame on to ourselves first. Hey, you there...yes....you....all of you are responsible. If we did not vote in the last elections for this government where would we be now? Well, certainly not in the thick of weekend rallies and colour co-ordinated jamboree right?

I want to point my finger to the bigweeds sitting on nice calf skin chairs in their towering public taxes offices but at the same time there are at least 3 more fingers pointing back at me. So this made me think....could we just keep on doing rally after rally and being shot in the arse with water cannons, smoking tears inducing projectiles and possibility of also being shot with rubber bullets?

Or we could all just shut up, lay low and act really peaceful and wait till the old man call for elections and that is when we show up in force and vote against him, and all his incompetent cohorts, which includes monkeys, madman waving sharp objects, adolescent parrot, sexists and an illiterate will just be all gone the day after.

We keep saying that our leaders are stupid but it makes us even worse off since we were stupid enough to vote for them. So who is actually really stupid now? Them or us? I have this dreadful thought that it has been us all the while. Lets try and make those in power believe that they have everything under control....make them rest onb their laurels and later chuck them out into the streets with just their boxers and grandma underpants.

I would like to quote a famous call that a famous American African leader chanted out to all his followers~~


No more media space for rally and protests.

Smart tactic. I could have thought of that but I am not a politician or a civil servant. So what should I care? In fact there is good in the rallies. It shakes people, make them wake up and listen. Popo who have been pretty much sleeping during their shifts finally have lots of things to do. They could really try out their new equipment that they bought a long time ago.

I bet the whole cleaning of the water canon truck was a very much celebrated in whichever police station that it was kept. The scarlet FRU helmet finally gets a glimpse of daylight all the way to sundown besides the normal shine from floodlights from Bukit Jalil stadium during football matches. Old elbow joints and fingers get the good 'ol workout pumping triggers launching tear gas canisters.

Sultan of Pahang says stop giving these groups of protesters media space. That should work~ no media means no information. Well, almost that is. I highly doubt that the media not publishing these reports would do much. International media just loves scavenging in this part of the world for news to spice up their boring overdeveloped lives. Of course...never forget the blogs on the world wide web. Plus~ groups in Facebook. There is like a group for every single cause. You can even have one to commemorate your pet ants death toll after that accident with Ridsect a few weeks back.

So what would make the formal media look like? Fools....no less I bet. They will loose their integrity in reporting the truth and what matters to the masses. It would be biased and tainted with political overtones. Well, as if there is not much of that going on already. Sigh~ what am I suppose to read now? I think Lat should publish another edition of his famed comic. I bet that would be even more informative.

09 December, 2007

Got into trouble?

If you are too loud, people would notice. But if what pays the bills is being an entertainer, well not much can be helped about that. Of course unless you kindly forward your problems to the top 5 percentile US law firm. Perhaps your luck will start to look up. They are the best...
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08 December, 2007

Selangor Sultan to compile an online name list of Datukship given.

I wonder why the other states are not doing it. The effort does not cost that much and the list need only be updated heavily once a year. Sultan of Selangor certainly has an eye on IT which is very commendable. Not many at his age would bother to come to grip with a plethora of buttons and endless options on a shiny screen.

I bet the system would simply have simple search features and general info on the Datukships given. Starting first with the 2000 to 2007 batch than later the ones from 1999 to all the way back in 1960.

But I wonder how exactly important it is to have a Datukship? With such a recognition one can still be called "babi" in parliament. Makes you wonder have you voted for the right one? But lets just hope that this lists makes up online~ and all the fake Datuks can call it quits and just sweep the streets for spare change.

Perhaps it is all paranoia. Perhaps it is not,

Even if the Bersih rally was the bigger one still Hindraf has left it's mark. How far this issue will want to go through is anyone's good guess. Hindraf has it's faults but the most funny thing is that some old hack decided to say that Hindraf might have terrorist links~ the Notorious Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka.

So the orders have been given out by Pak Lah to keep a close eye on the leaders of Hindraf. So many things have been said about Hindraf~ all because they oppose the government and that their demands are met which some are just selfish.

Is the the purpose of Hindraf justified? Was their march in the city square for ill gains? Was there an outside hand involved? As good as your guess is mine as well. We would not know but it would be best to just use a much more civilised channel. Creating ruckus is as good as shooting your self in the foot.

06 December, 2007

What 74%? What sample?

I stared at the pages in NST in disbelief. How far is it really true? Could it be? 74% of us Malaysians think that our elections are fair. So the opinion of a 27 million nation was weighted upon only 1250 people from urban areas. Only 1250 representing 27 million~!? What kind of substance does this survey have really?

If Khairy said with a snap of his fingers he can gather 1 million UMNO youth. I can't see why not that this survey has every single result in a very doubtful predicament. Let us take a logical look... mathematically the size of sample and the total amount of voters in the country is not ideally proportioned. Next, the respondents were only said to be from urban areas.

So the media has yet again been used up very well by the ruling party. I am not against them through and through but there are certain things that I do not agree to. How true and authoritative the results of the survey can be questionable. The sampling size is very debatable and the media it is reported in as well all know is a favourite for government garnishing and fairy tale toppings. Too much sugar can make people loose their limbs~ They should get into the sun more. Could you catch my drift?

Read: DEMOCRACY IN ASIA: Malaysia scores big in Gallup International poll

Bloggers need not fear.

Read the Sun today and you'll know why. Only super seditious blogs or forums will get the knock down. Now that is comforting. But do the authorities really know what they are doing? In the article they admit that they are finding it hard to pin point who did the seditious entries plus some blogs having it hosted out of this country seems to deter them into probing deeper.

So in the end they are just catching whoever they can who are indeed within their knowledge capacity. That is pretty limited at best. Somehow there is a slow transition. Perhaps soon the Government will see how important it is to have socio-political blogs write about them every once in awhile. I always think that not only the opposition should be the check and balance but the people to could do their part.

Bloggers are more closer to the ground. We mingle and interact with people across the ranks of life. Pretty much its a hands on view and the info would be ideal to be shared with as many people as possible. So condemning bloggers as entirely people filled with hatred is very wrong. There are even haters of the government within the government itself.

So dear fellow bloggers... do not stop. Keep on at it. Dig and dig and dig but always do it ethically. I am certainly enjoying it to a point especially when fellow bloggers leave comments and I always try to make it a point to give them feedback. It's a discourse, not a political campaign where you just sit and listen to what that prick behind the rostrum has to say.

04 December, 2007

Malaysian Indians income survey, temples and development.

I think I read somewhere yesterday something on the income survey of Indians. Being a minority, on average Malaysian Indians earns somewhere in between the Malays and Chinese. Now that is not too bad is it?

But surveys take the middle route~ So it is not really that truthful in a sense. What is the actual distribution of wealth among Indians is more important. If the income is largely concentrated on the top 10 percentile than the survey is pretty much hiding the facts.

I know Indians from both sides of the income range~ both have pride and both have their ways. But if the basic needs are neglected not only the Indians feel 2nd class but everyone else for that matter would feel the same if they met with the same fate. So what is the deal of tearing down temples even if it is built illegally?

Most temples do not occupy that much land anyway. At least what the government could do is make all illegal temples legal by certifying the land to be leased to them until a imminent development project takes place. Than just ensure that the temple is moved to another suitable location.

The way I see it~ for the meagre income the majority of Indians who are the minority in this country is simply the reason that temples need be built illegally. I bet you they would rather build it legally if they all just have the money. So just like any town planning~ If they can allocate land for a mosque or surau why not do the same for the other religions as well? Or is it all about the money and not the noble intentions to serve the nation?

Ho ho ho~ Merry Coupons~!

Once again the season to be jolly is here~! But we adults know that Santa is not in modern world reality. But somehow kids believe in it so much that it is simply too cute to ignore. A little bit of imagination leads to character building some say. Perhaps it is very true or else there won't be the stories of Santa anymore.

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02 December, 2007

This is a show of solidarity.

I got invited to attend a charity event organized largely by Indian youth. It was held in Klang Hokkien Hall with the event called Sahana to commemorate with the recent Deepavali celebrations. I was one of the only few Malays there and I bare witness that Malaysian Indians by themselves when properly organized are a really talented and hardworking bunch.

Even after the Hindraf rally it shows that a show of kindness goes a very long way. The event managed to collect RM10,000 for a home for gifted people. It was fun, it was full of love and it was a show of solidarity by the Indian community in particular the Indian youths of Klang that they do whatever they can to spread joy and happiness. I was there to witness it and it was ultimately moving.

What is Hindraf on about again?

28 November, 2007

So Hindraf rally has undergrads. Bersih rally didn't have any kah?

The lashing of undergraduates who participated in the recent spate of rallies in my opinion does not make sense. Well lets set aside if the rallies were illegal. Lets just say that both rallies were legal and were granted permits. Under AUKU, any rally is a NO WAY for undergrads. But what if they are above 21 and are indeed registered voters? That would mean they have civil rights don't they?

Nope, not in this country it seems. The passing of law in this country it seems to be put the people under as much control as possible. There is the infamous ISA, then the registrar of societies after that there is AUKU to control freedom of speech and opinions of undergraduates.

There is control at every level to monitor and punish the people for anything that goes against the governments wishes. Well I might be wrong but I do have good points to argue on. Why is that the issue of undergraduates taking part in the Hindraf rally get a shake up to expel the undergrads if any were found taking part in them but nothing is heard so far in those participated in the Bersih rally?

What about the undergraduates that join youth arm of what ever ruling party and they take active roles within these parties and organize naturally something that is politically inclined and still not get the boot from their alma matter? Being in one side makes one invisible from the law while another will make you pay for defiance is it?

I don't really give the hoot on what is the real agenda the opposition has in both rallies recently. But basic rights is still basic rights regardless if they are undergrads, high school kids or even those who never went to school. But in terms of enforcement it has never been consistent. Now that is to blamed solely on those who enforces them. Favourites will not be touched but those who appose gets the boot off their right for education. Wont that make matters worse?

Survey results a good gift for Pak Lah?

The survey SPR did on the people's confidence on the government is said to be a good birthday gift for Pak Lah. I am not really sure if I would be happy to get stacks of survey results on my birthday if it reads anything less than 80%. However looking at the recent state of things it could have been worse. So good is actually great here.

There is still uncertainty in the air. What we all like to know is that how much rise in the cost of living is expected and would the recent raise that the civil servants got be sufficient? Plus workers of the private sector can be very worried too~ Although business has been fairly good but the increment can be only marginal. Even Maybank employees did a picket at Maybank's HQ.

Pak Lah has pacified the civil servants, but what can be done for the people who are in the private sector? Some might get the good money but majority are paid really low~ This is based on my own experience as well as asking my friends who has just graduated from their degrees. Starting pay is always below RM2000.

So we have the developments in the northern and southern landscapes. Foreign investors are pouring in to set up shop here and perhaps the standard of living will rise. Certainly there would be many left that could not afford to even pay for rent. Alright, so what else can the 68 year old Prime Minister do for the people? I suggest call for elections as soon as possible. The confidence should be spiking after reading the survey right?

Education Seminar passes good resolutions to solve indicipline.

Some may laud the caning of girls in school as not proper. But the argument is sometimes the cases that involves girls are sometimes even more severe than boys. That pretty much justifies that caning girls will be dependent on how severe the offences are. Pure, simple, logical.

One thing that parents may disagree is the band of handphones. Well, there are the pro and con to this move. Parents are ultimately concern over their kids and with the crime rates that results school kids being the victim perhaps these handphones are to be use to call for help when the need arises. However, being kids they will misuse it~ I think kids sends over a hundred sms a month.

So would kids be more disciplined after this? We'll have to just wait and see.

27 November, 2007

Hindraf demands could spark civil unrest.

For the love for this country Hindraf does not seem to care much about the rest of the people but themselves. Their long list of demands could cause grave rifts in between us all. It touches all aspects of civil living and the core values of Malaysians.

I spoke to a few fellow bloggers as well as some party members of both side of the camp. Their opinion is just the same~ Both sides are concerned...and these are grass root leaders who are very much closer to the members. It is understood that certain rights could not just simply be abolished. The implications of such demands if it were to be granted would make our economy worse and we would all be done for.

Sincerely, things are not getting better if the authorities, ruling parties as well as the opposition are not working together to educate and control these demands in the proper manner. Peaceful rallies are acceptable but once a crowd turns unruly in the street even when one stone is thrown that will spark a riot.

Nothing can be solved in anger. What Hindraf has so far spurred not only causes concern by the other races but the Indians themselves are scared for their well being if anything bad were to happen. If they cant control their members it would serve them right to be arrested. I have to agree that public order is priority number one~ Once the streets is filled with chaos and a state of emergency is called military rule is certain to take effect. That rips every single right that we have away and nothing can be done to solve things~

Please, please, please fellow citizens, brothers and sisters of Malaysia.... all of us know that we are far better than that. State of emergency will strip us the rights to vote until public confidence and order is restored.

26 November, 2007

Klang put in Emergency State. (Updated)

I just called a friend in Klang 10 minutes ago. It seems that a bunch of Lawyers have been arrested caught marching to the courts in Klang. Thus he claims that orders have been given that Klang is in state of emergency of some sort and it is best that no one stay out in the open.

So if there is anyone out there in Klang and do know anything about it please report on what is the status. Apparently the info I got was that the streets are locked down and it took my friend's mother like four hours to get from Tmn. Sri Andalas to Klang Parade.


This is the latest update I got from my Indian friends in Klang. The three lawyers detained were released on bail yesterday but one of them decided to stay and starve himself in protest. Well that is his choice, I have to respect that. Anyhow it was not much a state of emergency but it almost became one. Apparently the police had a helicopter at the scene and at one point it was hovering very low in the effort to disperse the crowd.

The result? Low flying helicopters in urban areas creates lots of turbulence and practically blows everything below it violently if not away. This got the people below very cross and from what I heard they retaliated in ways that could possibly make the helicopter crash over them if their luck runs out. Now, this seems to be a serious case of negligence by the police if it is true as well as the public acting pretty much unruly and very emotional.

But I can't certify all that I heard to be entirely accurate. So far nothing in the media has been published on the incident. So it would be best that we'll wait and see if there was any media coverage on the matter or some video recorded the incident uploaded on Youtube.

Again police brutality is questioned. Hindraf is left more than wounded.

Pretty staple reports a day after a protest rally. The first few things that will be raised is police brutality. But in this case the police have given ample warning and the proper approvals for arresting protesters have been made more than public. So what can be said for those injured in the Hindraf rally?

Hindraf has to realize there are ways to get things done which they did not follow. Being stubborn will not work with an even more stubborn government. But it is the government's responsibility to ensure public order in general. Plus would the Queen of England give a damn?

I watched the video by Reuters. The police still could have treated humans more humanely. Procedures of arrest should not include dragging stubborn protesters like stray dogs. But Hindraf did not control their supporters too...burning buses? What the hell! That is simply unacceptable. Owh, and where is the said memo? I didn't read anywhere that it was handed over...owh wait was it faxed over? Wow~ all the trouble just to send a fax. Well done Hindraf.

25 November, 2007

Hindraf defeated. Sentiments survey done by SPR favours current government.

This time around the government won. What is expected to be a grand rally seemed to be washed out. With that Hindraf might have made a grave error in executing their plans. However I bet a level of awareness for Indians in this country has rose a fair bit. Even a new Indian political party was launced named Malaysian Indian United Party led by Datuk K.S. Nallakaruppan of ex-PKR. Adding one more to the ranks of parties under BN. How would this new party fair is yet to be known but as always what is written down as the purpose is usually very positive.

I don't want to peel on what went wrong for Hindraf. But let me state this, if and only if things were taken one step at a time it should have been a bit more successful. Gung ho only works in cowboy movies. Still I do think that there is a good point to strive for. Better luck next time Hindraf, there will be more chances in the future I hope.

Good timing for SPR to publish their survey on the people's sentiment on the current government. But only if the past survey done was published side by side would we the people would know what the results of the survey is quantifiable for. The difference of support is not that wide a gap now as it was before I bet. The government is loosing a few points at best but it is all pretty positive as the people are more aware of their surroundings.

Going over the graphs upon graphs the numbers reflects that we have indeed matured. But it's not enough to make the opposition jump with glee and celebration that they have a hope in taking over after the coming elections or even a few more for that matter. Process of change is indeed slow but we are making progress in terms of mentality and thinking.

Most are concern over corruption, the high crime rate and especially the worry of price hikes next year. These are the 3 main issues that needs to be addressed. I bet my money on it the the coming election campaign will primarily be just about that. Both the opposition and the ruling party will use it to the fullest to market what they are able to offer.

What is our responsibility? Simply listen and use our brains to think collectively and work around the obstacles with finesse. No doubt plenty of tip toe issues but it's not as if we have never done that before. I am still going to be skeptical of what will be promised. But I have to say, this year the opposition has worked very hard to make some serious check and balance. Overall I am impressed. The ruling party has received so much pressure compared to yesteryears and they are feeling the punch and bruises. It serves to be a wake-up call to those that have been asleep for so long. I just hope they wake up in time and buck up. Or else, the next next elections will see them all scrambling for air.

24 November, 2007

Mass arrest possible. I suggest march at more than one location.

Counting down to a few events this weekend. First is the A1 Sepang race is this weekend, Fly FM 2nd birthday celebrations and the Hindraf march. To your best judgement which one will effect another the most? You are absolutely smart if you say Hindraf. I understand the march is for a justifiable cause. In fact, I support the cause to fight for rights and demand for some compensation for all the Indians. But lets face it, the government has it's scuba underpants up it's ass and they don't like it too much.

Some bigots say it is not our culture to protest and be walking the streets. But it seems "they" can walk the streets and their permit will be approved on the spot provided you fly a certain flag. But why lah? Simple we are actually walking back towards the time when the British ruled the land. Kinda fucked up actually.

We can blame them (British) to what has become of us today. Our prejudice against other races, the various name calling was all started by persistent planting of rhetoric by the British in the media then. This it is still there until today but now practised by the ruling parties.

Do we know openly there was 2 Constitutions debated before independence? One has most demands made by the people and this included all other parties not under the coalition and the other one was notoriously called UMNO's Constitution. Guess which one the British accepted? UMNO of course.

I am glad to say that whatever that will happen this weekend is very much our culture. Protest and mass assemblies of the people demanding their rights has been a pretty staple thing for 10 years before Merdeka. If it was not for public gatherings, protests, peaceful marches it would not have propelled this country to independence in the first place.

Sadly we have not entirely achieved independence. The people is not UMNO or BN. It is just a representation and we know that representations can be wrong. Personally, UMNO should not gloat too much....even their flag design has the background snitched from a party in the late 40's called PKMM. They just smacked a yellow circle and the green kris to call it their own. PKMM left the coalition of the Malay parties based on their principles was compromised. And they fought for independence and a people's constitution with the help of others.

So, by all means march. March everywhere else except in front of the British counsel. March in front of every British company, march in front of every ex missionary school, march in front of every British built churches and march all the way to parliament. If ever the Indians need a representation it should be by the government they voted for. If the government refuse to fight for the very citizens they counted their votes on than we know who are the real traitors.

Britain will surely not entertain what Hindraf is claiming. Simply because if the charge is not mooted by one country to another in the international courts than they won't risk much. Instead all of us here are at loss since protesters will be arrested on sight. Mind you, this is regardless if the march goes on as peacefully and as docile as a sleeping kitten.

So those who are not willing to be arrested just stay away from KL this weekend. And those wanting to march to the British Counsel it would be best to march some place else. Basically make the police's balls shrink in their blue hues for they will have crowd control problems if the Hindraf march is at various locations in KL. So march on because it is how politics started in this land anyway. The prats running the country forgets about history.

23 November, 2007

I blame the Government for loss of man hours.

It is ridiculous~ utterly irresponsible as well as purely selfish. This street protest is on Sunday for friggin' sake why the roadblocks starts on Friday? Yea yea I hear the million and one reasons. To breakdown the rally lah, this lah and that lah. But seriously, if all is done and managed well than would people and organizations take to the streets to voice their displeasure?

Now businesses blames the protestors for the loss of revenue. Well, that is surely comforting. Loss man hours to means deductions from pay or leave. now that is a waste isn't it? I was caught in a jam this morning and because of idiotic police chit-chatting next to the cones they set up I lost 1 hour worth of my pay.

But should I point my loss of income is in fact the doing of the protest that is to take place on a bloody Sunday? No, I want to blame the government. One for being ignorant to the needs of the people and the second for using the rally as an excuse that it is the cause of all misery for the past 2 weeks. That is simply bollocks.

Police conducting roadblocks....and literally that is all that they do. They don't check every single vehicle. They don't place more than 6 morons at each roadblock and half of them will be sitting under a big ass umbrella and the other half will be too busy laughing and cracking jokes, answering their hand phones and smoking. In other word hey just set it all up to be of inconvenience to the people.

I wonder if the Police have any brains or not. Being puppets to stand next to cones is as good as just placing real mannequins in police uniforms. How any more stupid can that get? Plus I got held up and an hour of my pay gets deducted. For everyday I get held up in traffic for roadblocks the idiotic popo sets up on stupid instructions from the bugger government I shall deduct my hourly pay off the income tax payable to compensate for my loss. Owh...and I shall not vote for BN in the coming GE. I be better off voting for goats. At least I know goats wont instruct for roadblocks, they be manning it themselves.

22 November, 2007

You are crazy~! No I am not, YOU are~!!!

This is what I call a ping-pong battle. Lingam says his brother is a loose nut and bolt and his brother denies it and accuses Lingam of being involved in judiciary corruption. From just a silent war, looks like it looks set to be a very vocal one.

This puts a new twist in the term of sibling rivalry. Now it is all confusing. On the surface credibility is not V. Thirunama Karasu (Lingam brother) side. His brother claims to have proof that Thiruma is a mental suicidal patient. But come to think of it if someone is threatened to the core of their balls who wont crumble under the pressure and perhaps even turn looney?

Bare in mind that this goes as long back as 1998. People can go all looney in less than a year given extreme mental pressure. Anyway a lawyer like Lingam certainly has plenty of resources to get the pieces together and certify anyone looney. So I don't see Lingam could easily dismiss his brother's claim. At least the chap will have to go through a lot of trouble.

21 November, 2007

Bersih wants 21 days for campaign before GE is nonsense.

I don't pick sides. Lets put that fact straight. Both sides have to admit that sometimes both sides can be really dumb, reckless, inconsiderate and lack common gumption at one point or another. I bet my money on it if Bersih wants a transparent election. Now that is really for the good of the whole nation but the demand to have 21 days to campaign simply makes no sense.

My argument on why it is not is that politics is not like a movie premier and promotion. It is about consistencies of policies backed up by actions. You don't promote and give out campaign speeches and go on a road tour like a rock band over a fix schedule. Although it has potential to be really entertaining it is still not like trying to sell tickets and albums.

Bersih is suppose to fight for a fair election thus as fair as it can be the campaign should be as short as possible. Even better if there is no campaign at all~ Let us imagine how much would a campaign cost. Mind you the simple equation is that the longer the campaign the higher probability it is for corruption to flourish~ The longer the campaign the more money is wasted on just talk as well as "Cuti-cuit Malaysia".

Have you ever though of the mess left behind after the GE? Posters litter the streets...flags on poles left behind to rot on trees and buildings. The use of plastic which are not bio-degradable and paper that consumes trees. Imagine a nominee gets up on stage and start preaching and promising of reforms on better waste management, energy conservation, protecting mother nature but at the end of it all they do not clean up after their own junk. Ironic?

21 days of campaigning would cause severe tension among contesting parties. C'mon we all know you bugger politicians are just fronting a smile and make as if you know us. Heck....if you are in fact doing your job well we would know you without the need for your people to put up posters of your annoying face everywhere. If you are pretty or handsome at least it will not be a sight for sore eyes. But lets face it....majority of politicians are ugly. They make it worse by printing it only in party colours. Blue face, green face, red face....I would rather have no face.

So don't be ridiculous. You prats want a few weeks for campaigning? Enter a reality TV show....AF should suit you people perfectly since both have the same principles. Singing so so ~ Face no commercial value ~ Just an over rated shindig that saps resources and causes wastage of emotions and make braincells pretty much redundant.

Let them stay on till 66? Might as well put mummies in the EC.

What the crap is this? Why let the old farts stay on till they literally rot in their chairs? I am really sorry if it offends Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman. But again I am not sorry for the bloody idea of this. Now for all things why should it be till 66? 60 years old should be just nice but anything beyond that we don't want an EC being led by someone on life support.

I say the Chairman of the EC should be fit and healthy as well as being able to take physical challenges well. The EC Chairman job scope involves a lot of travelling and this include the many rural areas where the election centre may be set up. So what makes these buggers in parliament think that 66 is a young age? I say if once you think you need Viagra please for god sake give way to younger blood.

20 November, 2007

No need VW since PROTON doing well with Persona.

The title is not an official statement. But it is an educated conclusion that I can make from the whole shebang talks between Proton and VW. I would love to know for certain why were the talks halted from our side. It is very notorious that Proton makes cars like playing blocks. But until recently Proton did a fairly good job with their new car "Persona". So perhaps the bigweeds thought "Takyah ler buat deal ngan German tuh".

I do see that the time spent was all put to waste in the end. Business operations wise I see Proton is going to be at the loosing end in a couple of yeas if they are not lucky. Fact, Germans make darn good cars. VW although not a very popular brand in this part of the world but they have the icon of the VW Beetle. If a car made during WW2 and the engineering is so darn good that it can still be seen pottering around to this day than there must be something darn right about the way they do things.

Too see another point of view a VW deal could perhaps see Proton cars be sold in European countries. The good point for us consumers here is that the sharing of expertise could mean that we could have even better built local cars. I have driven a old beetle before and I think it is still brilliant. Then they have the Golf GTi which is a cult car and the latest one drives like a bat out of hell with looks to match.

There are many technologies that the Germans have in a sense that the Japs could never achieve. The Japs will never give us their variable valve technology and other tech gizmo associated with their suspension and drivetrain. VW has uber class 4WD technology as well as the know how to make super efficient and clean diesel engines which we have no friggin idea how to draw one.

So is the "call off" a business decision or a political one? Business wise it does not make sense to call off the talks. Politically, everything makes good sense. But I guess this is a case of being sentimental~ and arrogant. The best cars in the world are European. Nothing could match the refinement of German engineering when it comes to power plants more than 4 cylinders. Craftsmanship with metal is very closely associated with the Germans. The Japs are good at weaving stuff from bamboo and fabric. OK fine, the occasional samurai blade is spiffy.

But for something that chugs flammable liquids to move stuff around I say the Germans are the best in the world for it. I say Proton....what a waste. After this do not even dream of getting one penny of help from the Germans. I bet they would have orders to shoot you on sight. So yeah go on and keep making "refurnished" cars. I'll be much better off driving the award winning Perodua Viva.

Teach kids how to manage stress?

My question is how do we do this? Managing stress is not like managing homework. So ultimately stress is something which kids can't really relate to. But somewhere I read that kids should be taught on how to manage stress.

I think it is their elders that should be managing their stress instead of barking and yelping it out to them. Kids for one would not know what exactly stress is. I know I didn't know what it was until I got into college.

It makes kids are the one to be at fault. Which is not true. For instance the recent case where a 12 year old girl hanged her self. She was supposedly depressed from getting bad grades for her UPSR. Actually it is not really a hopeless result. Just a few "B"s and a C. But the pressure was on her to perform from witnessing that her sister got a couple of "A"s. But what actually drove her to hang her self. We wont know now would we? She is gone.

Ultimately the parents may have the right to inquire the hospital for not acting fast enough to save their daughter but again it would have happened at all if there was proper positive motivation. There might be aspects of her daily life with the family that could have build up and finally cracking.

I don't think it was stress at all. I bet for a child to be driven to suicide would have to endure a lot from the parents as well. It does not take a kid much to go mental. All it takes is the daily pestering by the family members and the comparison made each time. Basically it could be the daily picking.

It's not about managing stress...how would a kid know that. It is the people around her that forced her to opt for such a tragic end. The ones to blame are all still alive.

Lingam will talk but will say nothing more for now.

A sudden rush of things is happening. Yesterday the brother spilled the beans, today Lingam himself gave out a statement. "I will cooperate..." errr....that is pretty much it. Infamous Nazri said the members of the Royal Commission will be tabled in the house this week. So what does this all mean?

Number one, since Lingam's brother has spilled the beans he may have mentioned a few names in the report to the police that he made. Whoever it might be must have left the country as soon as they knew about it. It would be a stumbling block for the Royal Commission even before they could determine who would be part of it.

Lingam suddenly came out of hiding, 2 months after he was exposed in the clip. Which is a good question of why? Keeping mum for 2 months seems like he is capable of being silent for a few more. All the sudden he sounds so much like a proper lawyer. Is he trying to get sympathy? Would he get it? I doubt.

The people should and would not forgive him if he did in fact was involved in fixing judges appointments. Great days ahead~ The Royal Comission, Bersih, General Elections, Nurins murder, Altantunya's murder, less than short brained ministers...phew~! What a way to end 2007 with a bang!

19 November, 2007

Wonderkid and Minister get bludgeoned for obvious reasons.

It’s a year end race. Everyone gets interviewed by international media agency. But the risk is apparent. Effectively only one so far has survived. The rest were beaten to just stuttering and contradicting statements as well as rubbish English. No matter, the show always goes on. Not much difference there.

Nazri Aziz and Khairy. A minister and the Wonderkid got slapped by their own words without thinking first. Well, obviously nothing less is expected by Khairy. But Nazri Aziz simply put more bad name to the cabinet. Unable to answer with confidence and instead speaking with raised voices shows that the strain is building. He should ease on the daily salt intake.

I don’t care of what they say really. It does not make much of a difference to us. But it seems the international media loves any country on the verge of a possible political revolt. Sensational news sells they say.

However, may I add that Nazri was not talking like a minister. He was talking as a politician. Trying to use glossy words still could not save him from coming unprepared. In just 2 steps he came tumbling like a deck of cards. Khairy just stood there and merely repeated what Nazri said. Effective suck-up.

Everyone says that the media is this and the media is that. But what strikes me is that even the minister is not acting as minister but instead is carrying the colours of his party. Also both Wonderkid and minister displayed perfect synergy of delivering ignorance.

It is really entertaining but very disturbing indeed. At this points in time it has become clear as to who is actually working more for who. And Nazi critically displayed that beyond any reason of doubt.

Wonderkid was just common stuffing. I don’t want to go into them defending their fame trip. It is all to familiar and ultimately boring. However it was really astonishing to know that Nazri was actually conscious that the whole world was watching. So thanks to the internet the blogging community did put pressure on the chap and the government.

It simply goes to show that socio-political blog authors (whom are just a minority as Nazri have said before) may have some form of influence greater than he expected. Owh…the Wonderkid was excellent garnishing to keep the punch lines coming.

Better care for the elderly.

Society has certain peculiar traits. No matter how advance and civilised we become there is still the many few that resort to abandoning their elders. Perhaps it is the strain and hectic modern day responsibilities that gets them strayed from the traditional ones. Nonetheless it should not be an excuse.

If one can't take care of loved ones especially the elders than with these modern times there are actually modern ways. In return of some fees the responsibilities will be borne by others who are the professionals in the field. At least send them to nursing homes. Not leave them alone to fend for their frail self in this fast paced world. Bettercaring loves the sharing of experiences and information through their forums. The experience that others go through is very valuable to those who are finding a solution to care for there elders.