31 January, 2007

The end of January 2007

Its been a quick start to 2007 and January passed like a whirlwind. In general I could say I could never been better. On the political front, the 1st month of 2007 has been full of negative sentiment towards the government. But there has been good thing going on too.... floods are subsiding and government efforts to restore the stricken states has been receiving applause. Like always there are many who still remain sceptical.
On the stock market it's been a exhibiting good steady performance. The market players are testing whats the threshold to hit 1200 points. Blue Chip stocks are holding steady ground and just right now there is some profit taking...must be for the coming Chinese New Year.
To say we are heading in the right and most upbeat direction for 2007 is still too early to say. I for one being hopeful of a good remuneration and a comfortable bonus would be good enough. Hey...beggars can't be choosers right?
Blogger...well...no need to fear much. Because the lawsuits are strictly isolated cases. But it is always good to carefully censor what you write. Yeah I have been guilty of being too loud as well but hey.... if we vote...we can demand right?
Racial tensions will always be present no matter what. Instead of criticizing other races why not criticize your own and make it constructive. Personally I think partly the media has to be blamed too....what they report will influence what we on the outside think. Even worse when what is reported is not precise and not from authoritative sources.
I predict that once Chinese New Year is over all will be heading for the better. Just don't take things for granted shall we? Owh.... and lets blog responsibly.

30 January, 2007

UiTM number 1~!!!! WoooHOoohoooo~!!!

Yay we friggin Malays have done it again~! We lead the country yet remain jobless at the same time~!
Get the load on the full report from Sun2Surf.
Now allow me to shower some words in my mother tongue....
Amat berbangga lah kita yer? Dah ler dok terpekik-terlolong bila kaum lain nak UiTM dibuka untuk semua kaum. Tapi bukan reti nak bersyukur....almaklumlah, yuran murah...setakat RM375.50 satu semester pun nak pakai pinjaman dah tu....ader yang nak duduk dan makan free jugak. Hah.....memang aspirasi si Abu Shah kini menjadi kenyataan....Menjadi Universiti terbaik....cuma dalam superscript tertulis.....dalam menjana graduan bumiputra yang tak reti cari kerja.
Bayangkan...graduan UiTM nak dapat kerja sikit punya susah sampai kena jadi guru tiusyen budak sekolah rendah. Dah ler pulak tuh...dok duduk dalam kepompong ihsan kerajaan sampai polisi pendidikan negara pun tak sedar. Hah...sekarang kan dah susah....macam mana nak ajar anak orang Matematik dan Sains?? Penguasaan Bahasa Inggeris pun macam hampas?
Now back in English...
Now ain't this lovely? I am really sorry that I have to say these things about my own race...but dammit. I would rather not be known as a Malay if these things were to keep going on. Almost every single social problem is associated with this friggin race. So called "Mertabat Melayu"? Whre is that now? Want power but still oozing snoot and pissing in your pants. Name all the social ills...yep Malays tops most of the lists.
Rempit? A good 90 percent are Malays....err....homosexuals and transvestites? 92% of total are Malays. We are leading all fronts~! Ehhh...what the hell~!! No...no way am I associating my self to Malays now. No....I am not Malayu or Malay...I am Malaysian. There...that's it....hahahaha~!!! I from this day forward denounce that I am Malay~!
Buat malu kaum jer.

Finally...from the grassroots.

Don't you think this has been long overdue?

This is one step for a better future and chance perhaps. But lets not forget, many pilot projects has been initiated before and it all well... ended to be just that. I have high hopes for this one to succeed and to be implemented in all schools but there should be another aspect to this....the teachers too need to be drilled on their English.

There is no use if our kids know but their teachers are hopeless. Anyhow the government has my vote on this one.... just make sure it works this time.

29 January, 2007

What the hell am I suppose to eat?

Apparently the very things that keeps us alive is now killing us? Now that's a thought... I thought the cigarettes I consume would kill me. Well, I guess lung cancer is the least of my worries than. So let me see here...what is for dinner...hmmm...Chicken rice~! Err...nope...that has some form of steroid. Nasi goreng Daging masak merah? Not that as well....fish and chips? The waters are all polluted....good lord.
This could be a tough one....aha~! I could be vegetarian~! Only buying healthy organically grown food would help. But what about protein? and good 'old delicious fat? This got to be ridiculous. I can't be eating home grown tapioca for the rest of my life. Somehow we can't blame those in the livestock industry. There is such a high demand and there seem to be a slowly shrinking supply....the cows,lambs, pigs, chickens and ducks don't grow overnight.
Buggers....we could have an assorted platter of tofu. Artificially flavoured with your favourite red or white meat. I say this is not good...not good at all. I am only 25 and I am forced to only consume egg based food for the rest of my life? Craps...ain't no way man. So I guess Colonel Sanders has not only 11 secret herbs and spices but half of a chemical plant~!
Exciting ain't it? Phew...soon we shall see labels on the butts of whole cleaned chickens or lamb shanks printed with their chemical makeup plus a sticker on top which says Halal. Hmmmm....now what else could happen?

Wanita Melayu tak reti etika tengok wayang.

We are suppose to support the local movie industry right? So, last Saturday I did my part by watching Syaitan directed by Bade and had the cast of Rosyam Nor, Lisdawati and Que Haidar. Not going to say anything here about the movie (it's all posted in my movie blog) but the moviegoers were well typically Malay.

I managed to get the so-so seats with me girl. Well It's not like the movie is a sci-fi fest or has bullet spitting action sound effects. Now seated around us ere these bunch of friggin girls...on the left was this 2 huge big asses, on our right was these giggling kampung pussies, and behind us was is what must be an association of girls with clitoris as brains. Am I getting a bit too mean here? I don't really care as I am farking mad with Malay female moviegoers.

They show the community service ads before every show and yet somehow it does not get into the thick heads of these pea brained bitches. The fat ass one on our left gave away a synopsis and plot 5 minutes into the movie and gave her review and comments about the cast on the fly. This bitch was talking and talking about the cast as if they were her flat mates. Try watching Melodi and Sensasi at the same time~! That was how I felt like.

After half an hour I couldn't take it anymore....I snapped my fingers in front of her face and gave that fat pig of a bitch a shove while telling her off "Ko diam bleh tak? Kalau nak berborak tuh tak payah tengok wayang...pergi ke mamak terus. So just diam sikit~! ". I think I made my annoyance loud and clear enough for the few rows in front and back to hear me. And just 5 minutes later it started again. This time from our right....and the back~!

What is the farking wrong with you Malay chicks lah? I bet you dumb blondes are smart enough. The one on the right kept asking question with one another and it's not about the movie~! The ones behind us naturally has brains the size of chipmunk's clitoris~! Asking questions and giving answers to one another and making their conclusions about the movie 20 minutes from the end.

Weh....puki....aper ler sial sangat tebiat? Masuk cinema berperangai macam Jakun. Weh, Jakun sekarang lagi pandai ler dari korang. Haram jadah.... Even the kids kept very quiet during the entire movie but these bitches (my guess would be around the ripe age of early 20s) acted like they were no more then 4 year old retards.

By far and wide....of all the races that watches movies...never ever can beat the unethical and ever less civic educated of the Malay female teenage community~!

A fee for driving alone?

I read the Utusan Malaysia this morning and whats the first thing I see?

It will be just like Singapore~! But I do see the point, and it makes sense. Already the LPD has recorded less traffic with the hike in toll charges. With this in place we could very well see less congestions in KL. You have my vote on this. I think it's high time for it and hey maybe and just maybe the extra funds that DBKL gets can be used to better the facilities around town.

27 January, 2007

I seriously beg to differ.

USM need not worry? Seriously? And their VC thinks with their academicians completed their doctorates abroad means that the command of language is good enough? Really? I would beg to differ. I say local lecturers are not up to scratch when it comes to fluent spoken English. I know they can write (kira gred C)...but when they talk my goodness gracious me....ridiculous~! And these are lecturers mind you~!

I have had conversations with undergraduates from almost every local university. And a great sum of them say they would just hold their laughter during lectures when they hear all the mis-pronunciations made. If the source of knowledge is botched don't you think the delivered goods will be botched as well?

All VCs open your ears and listen to your lecturers talk. Generally they are a complete laughing stock to their own students....hear that?.... They are laughing at you as well~!

All we know is to preach to the world~

Malaysia tells the Muslim world?? Why not start by telling ourselves? Well let me see...if we protest peacefully we get punched and manhandled. If we voice it out too loudly we get sued. If we don't attend NS get charged in court....but then murder we can get away with...funny how this sectarian or dogma manifests within it self eh?
Day after day after day... I get more confused on where is all this going to lead to. Oil prices go down but retail price stays the same. When it goes up retail price goes up....now where is the logic? What goes up must come down right? I wonder who taught them physics.
Or this is more a severe case of cakap tak serupa bikin..."Bekerjalah bersama saya, bukan bekerja untuk saya". You sure or not???

26 January, 2007

Heritage in literature.

Manuscripts and personal papers are often left to rot or thrown away....that's how we Malaysians manage old documents. Many works do not see the light of day because we have this mindset...Old Papers= Garbage which is not true.

How often we sit down at any one time and do nothing but think? And how many times when we can sit down and think we seem to have the urge to have at least a piece of paper and a pencil to scribble with. Manuscripts, personal papers, letters, notebooks and other written materials tells a story. Better yet some may even tell history~ Chucking away these things does not justify the effort that was taken to write it in the first place.

Take for example A. Samad Said. If I am not mistaken he is a Malacca born lad. Do you have any idea how much his literature works and collections are worth? Apparently the Malacca state government paid him a cool sum of RM400k for his past works in original form and all the unpublished bits. Now you are saying..."That's A. Samad Said....he is a living National treasure".

Lets give another example....how about the secretary to Air Asia Tony Fernandez (if he has one) would have a very interesting insight on her boss's character in building a low budget airlines. Why not consider her personal papers that is written about Tony? Tony will have his own book one day I am sure but giving it another perspective would be interesting right?

Ok, so the first low budget airline success story does not excite you, how about personal papers of the Governor of Bank Negara? Now that will be mighty interesting won't it? Basically everyone has a story to tell...and these stories are best told with supported documents like correspondence letter, reports, even scribbles on serviettes can be valuable.

20 or 30 years from now perhaps Rocky's Bru blog will be the thing of legends along side other blogs on the net currently. My point is...from the people writing we know the land...and from the land we will know how to shape a better future.

Somehow I just wish we Malaysians have the mindset to preserve all this information and content so it can be shared and someday be part of history. Who knows if that realization comes some one would be rich~!

Crime lord in the making?

This band of thieves are an enterprising bunch....steal...dismantle and re-assemble to sell off their loot. It could only be the work of a a group of very experienced thiefs right? I am afraid not....
Do they start really young these days. Their ringleader and mastermind is a 10 year old kid~!!! Now, how can we explain ourselves as adults? I couldn't help but laugh a first but then I thought hey this could be the tip of more moral degradation.
Like how the bloody hell the parents to these kids know not of their child's "extra curricular" activities? Now I am disgusted. Well...it's acceptable if it's really small stuff and it's not that do it as a hobby...but they sell their loot for god sakes~! That means, although kids they are no different from an adult thief.
Now I wonder what else would they come out with next? C'mon, Malaysia Boleh~!
Follow the link to The Star Online to read the rest of the report.

Highway concession agreements classified as Top secret?!!!

Now this is bloody convenient isn't it? All the sudden they can just turn around and tell us "Sorry, cannot reveal because it's classified as Country's secret" Huh?? Wtf? Even if it is classified as such...the agreement can and should be given access to shareholders.
Aren't we the rakyat shareholders? Our annual taxes goes to the subsidies of a lot of stuff and and Highways are one of them. So are they telling us that we do not hold any monetary interest and share in the paving of Malaysian highways?
So to make sense of why the rakyat can and should get to see the agreement is simple. We pay taxes which in turn lets the government embarks on developments that can and would benefit the Rakyat. Therefore indirectly we the rakyat are the rightful owners of these damn highways. That entitles us every right to view the said agreement without any red tape.
I sense there is a cover-up somewhere. Someone from somewhere does not want their jack pop out of the box thus conveniently classifying the documents as secret. This is utter nonsense. These companies won't even get to gain a single buck if were not contributing our share of taxes.
As one of the rakyat I am voicing my bloody right and want....I want what we have invested in be made known it's status. We are already supporting you idiots and entrust you with the administration of our beloved country. And if we don't get what we want and we feel that our rights are not fully exercised...come a time when we shall then vote for someone else.
If that ever comes to reality...don't say we never told you...and don't take our votes for granted.

Altantunya - Murder scene pictures as of mid January '07

I live fairly nearby the murder scene but somehow never had any reason to go and take a look for myself. However a friend of mine who is a mass com undergraduate decided to take his Nikon D70s and see how does a murder scene looks like....here are some of the pictures taken...

As you can see there was some sort of Buddhist praying rituals that's been done. I am not so sure if the strings were part of the forensic investigation or part of the rituals.

25 January, 2007

Dear Mr. Jeremy Clarkson...

Dear Sir,

I would like to ask you to do us Malaysians a huge favour. As you may or hopefully may not ever get to know but I am going to tell you anyway...Proton has unearthed a Waja facelift. We are currently aware that there is some dumb effort of god knows what between VW and Proton.

But for no reason should a Toureg front is to be transplanted to a family saloon like what Proton has done.

And you might just blow you temperature when you see on of the ugliest automotive bum on whichever universe. So the moment you are told to test drive this contraption please resist the temptation to look at the back.

If ever you get a chance to drive it please by all means put on a ski mask and do those famous automobile annihilation that you do on your shows. Do what ever you like just as long it does not reach the UK mass market.

For you reference here are more images from Mr. Paul Tan to enable you to build up your anger. Thank you.

Ashamed Malaysian Citizen.

Mr. Samy has done it yet again~!

Reported by NST today:

KUALA LUMPUR: Dedicated motorcycle lanes will be built along federal roads to reduce road fatalities involving motorcyclists.

Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said the lanes would be separated from the main roads by barriers such as trees to prevent encroachment by other vehicles.

Samy Vellu said the motorcycle lane project, estimated to cost RM300 million, would be submitted to the Cabinet once several matters had been ironed out.

He loves doing this doesn't he? Well, for all these years motorcyclist have been wanting proper lanes for them and it has before this fell onto deaf years. But all of the sudden this Sammy dude will come out with some thing that amazes all of us. So what next?

Well lets see his style....he announces a project, state it's estimated cost, then a bit later he says it will be a tolled road and the company which the gets concession will be announced. But lets just pray to god almighty that something ridiculous as putting tolls for motorcyclist will never ever come true.

To Mr. Samy: Please make sure all overpasses and bridges are free of cracks this time around.

24 January, 2007

More foreign students?! Yay~! More social ills~!

Now this one I have to bitch on. I mean....we don't even have enough places to put our kids and now the government wants to achieve a target of 100k foreign students by 2010. Higher Education Promotion Council is being set up to find ways to bring in more foreign students for the local institutions of higher learning. Now could this be a bad move?

Ok, so I go to a local public Bumiputra University. But still look at the current situation where all these foreign kids can be seen from one corner of KL all the way to the other. And these so called students are not at all well mannered or respect our culture that much. So I might sound like a racist...so what? Honestly... some of them act like barbarians.

Look at SS15 Subang, Bangsar, Hartamas and all the other nightspots in the city. They come and make as if it's their birth rights. And with them they bring more social problems....the current foreign student population is enough. Anything more and kids here might just be like them...taking up their habits and god knows whatever else they might pick up.

I have my personal experiences with them. On one case I knew this dude from some arab state. He has no manners...thinks he has the biggest penis in the world and can boink on just about any one of our local girls as he pleases. Well....thank god later he was caught....in a car at a car park boinking his lecturer in broad daylight.

I believe not all will bring social problems but as it is things these foreign students has done goes unnoticed as it goes unreported. Now why not the media do something useful and conduct a survey on how do locals think of them bitches and bastards and give the report to the government to study the social implications? Perhaps that way these foreign seeds will not spread that badly later on and infect the rakyat.

Let me piss all over the media.

Here in todays paper we can read about a mother "giving" her daughter to her husband and some girl from Malacca went to Kenyir to only be gang-banged by 3 pricks. Not long after that I stumble upon Shaolin Tiger's blog and his argument is pretty convincing.
Well it's not to say we are not used to this kinds of reports but day in and day out not even one day where there would be no such moral degradation in our society. Try flipping any local newspaper....(don't bother on tabloids they live on those kinds of shit)...it's rape, incest, robbery, murder, another rape, another incest, one more robbery, more murders and so on.....
Don't you get tired of this things? At least can't newspapers these days report on positive things...put happy news smack on the front page everytime. It would be less likely for someone to frown when reading good news in the morning. In a way I think what we read in the papers influences our motivation troughout the day.
Newspapers and publishers have a social responsibility and it is really a big responsibility to shoulder. The tabloids corrupts the mind and soul....if every single friggin day we read something negative sooner or later we would think negative as well. It give a really negative impact on mindsets. Why do you think that during political campaigns the media gets all the call-ups? It to influence, to change mindsets....a harsh way is brainwash~
Yes, report on pressing issues...yes report on politics, religion, economics and entertainment. But for friggin sake....pipe down on the negative stuff.... and increase the positive stories. I would like to have my morning Roti Canai and Teh Tarik without puking while reading the morning paper.

I am touching my self.

Good day people~! Boy am I in a cheery mood….hahaha~! Yeah right, it’s mid week and it’s nearing the end of the month. That can only mean one thing….really low in resources.

Anyhow that has not stopped me from picking on a friend. Heheh…Roy (not his real name) and I was having drinks after class. We were quarter watching the Malaysia vs. Singapore football match, quarter smoking Sempoernas, quarter checking out this junior at the opposite table and the final quarter talking about randomness.

Which soon after prompted this conversation…
(Profanity included)

Roy: Ko kenal Nadia kan?
Me: Nadia mana plak nih?
Roy: Aalaaa…Nadia (and he does this facial impression of this Nadia)
Me: Owh…yeah yeah….that Nadia. Aper hal?
Roy: Dak…aku kantoi malu gile-gile babeng dengan dia.
Me: Hoh? Kantoi malu aper plak nih?
Roy: Macam ni...aku dapat call pepagi buta. Aku time tuh tengah mamai dan malam tuh aku mim "enak" sangat.
Me: ...yes...and?
Roy: So aku ader horny skit lah...aku antara sedar tak sedar tuh aku sudah mengeluarkan ayat lucah ler.
Me: Aper ayat yang ko keluar kan?
Roy: Errr...biasaler...I am so comfortable right now....I am touching myself....
Me: Hahahaha~!!! Ko gila sial....apsal ko stim ker dengar suara Nadia sampai macam tue sekali? (Delirious laughter)
Roy: WEi~! Dok lah....aku ingat awek aku. Awek aku kan Nadia jugak. Tapi aku dok sedar ler Nadia lain yang call. Mujur dia jenis blur-blur.
Me: Hahahahaha....bengong. Tapi kalau dia melayan jer ko ko teruja tak?
Roy: Hotak mu~! Tak mau aku~! Aku malu nih wei~!...dia dok sms aku sampai skarang aku dok layan. Amat ler malu nyer aku skarang nih.
Me: Haaa..tue ler...pantang nampak nama Nadia jer ko nak pangkah...Nadia jer nak pangkah.
Roy: Sumpah wei...aku do berniat gitu.
Me: Still...anu ko tetap pacak and you tried to have phone sex with an ex coursemate~ Hahahah~!!!
Roy: Puki haram....macam cibai ler ko nih~! Dok kesian member langsung.
Hahahah...so yeah...I find it so bloody amusing and picking on him after that was a blast. So people...do learn from this one....at least Roy didn't really get it that bad...it could have been worse....his mother perhaps~ Muuhahahahahah~!!

23 January, 2007

Tebang pokok jambu with Pak Engku.

I am a city boy. Born in KL and raised in Klang...typically your modern fairly educated bloke from the block. but troughout my years I have had the indulgence of doing what kampung kids did. Name all the traditional games, I have played them all. How about the act of cruelty towards animals? Done lots of that too....with my old faithfull wooden slingshot. Last weekend came with a journey to the past. I had to help my friend chop down a tree...and a Pak Engku was the supervisor.
So, with squeeky limbs and all we climbed the tree and started to chop it bit by bit. As we were dangling from the high tree top (it was as high as a 3 story building) and alternating saws and hatchet between us, I was reminded of the time when climbing trees was for fun and stealing fruits. Heheh...yeah I was a naughty boy.
Anyhow with swift supervision and strategy from Pak Engku it was not that difficult...in fact it was really fun. At one point we decided to take a break...and the topic of income and inflation came to discussion. Now as his title suggest Pak Engku is a man with loads of experience. So I lemented on how nice it would be if my pay now averages RM3k per month...."Confirn aku kahwin siot~!". Pak Engku gave out this smile...."You guys have it easy these days, but there are things in the old days you will never ever enjoy". We young lads gave him this look written allover with question marks. What did he meant?
"During my time..." he started, "RM600 could afford you a car and get married". I was just simply at awe~! And this was in the 70s. 30 years on with RM2500 per month can't get you a wife and car with some left for savings~! Bloody hell...Pak Engku said inflation since then has crept up to 600% (based on his calculations). "Mane lagi nak dapat Ikan Kembung sekilo seringgit? Jangan mimpi lah. Sekarang everyone is underpaid all because of inflation. By right to balance buying power working in current inflation rates, graduates should be paid RM6k for a start. Now you guys only earn 1/3 from the capacity of which what I could spend with RM600 thirty years ago".
Shits....times were hard then and these people from that era survived and are raking in their well deserved earnings now. Which leads me to wonder.... can I make my pennies and secure a future. I just hope I don't need to resort to the corrupted route. This has got me thinking...I seriously need to rethink my career path.

My cikgu not very is the good in the English.

*Tapping fingers
The title is bloody annoying. But I have to make my point...urrghh~! So yeah... I was reading The Star Online and came across this article on teaching Math and Science in English is not really catching on that well. And it's been 5 long years since the policy came into being.
I used to hear my old man and mama telling me how schools was during their times. Both were from church administered schools then. Listening and not saying a thing got me to soaking in their criticism to teachers nowadays (and they were referring to my time in school).
Somehow I am blessed with parents that speaks English at home while my sister and I were growing up. I thank them for that... at the same time I still had teachers who were in the service 20 to 30 years prior to my time. And yeah, they spoke and taught very well in English.
Obviously we can't blame all on the family as these kids come from various backgrounds. Some even would be lucky enough to even utter the simple YES or NO. But somehow I can't bare the fact that some if not all teachers now can't confidently teach in English. Even more so when it has been set as a requirement by the government.
As far as I could possibly remember, during my time in school (SPM'99) all but one or two can't teach in English. I mean there must be something right about the system then. How could this be happening now? We send our kids to school to learn and gain knowledge but how can that be possible when teachers are ignorant or petrified to teach in English?
I can bet you that some students can even converse in English far more better than their teachers. What a shame that would be? Even in universities some so called professors are totally hopeless in speaking the language let alone write~! And I am the sort that corrects grammar or pronunciation and that would be a slap to my lecturers' faces. UiTM comes to mind (I am still studying there) as a total flop. They claim that all classes are conducted in English. *cough-cough* Bullshit~ I suggest lecturers too have to sit for periodic English Assessment test. See if they could handle the good old 1119 paper from my years as a high school boy.
So as the petrified few that can't grasp the language up to a satisfactory level I would suggest them to trade places with their students that are good in English. Teachers and lecturers alike should be very ashamed that they have failed to have good command of the language. So, we can't blame when our kids turn out to be such rotten apples now can we? When the worms came from within the tree itself.

Toon-land @ Terengganu

Cartoons are the staple entertainment diet for kids and to some adults. I do still love them but mostly the classics while I am watching anime whenever I could hold of them. Now here is a thought.... How has locally produced cartoons has been like so far? I could remember the "Sang Kancil" series on TV pendidikan. Lats "Kampung Boy" personally is the best so far...it has also won a Unicef award me thinks. Don't forget Usop Sontorian and Kluang Man but the animation was no better than watching flip cards with narration. And there were a few that made it to the local cinemas...but too few and ugly to even mention.

Now here is a multi-million ringgit project to develop an animation hub in Terengganu. Errr....why there? The last time I checked, I don't think MMU, Lim Kok Wing or even One Academy has a branch there. Somehow personally I think it does not make sense on why would RM100++ million is to be spent developing such a thing in such a state. Terengganu has got more potential to be the new industrial or agricultural hub. The land is cheap and cost of living is low....why waste that on churning fictional characters with funny ears and ridiculous skin tones?

So called 4000 job opportunities will be made available with the intention of increasing the country's GDP up 2%. Errr.....yeah and we are suppose to be laughing with funny hats to the loony bin? What else would they think of next? Malaysia's very own "Disney Land"? With even the local movie industry having so much going against them and the public that loves gossip and nonsense I bet this local "Pixar" will literally be a joke.

Get serious...put the lands to good use and give job opportunities that develops more brains instead of nutcases with marker pens.

22 January, 2007

Tabloids...the Malay reading diet.

Ever notice the stacks of newspapers on Sunday mornings? Which ones are the shortest stack in the stands? Tabloids... specifically Malay tabloids. A few of my friends and I had this conversation about the quality of Malay writings compared to their English counterparts. I am not going to bombard my findings right here and now. But why not you try and pick up one from each and pay attention to the quality of writing.
As an example take a hand phone review from an English newspaper and compare it to the one in a Malay one. What is the difference apart from language? For one I notice the Malay one seems to delude from the product 3/4 of the time. Only the last paragraph or two only really states about the product. The rest? Pure bullshit.
The same goes to Malay tabloids. It's full of crap...if ever the authorities want to monitor and control what reading materials that the people are reading it should be to increase the betterment and knowledge. Not about artists keeping genies or planting diamonds under their skin. It is entirely sick and archiac.
There should be enough useful information around out there that could be published. But why do these tabloids concentrate on such weightless stories I have no idea. Perhaps it sells...definitely it does or else why would the stack deminish before mid-day on weekends? but I don't think that newspapers and tabloids should be only about selling them. It's a public service and a serious responsibility.
What is in the morning papers reflects the people who read them. So when papers carry stories that serves no value added information or has no significant use what would normally happen? Useless stuff gets chucked into a bin and ends up in a landfill. So thus are our minds useless and deserves to be chucked as well? It's the same thing ain't it? A pure case of GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out).
That is why majority of malays have so "ignorant" mindsets as the media has so responsibly discharged their duties to the most efficient effect of dumping garbage into their poor people's brains.

The goverment will stop re-training jobless graduates.

Monday morning....and I have nothing much to do...so why not post something. I read about this in The Sun while having roti canai and teh tarik for breakfast. Hmmmm....skimming thru the article only then I know out of 59 thousand plus jobless graduates, 57 thousand are Bumiputras. And thus far our beloved government has spent over RM200 million of good old tax money to re-train these bumbling idiots who can't seem to adapt with the job market.
With all offence intended....when the government does do something, some just do not appreciate. Well in this case I would certainly agree that the government stop such aides. As to some extent the rakyat has certainly "Naik Lemak". Already they can't find and hold jobs....they want to be paid to study as well? Wah-wah-wah...we have universities and colleges, both private and public. There should be enough to go around... and who told you to take a course that does not really hold a solid demand?
Now there are like thousands of IT graduates amongst others that can't hold a job....let a lone a career. Now personally I think this is bollocks....it is already traditionally known that Bumiputras lack command of the English language. That's one area where they should buck up first. Next would be to always be in the thick of know how in your respective field. But I guess we Bumiputras are particularly a lazy bunch of lads or we are just friggin plain ignorant.
Now the government has revoked the re-training courses....no longer paying for the rakyat's incompetence and laziness. I say Hoooraayy~!!! Now with that there is more money for the government to make some improvements...I reckon they should start with repairing all rural schools. How about that?

19 January, 2007

20 million boost just for Pak Lah's school? And some other schools are like chicken coops.

Trying to see the good side of this would be very narrow minded of me. Like yes with the new education policy being drafted and the debates that would certainly be a hot topic in parliament this won't do it much good really. What justifies that this particular school should get RM20 million? Just because the once young Pak Lah used to grace it's hallways? That alone does not makes sense. But in The Star it states that the school has been churning out excellent results in both academic as well as extra curricular activities. But does that alone justify the donated funds?

Lets take the second paragraph from the report...

The allocation under the 9th Malaysia Plan, he (Pak Lah) said, was for the construction of a hostel, teachers' quarters, a sports pavilion and a laboratory. A further grant of RM3.5mil would be used to carry out repair works on the 80-year-old school.

Just this one school is highlighted in the RMK 9? Tell me this....ain't that a bit too much? What about rural schools in the pedalaman? I think not too long back TV3 highlighted in Majalah3 that there is this school in Sabah or was it Sarawak that I could clearly recall is one measly block of classes with desks and tables that's well....as if it has just survived a tsunami.

So my simple question would be how many schools are actually being restored in the RMK9? But seriously....if a school was to only receive monetary assistance is to make sure their students get thru well in exams and set other achievements then I say rural schools will never have a chance would they? Blimey, C'mon Pak Lah......the Kampung people in Sabah and Sarawak voted for you as well man.

By the way it looks from my standing point...there would probably be more kids in the kampung who are illiterate just because their so called schools (more like reban ayam) has no proper facilities and equipment or perhaps even without walls and a roof.

Mc Donalds - Mom...I'm Loving it (Left Overs)~!

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday...had to take half day off due to some emergency reasons. Anyhow, if I did not take leave I figure I won't have this interesting title now would I? So let me get down to it....

I don't know of how many of you who does believe me and the stories that I do tell here. But I assure you it did happen with a few details omitted to keep this here blog as "fair" as possible. To that comes to light my observation during lunch yesterday.

The location was Mc Donald's PKNS Shah Alam. Don't ask why I was there in the first place. Anyways...I had lunch with the girlfriend. Must be the season of craving because she insisted on the Prosperity Burger...done...and I was enjoying my normal Quarter Pounder Large (I ate Fillet O Fish after that....bloody lapar!). As from where we were sitting next to us is this guy scoffing down his Prosperity burger.....somehow he didn't entirely finish his meal and left half large cup of some orange fizzy drink and large curly fries still virtually untouched.

Soon after he left, this lady (carrying a take-away value meal) and her daughter (must be about 4 years old) walked passed us and the table. The lady saw the fries as I noticed she stopped for a fraction of a second and hesitated as she noticed we were watching. She walked promptly out but stopped and turned around a bit to see if we noticed. Yep we notice....so she walked off.

At that point I thought that was the last time I saw her....but guess what? The daughter came running back to the entrance and took a peep. Yes and she noticed that me and my half were watching....cutely she smiled and ran away. Not more than 5 seconds later the kid was back....walked straight towards the table with the curly fries as cool as possible. But just then she turned around and walked towards us and with her oh so cute voice asked "Errr....Abang...Kakak....meja tue ader owang tak?" while pointing to the table with the fries. "Takder saper" both of us replied. "Pasal saya nak amik fries tue...boleh?" the cute girl continued on. "Amik lah...." the girlfriend replied. With that the girl turned around, took the fries and scooted off out of sight.

The girlfriend thought that was so cute. I thought so too until this disgusting feeling crept up to me. How on earth a mother could do that? First....she prompted her small daughter to technically steal and the second letting her daughter to eat some stranger's leftovers~! The bloody nerve and cheek...Uurrghhh~!!! Sial-lah~!

Can't she just buy another pack of curly fries for her daughter if the kid so wanted it? To my eyes and view the lady does not seem to be someone who can't afford at least the smallest pack of curly fries and she wouldn't be there in the first place with a take-away Value Meal would she? The thing that hits me worse is that why oh so bloody why it has to be a Melayu when I notice such things~!??

At least the daughter did have some common courtesy and a conscience to ask politely. It's so shameful....would you tell your kid to steal? Ok...so that does happen...but would you give or let your kid eat some stranger's leftovers? Disgusting~! Simply Disgusting!

18 January, 2007

Cheaters and Poligamist....our leaders?

This may not apply to all but it serves as a point to ponder. There is a movie out in local cinemas titled "Berbagi Suami". The movie is very good and I posted a review in my other blog "Movie Buff Malaysia". But it suddenly hit me that in the movie there was this character who is a politician cum businessman, somehow I can't help myself from thinking of the situation in Malaysia.
For those who loves gossip and bitches about almost everyone else except oneself this is not the article for you...This is not gossip. So, moving on... I am thinking I would give my best bet that a few if not many politicians practice polygamy. Just don't go try to even imagine how many has collected scandals along the way and cheats on their wives.
From a certain perspective there are the feminist who preaches rights of women in general....who relentlessly shoots with everything they can to bring justice. Well certainly last year was a good year of triumph for them as the highest compensation and settlement for a divorce case was recorded at a cool RM50mil in assets. Huuuraaahh~!!?
But that is only one....we all seem to elude the point here. Are we (the rakyat) at risk of bad leadership if the leaders we elect during the general elections cheat on their wives, "cari makan luar", or even basically become sugar daddies to some college chick? Ever thought of that?
If our representatives have broken their own family units do we think that we are in a safe enough hands that they would selflessly serve to protect their people's interest? I seriously begin to ponder....perhaps just as a safe measure instead of just declaring assets maybe our ADUNs should declare their family units as well. And I mean to the rakyat...not to their political party or SPR. It's us who would be voting for them....and they are representing us. Heck I don't want a womaniser to stand up and speak on my behalf to the government....what makes them think they are capable when their own family politics is in shambles?

17 January, 2007

When the toll rates go up, one business flourish.

I own a car....well the truth is my dad pays the installments. I take care of the maintenance.... just barely. In the light of the toll hikes the automotive industry especially car sales in the Klang valley will be slightly effected.

However, there is another side to the glum coin which is currently experiencing brisk sales. Motorcycle sales has made a marked jump~! I was reading in the Sun this morning and indeed up to 50% higher sales has been reported by some bike dealers.

This does not come as a shock but there is the bad side to it. With annual road accidents stats shows that the highest group of road users that get into accidents are motorcyclist the last thing we need is a worse spike in the next annual road accident statistics.

More ironic is there could be a possibility of the government accidentally promoting "Mat Rempit". Well I bet they (the government) has done the calculations and tabulated the effects of toll hikes in the social implication sense. Or at least I would like to believe to. Hahahah~!

Define Melayu-ness.

Should anyone were to question why is there such dissatisfaction of me towards my own race I would simply reply with a question, "Is there any right for me to be dissatisfied with other races?". For it comes to me that in order for anyone or a whole race to succeed in something they do is to realise and then understand their own shortcomings and attitude.
Say, lets put the best phrase used by Tun M which is also the title to one of his books..."Melayu Mudah Lupa". I bet to the majority of Malays who do stumble upon my blog would say I am some incarnation of mixed parentage or had spent most of my childhood overseas or went to a private school even perhaps might even think that I mix around too much with non-Malays.
Whatever it may be....I will bravely claim that I am no more or less Malay than the purest Malays claim to be. Why? Because there is no such thing as a pure Malay in the first place. The purest to the most is the peribumi ethnics like the Orang Asli. But they can't be considered Malay (they are considered Bumiputra)...as in the famous Article 11 states that Malays are Muslims and we all know that Peribumis are not Muslims entirely.
Should my parentage be blamed? My mom is from a Bugis ancestry line and dad is a Banjar. Hmmm....can it get any more Malay than that? Perhaps all this while some people perhaps still don't understand what are Malays. Malays can be found from Africa all the way down to Australasia. So should I every time specifically state that I am referring to "Malaysian Malays"?
No matter, my point is simply not to point and shoot to other races because I adhere to this simple principle "Tunjuk telur busuk orang lain, telur sendiri berulat tak sedar". Which means don't be a busybody pointing mistakes of others while we don't realise that we are in a worse spot than them.
I respect and appreciate the opinions and feedback....at least I know what I write makes a few more people think for themselves and form their own opinions. I believe that great nations are built upon love and thought.... that's why I write.

16 January, 2007

UiTM - It's system and the students.

Is it a fortunate thing that I am enrolled into university that is supposed to help one and only one particular race? For 6 years since then, I don't think so. And for 50 years its been around I don't think it has really done that much. Surely they churn graduates by the thousands but really...do you think that all of them are good? I am from that specific race....and I am enlisted into their university because more of my blood than my academic results from SPM.

For one thing, if ever the doors are opened to the rest of the other races seriously....you won't be missing much compared to what other public universities are offering. Because in here....there is a mentality. It's a brain washing campus of sorts with hidden this and that. But that's not the point of why am I writing here about this "Tusk-ing Tower".

Like many other, this UiTM uses an online registration system for it's students. All subjects and it's respective schedules are already set before the start of a new semester. Sounds good eh? Nope...simply because they (the most self centered undergrads in the world) use cunning ways to amend and shift classes as to their convenience. I say what system is that?

I recently transferred my student status from full time to a part-time. Hereby I am to pay according to credit hours I am taking in a particular semester instead of a flat rate. I would also attend classes only after working hours...typically 6:30pm to most 5 times a week. Now the F*cked up part is....there are the clash of schedules between part-time and full time for some reason. Which by right should not happen.

Full time students are to strictly take classes during the day and part-time during the evenings. Simple to understand right? Unfortunately...being Malay seems to grant these moron full time students to cheekily register for the evening classes citing that their subject clashes. Fine...that's one thing....than from the normally older and f*cked up attitudes of some part-timers (normally the ladies) would surreptitiously squeeze as many subjects to complete their courses faster...thus prompting them to dupe the lecturers into thinking that they have a clash of schedules.

Now, how is a system is suppose to work? It is suppose to work in the order in which it was initially designed right? Well in this fraternity of Malays....systems are totally customizable. The effects would be...jeng jeng jeng~!... one change here would chain react and effect others as well and the whole schedule is conveniently even more screwed up. So those who are suppose to be able to graduate accordingly when following the system ends up extending their studies. If it were full time students only that wouldn't matter much but what about those part-time undergrads who intends to achieve a better standard of living? Or those who wants to better support their families? Or those who needs to leap for greater career success?

I am just one of many that has to endure the shit what our own race does because all are simply Kiasu. For those in the same predicament as I am....how ashamed are we having to be associated to these kind of people. To those who conveniently customize the system according to their liking....here is my ROYAL MIDDLE FINGER SALUTE.

Malaysia - The generation that was and going to be.

Work has not been hectic of late and I somehow took more time to surf around for blogs to give me more ideas of what to write. I know for what reason I blog and it reflects to the topics I post each day. What information circulates in blogs are not really authoritative and lacks the clarification of sources. But I figure, it's more to opinions rather than the fact that 1+1=2. As some may already know, I am a 25 year old male Malaysian. And I do reflect my political stand from time to time but for the past few days I could feel something bad is going to happen and honestly I am shit scared.

Take for instance a post in Malaysia Today dated 13/01/2007 . It reveals definite names of individuals and states their actions on the RMK9. After reading the mighty long post it came to me as a big blow to the head. There are many others blogs which blasts individuals as well as organizations but...we seem to be missing the point. How a long time ago when we heard of celebrities being banned from the public media? I could remember M. Nasir's case pretty well..."Siapa itu Mahathir?". With that came a mighty hand to shut him up because it might cause a political ruckus.

But we have come a long way since then. And I have grown up by some margin to understand the consequences of sensitive issues.... I don't see the need for ridicule nor do I see it fit for leaders to use the iron fist and pound unto anyone who says otherwise to what they think. But I believe those who are at the minimum in their 50s have thus far achieved of what they wanted. Now the question that remains is....what about us? The maturing and soon to bloom young adults? Those aged 20 to 30 should be very worried with the recent turn of political events.

Was it our mistake that Tun M captained this country for 20+ years? Was it a bad thing? Or was it good? As far as I know at that point in time I was happy in school, happy enough to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings, went to high school with lots of interaction with the opposite sex. At that time those were complicated and scary enough. Now at 25, my relationship is the least of things that I could worry about.

Now its the probability of Anwar making a comeback into UMNO, or is the current relief efforts for flood victims is a ploy to blind the Rakyat? Perhaps better still daylight robbery from toll hikes and other utilities. What would come next? A greater recession or the country selling it self and its people to some Yank Tycoon? I can't come to a decision....help me make the choice oh current government~!

On top of all that I still have to worry if I could keep the relationship I am in, if I could afford feeding my future wife and children then, would I have a land title to my name so my kids still has a place where they could bring their kids and spend quality family time together? It's not everyman for himself. Its not every race for it's self. Never it was every religion wants to claim that one heaven for themselves. Where has all the nationalist pride we had 50 years back? Where is the sincerity and honesty of the scene of Malays, Chinese, Indians and the rest sitting down and sharing the same plate of food?

I am 25 now and here I am writing about the generation that I was growing up in.... how old are you and how would you want your generation to end up being? Like the past, present or future?

Relationship with flying Rambo knives.

Ever thought how twisted and tangled relationships could be? We have heard "I am dating my friend's ex", "She is dating my ex-girlfriend", "Just married wife runs away for not getting a house and car", "Husband sells wife to pay debts", and many more. But for what I am about to tell is surely a masterpiece. Try taking a few stories and fuse them together...that creates a whole new genre~! So my shocker and it is really based on a true story is...."I am two timing my boyfriend (who is having an affair with someones wife) with a married man whose wife does not really mind".

I wish I could write it in a much more simpler way (any of you knows how, just post it in the comments please and I'll make the changes). Anyhow...is vision 2020 is actually blurred to some ignorant degree? Perhaps globalization has got something to do with this? I'll leave the political mambo jumbo and just pull out the daggers. Which...what exactly this lady did.

She (lets call her Jojo) has been with this guy for more than 7 years. We would think that all should be resolved by now and they should be planning for something more permanent. Not even close....this dude (lets call him Huha) to which has been described to me could be said as a casual junkie and Jojo here is a tough girl (I'll tell you why in a bit).

Thru the ups and downs and hurricanes she met this family man and has an affair with him. And the wife doesn't really mind just as long as responsibilities are carried out. Well, we've heard that one before. But now on the other side Huha has an affair with a married woman...to add to that lemon twist lets add vodka~! This woman (we'll call her Shishi) just got married like less than a year ago out of a shotgun case.

Confused yet? So Jojo found out that Huha is cheating on her with Shishi the shotgun target. Owh and just to add more detail to that....Huha knows that Jojo has an affair with a married man already (Jojo said to Huha "you can leave me if you want but don't say I lied to you or didn't tell you a thing"). Great...now all the detailed structured is clear we could get to the story.

Jojo got ballistic when she found out about Shishi and Huha. Based on the fact that Huha lied when he was asked if is there anything going on. But Jojo like I mentioned is a tough lady....with rambo knife in hand, she brought Huha and met up with Shishi. Shishi has a mouth of a shotgun..."Kenapa kau nak ugut laki aku?!!". Damn~ Jojo in a split second got Shishi and Huha at knife point. "Ko nie lagi C*bai~! Dah jadi bini orang and a mother to a bastard lagi ko ader berani nak kata aku kacau laki ko?!!!".

Lets be a tad smart and think...if you are held at knife point would you dare say anything more? I thought so too....so Shishi must have been on the verge of shishi-ing and Huha was all high on rolled blunts. I dare not go into more details.....lets just say that Jojo had the mojo her way. And believe me....I saw the knife she used....it's in her bag which she carries wherever she goes. Its big enough to open the king of fruits. Yikes~! Don't mess with Jojo's mojo.

15 January, 2007

Curse of them lesbians.

Am I homophobic? Maybe...perhaps....why shouldn't I be? But lets get this point out. I have gay and lesbian friends. Now thats a shocker....but just hear me thru here. There are homosexuals and there are homosexuals with dignity and respect. Out of this my homosexual friends are from the latter. Some are working in various sectors, some are still studying and some are abroad doing stuff they wanna do. But here is the thing...I knew them as homosexuals. Now how about those you see and meet day in and day out and they change right before your eyes?
Horrific? You bet it is...well now here is a thought. I don't hate these individuals nor do I condone or support this particular side of their freedom. Every day I take a good look at what I have and say my peace and grace..."Owh..thank YOU GOD ALMIGHTY". It's simply out of nature. If you want to claim incest exist in the animal kingdom I can believe that...but if you say homosexuals exists in the animal kingdom? I find that bloody hard to believe.
I find it right and just that whatever acts of homosexuality or any form of it in any way should only be done behind closed and locked doors. Here is a good scene....
(Coffee Bean KL Plaza)
Me: Waaliiaauuweehhh~! 3 o'clock....Cun Chick bro~!
Friend: Peeerghhhh....cun sial~! Now thats what I call china bone skin.
Me: Eeehhh.....aper plak nih (seeing another lesbian) pengkid jambu raba bontot minah tue plak.
Friend: F*ck ler bro.....lesbian ker minah tuh? Aduuhhh.....what a waste man~!
Me: Is there something that we lack that girls have to go for girls these days?
Friend: I dunno man....my girl ain't complaining and I don't seem to need the diamond blue pills just yet.
Me: Look look...now they are kissing~! Waaaa....
Friend: Well thats hot man....but kesian that makcik at the side there....her little kids are looking at the homo-scenes.
Me: Owh...boy..bummer. There goes a whole generation to waste.
I see the need of couples in love and pouncing hormones to snuggle lightly in public. But it is totally part of a morbid dream to see two of the same kind slapping and swapping saliva in public.
Well it may be some distant fantasy for us guys but aint no way in public. I would post some pictures here but the visuals may be too traumatic, especially when I can't really moderate on who reads my blog.
But just please please please people....if you wanna lock lips and everything else you think you can lock and throw away the the keys, do for the love of GOD take it somewhere else out of public sight. Kesain makcik tuh...I wonder what was her answer to her children was.