19 January, 2007

20 million boost just for Pak Lah's school? And some other schools are like chicken coops.

Trying to see the good side of this would be very narrow minded of me. Like yes with the new education policy being drafted and the debates that would certainly be a hot topic in parliament this won't do it much good really. What justifies that this particular school should get RM20 million? Just because the once young Pak Lah used to grace it's hallways? That alone does not makes sense. But in The Star it states that the school has been churning out excellent results in both academic as well as extra curricular activities. But does that alone justify the donated funds?

Lets take the second paragraph from the report...

The allocation under the 9th Malaysia Plan, he (Pak Lah) said, was for the construction of a hostel, teachers' quarters, a sports pavilion and a laboratory. A further grant of RM3.5mil would be used to carry out repair works on the 80-year-old school.

Just this one school is highlighted in the RMK 9? Tell me this....ain't that a bit too much? What about rural schools in the pedalaman? I think not too long back TV3 highlighted in Majalah3 that there is this school in Sabah or was it Sarawak that I could clearly recall is one measly block of classes with desks and tables that's well....as if it has just survived a tsunami.

So my simple question would be how many schools are actually being restored in the RMK9? But seriously....if a school was to only receive monetary assistance is to make sure their students get thru well in exams and set other achievements then I say rural schools will never have a chance would they? Blimey, C'mon Pak Lah......the Kampung people in Sabah and Sarawak voted for you as well man.

By the way it looks from my standing point...there would probably be more kids in the kampung who are illiterate just because their so called schools (more like reban ayam) has no proper facilities and equipment or perhaps even without walls and a roof.

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Jason said...

Yeah, I had the same thoughts when I read the news too. Kinda fuck up. RM20mil, that's not a small amount.