27 January, 2007

All we know is to preach to the world~

Malaysia tells the Muslim world?? Why not start by telling ourselves? Well let me see...if we protest peacefully we get punched and manhandled. If we voice it out too loudly we get sued. If we don't attend NS get charged in court....but then murder we can get away with...funny how this sectarian or dogma manifests within it self eh?
Day after day after day... I get more confused on where is all this going to lead to. Oil prices go down but retail price stays the same. When it goes up retail price goes up....now where is the logic? What goes up must come down right? I wonder who taught them physics.
Or this is more a severe case of cakap tak serupa bikin..."Bekerjalah bersama saya, bukan bekerja untuk saya". You sure or not???

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zewt said...

I think all the VCs are moron.