04 January, 2007

Between Italian or German.

The year end sale has come to a close and for all the months it has been on I never had made up my mind on what to splurge on. Ok, fine I did buy shirts and slacks but thats for work. I know I want and need a new pair of shoes but what kind I cant decide. Thus on the 2nd I headed down to KL. Did a good milage for me feet...and the girl friend had an urge for a handbag. So alright...we'll start from Starhill and make our way slowly thru all the malls in between right until Sungei Wang.
Now could you believe that she cant find the handbag she wants? I certainly do not...thus I told my self "I have more for my self". It was between sneakers or Oxfords. Now it's my turn to feel the pinch on what exactly is worth to buy. Finally reaching Metrojaya mens department, now my delimma begins. Now, I get really picky about shoes...especially leather ones. I figured my current sneakers are still good for another year and my old leather hand me down from dad was not really what a young executive should be seen walking in. At least I thought of it that way.
There was Obermain, Pierre Cardin, Ciano, Morrelli and a few others that I can't recall. I took a pair from Germany and stuffed my palms in...felt ok. Lifted an Italian and did the same thing...better. I did that for a good 15 minutes and finally chose a few makes that I think I look spiffy in.
I tried 3 pairs....walked around in each pair for a good 15 minutes while the girlfriend was pecified with Famous Amos cookies. Yep, you guessed it...by the time she finished the 100gm worth I was still not done. One pair felt perfect on the right but the left felt biting, another pair looks really good but felt like it has a horse shoe stuck in it and it was bloody biting my heel. I was bickerring all the way and the girlfriend just smiled and said "You are worse than I am when it comes to shopping". "Hey, its shoes man~! I will practically spend hours in them and I should be comfortable don't I?!!". Obviously I did not say that to her...instead this came out "Sorry dear, but I have to make sure I would love wearing it and you would love seeing me dressed to please your eyes.". Politics....Sigh.
Anyhow...with 30% off its not really a huge bargian after discount being still shy of RM200. But I guess it should be worth it...since my old pair served me for 6 years already. See ladies...we men do not buy shoes that has a life span of 3 months every month of the year. Yes, our shoes are expensive but if you bloody do the math and devide the amount spent with how many months its been used in comparison your cost efficiency is obscenely poor. Oh, and I took the Italian designed shoes....German shoes makes me feel like infantry men from the world war.

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