18 January, 2007

Cheaters and Poligamist....our leaders?

This may not apply to all but it serves as a point to ponder. There is a movie out in local cinemas titled "Berbagi Suami". The movie is very good and I posted a review in my other blog "Movie Buff Malaysia". But it suddenly hit me that in the movie there was this character who is a politician cum businessman, somehow I can't help myself from thinking of the situation in Malaysia.
For those who loves gossip and bitches about almost everyone else except oneself this is not the article for you...This is not gossip. So, moving on... I am thinking I would give my best bet that a few if not many politicians practice polygamy. Just don't go try to even imagine how many has collected scandals along the way and cheats on their wives.
From a certain perspective there are the feminist who preaches rights of women in general....who relentlessly shoots with everything they can to bring justice. Well certainly last year was a good year of triumph for them as the highest compensation and settlement for a divorce case was recorded at a cool RM50mil in assets. Huuuraaahh~!!?
But that is only one....we all seem to elude the point here. Are we (the rakyat) at risk of bad leadership if the leaders we elect during the general elections cheat on their wives, "cari makan luar", or even basically become sugar daddies to some college chick? Ever thought of that?
If our representatives have broken their own family units do we think that we are in a safe enough hands that they would selflessly serve to protect their people's interest? I seriously begin to ponder....perhaps just as a safe measure instead of just declaring assets maybe our ADUNs should declare their family units as well. And I mean to the rakyat...not to their political party or SPR. It's us who would be voting for them....and they are representing us. Heck I don't want a womaniser to stand up and speak on my behalf to the government....what makes them think they are capable when their own family politics is in shambles?

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