26 January, 2007

Crime lord in the making?

This band of thieves are an enterprising bunch....steal...dismantle and re-assemble to sell off their loot. It could only be the work of a a group of very experienced thiefs right? I am afraid not....
Do they start really young these days. Their ringleader and mastermind is a 10 year old kid~!!! Now, how can we explain ourselves as adults? I couldn't help but laugh a first but then I thought hey this could be the tip of more moral degradation.
Like how the bloody hell the parents to these kids know not of their child's "extra curricular" activities? Now I am disgusted. Well...it's acceptable if it's really small stuff and it's not that do it as a hobby...but they sell their loot for god sakes~! That means, although kids they are no different from an adult thief.
Now I wonder what else would they come out with next? C'mon, Malaysia Boleh~!
Follow the link to The Star Online to read the rest of the report.

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