15 January, 2007

Curse of them lesbians.

Am I homophobic? Maybe...perhaps....why shouldn't I be? But lets get this point out. I have gay and lesbian friends. Now thats a shocker....but just hear me thru here. There are homosexuals and there are homosexuals with dignity and respect. Out of this my homosexual friends are from the latter. Some are working in various sectors, some are still studying and some are abroad doing stuff they wanna do. But here is the thing...I knew them as homosexuals. Now how about those you see and meet day in and day out and they change right before your eyes?
Horrific? You bet it is...well now here is a thought. I don't hate these individuals nor do I condone or support this particular side of their freedom. Every day I take a good look at what I have and say my peace and grace..."Owh..thank YOU GOD ALMIGHTY". It's simply out of nature. If you want to claim incest exist in the animal kingdom I can believe that...but if you say homosexuals exists in the animal kingdom? I find that bloody hard to believe.
I find it right and just that whatever acts of homosexuality or any form of it in any way should only be done behind closed and locked doors. Here is a good scene....
(Coffee Bean KL Plaza)
Me: Waaliiaauuweehhh~! 3 o'clock....Cun Chick bro~!
Friend: Peeerghhhh....cun sial~! Now thats what I call china bone skin.
Me: Eeehhh.....aper plak nih (seeing another lesbian) pengkid jambu raba bontot minah tue plak.
Friend: F*ck ler bro.....lesbian ker minah tuh? Aduuhhh.....what a waste man~!
Me: Is there something that we lack that girls have to go for girls these days?
Friend: I dunno man....my girl ain't complaining and I don't seem to need the diamond blue pills just yet.
Me: Look look...now they are kissing~! Waaaa....
Friend: Well thats hot man....but kesian that makcik at the side there....her little kids are looking at the homo-scenes.
Me: Owh...boy..bummer. There goes a whole generation to waste.
I see the need of couples in love and pouncing hormones to snuggle lightly in public. But it is totally part of a morbid dream to see two of the same kind slapping and swapping saliva in public.
Well it may be some distant fantasy for us guys but aint no way in public. I would post some pictures here but the visuals may be too traumatic, especially when I can't really moderate on who reads my blog.
But just please please please people....if you wanna lock lips and everything else you think you can lock and throw away the the keys, do for the love of GOD take it somewhere else out of public sight. Kesain makcik tuh...I wonder what was her answer to her children was.

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szu said...

that's wayyyy out of line. even i dun dream of doing that. hell, what the hell is a room for then?