13 January, 2007

Daud...si pengasih Parasit Melayu.

Ok, the title is in malay. Anyone who wants to sue me I'll give you the almighty royal middle finger salute. But then I can't preach about manners can I? Aiiyoohh....dilemma weh dilemma jadi Melayu nih weh~! Anyhow...the following conversation happened yesterday. Daud is a fairly good T'ganu dude that I bet would make the sceptics change their mind about our Northern Eastern state born cousins....but he as like the rest of the Me-Layu is in a dilemma....

Me: Daud, mu tinggal kat seksyen 19 soghang2 ka?

Daud: Dok lah, aku tingga ngan pok sedara aku.

Me: Mu berdua je lah ek?

Daud: Dok jugok...umoh aku macang keda geng kan. Budok2 maghi maing geng PS2 aku.

Me: Pastuh meka dok gheti balik ghumoh sendiri ke?

Daud: Aku dok gheti kabo mende doh. Pok sedara aku buat dok layang...masuk bilik lalu.

Me: Abis tuh...budok2 tuh sumer tinggal pree ka?

Daud: Ho lah...satu seng pun dok mintok.

Me: Kenapa mu dok mintak?

Daud: Aduuhh (scratching head)....aku dok sampa ati nak khabo. Aku kesiang gok ke member. Masing2 baghu abih blajo...dok ade kije lagi. Aku nok mintok macang mana.

Me: Mu nie daud....hati lembut sangat. Member sampai pijok kepala.

Daud: Tahler...serba salah rase.

Now the conversation went on for longer than that....but I bet you people get it. Daud's place is a nice double story terrace house that his dad gave him to stay in. He has to find his own means to pay for the bills though. What his so called friends does is stay over for up to months on end without even keeping the house clean and tidy. Up to the point that Daud was so strapped in cash but is too nice not to ask let alone tell them off that the electricity was cut off. Blimey...now is that how you would treat your brothers?

And mind you...this is the attitude that his friends gives him and all are Malays! Why are we all talking about the equality between races when within that race itself there are those becoming parasites? When we are compassionate and do charitable deeds for too long a time the receiving end tends to forget that what they have is welfare. Let me tell you this....if there is anything more each and everyone of us needs is love...not welfare.

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