25 January, 2007

Dear Mr. Jeremy Clarkson...

Dear Sir,

I would like to ask you to do us Malaysians a huge favour. As you may or hopefully may not ever get to know but I am going to tell you anyway...Proton has unearthed a Waja facelift. We are currently aware that there is some dumb effort of god knows what between VW and Proton.

But for no reason should a Toureg front is to be transplanted to a family saloon like what Proton has done.

And you might just blow you temperature when you see on of the ugliest automotive bum on whichever universe. So the moment you are told to test drive this contraption please resist the temptation to look at the back.

If ever you get a chance to drive it please by all means put on a ski mask and do those famous automobile annihilation that you do on your shows. Do what ever you like just as long it does not reach the UK mass market.

For you reference here are more images from Mr. Paul Tan to enable you to build up your anger. Thank you.

Ashamed Malaysian Citizen.

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