08 January, 2007

Dear Tuns, Tan Sris, Dato' and Dr

How come there are so many figures that are not outstanding in the public eye? The unsung heroes, cradled reforms and duties so well that it went unnoticed until....yes, their uncerimonious demise? Like all of us, greatness will be seen in those who are bestowed with the top post but never second in rank. Silly....and also it's a sad waste.
So dear unsung heroes, I bet we Malaysians are so sorry. Only those who have worked or lived during your times had a chance to see how responsible and dignified you are in discharging your duties so selflessly. I am ashamed as to be called a Malaysian but know nothing of the many unsung men and women who carried the burden and yet their passing came uncelebrated or bestowed with acknowledgement or true greatness. Not even a streetname in honour...or institution of higher studies....or name engraved on a bronze plaque.
Should we put names to these individuals? There are many but I could only name these few...Tun Ghaffar Baba, Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman.... err...can anyone help me on this? But even sadder still is that local agencies do not take the initiative in publishing the memoirs of these great leaders and implimenters of modern Malaysia. How sad....and even the National Archive know no decency to chase all achievements and glory of these super heroic and patriotic individuals. We are at a greater loss for not remembering of thier achievements.

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