17 January, 2007

Define Melayu-ness.

Should anyone were to question why is there such dissatisfaction of me towards my own race I would simply reply with a question, "Is there any right for me to be dissatisfied with other races?". For it comes to me that in order for anyone or a whole race to succeed in something they do is to realise and then understand their own shortcomings and attitude.
Say, lets put the best phrase used by Tun M which is also the title to one of his books..."Melayu Mudah Lupa". I bet to the majority of Malays who do stumble upon my blog would say I am some incarnation of mixed parentage or had spent most of my childhood overseas or went to a private school even perhaps might even think that I mix around too much with non-Malays.
Whatever it may be....I will bravely claim that I am no more or less Malay than the purest Malays claim to be. Why? Because there is no such thing as a pure Malay in the first place. The purest to the most is the peribumi ethnics like the Orang Asli. But they can't be considered Malay (they are considered Bumiputra)...as in the famous Article 11 states that Malays are Muslims and we all know that Peribumis are not Muslims entirely.
Should my parentage be blamed? My mom is from a Bugis ancestry line and dad is a Banjar. Hmmm....can it get any more Malay than that? Perhaps all this while some people perhaps still don't understand what are Malays. Malays can be found from Africa all the way down to Australasia. So should I every time specifically state that I am referring to "Malaysian Malays"?
No matter, my point is simply not to point and shoot to other races because I adhere to this simple principle "Tunjuk telur busuk orang lain, telur sendiri berulat tak sedar". Which means don't be a busybody pointing mistakes of others while we don't realise that we are in a worse spot than them.
I respect and appreciate the opinions and feedback....at least I know what I write makes a few more people think for themselves and form their own opinions. I believe that great nations are built upon love and thought.... that's why I write.


Bryan said...

Race is a non-issue to me. Why - because I understand that Melayu DNA is the same as Mat Salleh or African DNA and that race is a false mental concept created by people suffering from a morbid fear of being without an identity. Remember the biar mati anak, jangan mati adat thingy? Well guess how many Melayu youngsters today know how to use a tapak sireh, even in the kampong. The truth is all adat have a lifespan. No amount of wishful thinking can stop the earth from spinning.

Why do people have a morbid fear of being without an identity? Better yet, why do we let cultural branding become a life and death issue? So what if one is "less Melayu" or "more Melayu" than another? If we all start and end the same way, as biological and chemical entities that get eaten by maggots after death, then what's all the fuss about identity. Are we that determined to create our own problems in our puny little lives?

I've long disassociated myself from all this racial profiling because I rather focus on the one thing that's truly important - being human.

Mack Zulkifli said...

I have to agree with Bryan on a philosophical perspective, but I also feel compelled to point out that oddly enough, our DNA is very close to monkeys, and 99% similar to a banana.

The reality is that we cannot avoid social stereotypes, may it be race, colour or creed.

Go ahead and blog about our own social group, as it were. It's good in the sense that we need people who are introspective.

And by golly, do we need more malays to be introspective.

mudslinger said...

don't worry about your writing. i enjoy reading them. and i do understand what you mean. i too am not of mixed parentage, didn't go to school overseas, and don't mix around with non-malays only, but i still get that question whenever i raise any issues on being a bumiputera or being a malay. i guess some people still think that if you're a melayu, you must never never 'meludah ke langit'....

Lantas said...

I think, we should make clear what+who+where+when+why+how someone can we call a Melayu-ness. I'm Indonesian now but my family from Malaysia and half of them still there. I'm sure situation like this not the only one, a big family (or maybe, nation) of Melayu-ness separated in different state, just because we have different colonial. CMIIW, we make our colonial as our identity.

AND I ashamed because we use English (a language that I am not good enough) to communicate each other, if we proud become a Melayu why we don't use this in our daily activity. Don't reduce Melayu identity just as brand, we can make it more use full.

The most important, I agree that you spell it "Melayu" not "melayu".