31 January, 2007

The end of January 2007

Its been a quick start to 2007 and January passed like a whirlwind. In general I could say I could never been better. On the political front, the 1st month of 2007 has been full of negative sentiment towards the government. But there has been good thing going on too.... floods are subsiding and government efforts to restore the stricken states has been receiving applause. Like always there are many who still remain sceptical.
On the stock market it's been a exhibiting good steady performance. The market players are testing whats the threshold to hit 1200 points. Blue Chip stocks are holding steady ground and just right now there is some profit taking...must be for the coming Chinese New Year.
To say we are heading in the right and most upbeat direction for 2007 is still too early to say. I for one being hopeful of a good remuneration and a comfortable bonus would be good enough. Hey...beggars can't be choosers right?
Blogger...well...no need to fear much. Because the lawsuits are strictly isolated cases. But it is always good to carefully censor what you write. Yeah I have been guilty of being too loud as well but hey.... if we vote...we can demand right?
Racial tensions will always be present no matter what. Instead of criticizing other races why not criticize your own and make it constructive. Personally I think partly the media has to be blamed too....what they report will influence what we on the outside think. Even worse when what is reported is not precise and not from authoritative sources.
I predict that once Chinese New Year is over all will be heading for the better. Just don't take things for granted shall we? Owh.... and lets blog responsibly.

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