10 January, 2007

Get over it TinTin.

TinTin: Wehh...I need to ask you a thing.
Me: What is it?
TinTin: He has someone new doesn't he?
Me: Yeah...just recently.
TinTin: What is she like?
Me: Errr.....I am not really sure.
TinTin: Is she pretty?
Me: Awek aku lagi lawa....hahahaha~! But seriously, sedap mata memandang.
TinTin: Ooowwhh....yeah...urm....is she good?
Me: I don't know. I suppose so.
TinTin: How did they meet?
Me: At some makan2 thing not too long ago.
TinTin: I see....so how is he about it?
Me: He is stoked but still level headed.
TinTin: Is he serious with it.
Me: By the looks of it I suppose so...

The conversation moved on to something less depressing...

My point? It was a normal jog around the park when people break up. The first thing is always always and always wanting to know if the new one is in anyway better then you. Well if you are good enough, they wont be left in the first place. Kappish?

What should be done is move on. It is really simple to know guys and how they think. Dangle a carrot and they run for it.Very basic....very primal. Numero uno rule...if you think somehow you are not satisfying his needs just find another dude ok? Bcoz by all means he has a few and finds that perhaps you are just like the rest. Boring...whinning or just plain bad karma (Whatever that bullshit is)

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