22 January, 2007

The goverment will stop re-training jobless graduates.

Monday morning....and I have nothing much to do...so why not post something. I read about this in The Sun while having roti canai and teh tarik for breakfast. Hmmmm....skimming thru the article only then I know out of 59 thousand plus jobless graduates, 57 thousand are Bumiputras. And thus far our beloved government has spent over RM200 million of good old tax money to re-train these bumbling idiots who can't seem to adapt with the job market.
With all offence intended....when the government does do something, some just do not appreciate. Well in this case I would certainly agree that the government stop such aides. As to some extent the rakyat has certainly "Naik Lemak". Already they can't find and hold jobs....they want to be paid to study as well? Wah-wah-wah...we have universities and colleges, both private and public. There should be enough to go around... and who told you to take a course that does not really hold a solid demand?
Now there are like thousands of IT graduates amongst others that can't hold a job....let a lone a career. Now personally I think this is bollocks....it is already traditionally known that Bumiputras lack command of the English language. That's one area where they should buck up first. Next would be to always be in the thick of know how in your respective field. But I guess we Bumiputras are particularly a lazy bunch of lads or we are just friggin plain ignorant.
Now the government has revoked the re-training courses....no longer paying for the rakyat's incompetence and laziness. I say Hoooraayy~!!! Now with that there is more money for the government to make some improvements...I reckon they should start with repairing all rural schools. How about that?

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