12 January, 2007

Happy Birthday Measat 1~!!!

13 January is my Birthday. 2007 will mark the 25th year that I came to exist. But what comes to mind on my birthday is the launch of the Malaysia's 1st Satellite dubbed Measat 1. I am not particularly fond of birthdays but when I turned 14 in 1996 I somewhat had this proud feeling that Malaysia on that day advanced into space, telecommunications and broadcasting technology. So I actually went to Measat's website to have a look see what are the progress made since the launch of Measat 1.

Recently on 12 December 2006, Measat 3 was launched....and from that point I found out also that Measat 1 is about to reach the end of it's journey (It has a life span of about 12 years). But in the midst lies the birth of Measat 1C which is an upgraded version of the original and sometime in 2008 the country could expect Measat 5.

So in the time span of just 10 years malaysia has already have 3 satellites and 2 more to soon orbit and provide us with twice the broadcasting and telecommunications power compared to what we have today. On top of that the whole of South East Asia will use the satellite's services too. And soon we could expect the first 2 Malaysian astronauts to bring our country even closer to the stars.

If there is anything I could be proud of on my birth date it would definitely be 13 January 1996.

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