26 January, 2007

Heritage in literature.

Manuscripts and personal papers are often left to rot or thrown away....that's how we Malaysians manage old documents. Many works do not see the light of day because we have this mindset...Old Papers= Garbage which is not true.

How often we sit down at any one time and do nothing but think? And how many times when we can sit down and think we seem to have the urge to have at least a piece of paper and a pencil to scribble with. Manuscripts, personal papers, letters, notebooks and other written materials tells a story. Better yet some may even tell history~ Chucking away these things does not justify the effort that was taken to write it in the first place.

Take for example A. Samad Said. If I am not mistaken he is a Malacca born lad. Do you have any idea how much his literature works and collections are worth? Apparently the Malacca state government paid him a cool sum of RM400k for his past works in original form and all the unpublished bits. Now you are saying..."That's A. Samad Said....he is a living National treasure".

Lets give another example....how about the secretary to Air Asia Tony Fernandez (if he has one) would have a very interesting insight on her boss's character in building a low budget airlines. Why not consider her personal papers that is written about Tony? Tony will have his own book one day I am sure but giving it another perspective would be interesting right?

Ok, so the first low budget airline success story does not excite you, how about personal papers of the Governor of Bank Negara? Now that will be mighty interesting won't it? Basically everyone has a story to tell...and these stories are best told with supported documents like correspondence letter, reports, even scribbles on serviettes can be valuable.

20 or 30 years from now perhaps Rocky's Bru blog will be the thing of legends along side other blogs on the net currently. My point is...from the people writing we know the land...and from the land we will know how to shape a better future.

Somehow I just wish we Malaysians have the mindset to preserve all this information and content so it can be shared and someday be part of history. Who knows if that realization comes some one would be rich~!

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