26 January, 2007

Highway concession agreements classified as Top secret?!!!

Now this is bloody convenient isn't it? All the sudden they can just turn around and tell us "Sorry, cannot reveal because it's classified as Country's secret" Huh?? Wtf? Even if it is classified as such...the agreement can and should be given access to shareholders.
Aren't we the rakyat shareholders? Our annual taxes goes to the subsidies of a lot of stuff and and Highways are one of them. So are they telling us that we do not hold any monetary interest and share in the paving of Malaysian highways?
So to make sense of why the rakyat can and should get to see the agreement is simple. We pay taxes which in turn lets the government embarks on developments that can and would benefit the Rakyat. Therefore indirectly we the rakyat are the rightful owners of these damn highways. That entitles us every right to view the said agreement without any red tape.
I sense there is a cover-up somewhere. Someone from somewhere does not want their jack pop out of the box thus conveniently classifying the documents as secret. This is utter nonsense. These companies won't even get to gain a single buck if were not contributing our share of taxes.
As one of the rakyat I am voicing my bloody right and want....I want what we have invested in be made known it's status. We are already supporting you idiots and entrust you with the administration of our beloved country. And if we don't get what we want and we feel that our rights are not fully exercised...come a time when we shall then vote for someone else.
If that ever comes to reality...don't say we never told you...and don't take our votes for granted.

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