24 January, 2007

I am touching my self.

Good day people~! Boy am I in a cheery mood….hahaha~! Yeah right, it’s mid week and it’s nearing the end of the month. That can only mean one thing….really low in resources.

Anyhow that has not stopped me from picking on a friend. Heheh…Roy (not his real name) and I was having drinks after class. We were quarter watching the Malaysia vs. Singapore football match, quarter smoking Sempoernas, quarter checking out this junior at the opposite table and the final quarter talking about randomness.

Which soon after prompted this conversation…
(Profanity included)

Roy: Ko kenal Nadia kan?
Me: Nadia mana plak nih?
Roy: Aalaaa…Nadia (and he does this facial impression of this Nadia)
Me: Owh…yeah yeah….that Nadia. Aper hal?
Roy: Dak…aku kantoi malu gile-gile babeng dengan dia.
Me: Hoh? Kantoi malu aper plak nih?
Roy: Macam ni...aku dapat call pepagi buta. Aku time tuh tengah mamai dan malam tuh aku mim "enak" sangat.
Me: ...yes...and?
Roy: So aku ader horny skit lah...aku antara sedar tak sedar tuh aku sudah mengeluarkan ayat lucah ler.
Me: Aper ayat yang ko keluar kan?
Roy: Errr...biasaler...I am so comfortable right now....I am touching myself....
Me: Hahahaha~!!! Ko gila sial....apsal ko stim ker dengar suara Nadia sampai macam tue sekali? (Delirious laughter)
Roy: WEi~! Dok lah....aku ingat awek aku. Awek aku kan Nadia jugak. Tapi aku dok sedar ler Nadia lain yang call. Mujur dia jenis blur-blur.
Me: Hahahahaha....bengong. Tapi kalau dia melayan jer ko ko teruja tak?
Roy: Hotak mu~! Tak mau aku~! Aku malu nih wei~!...dia dok sms aku sampai skarang aku dok layan. Amat ler malu nyer aku skarang nih.
Me: Haaa..tue ler...pantang nampak nama Nadia jer ko nak pangkah...Nadia jer nak pangkah.
Roy: Sumpah wei...aku do berniat gitu.
Me: Still...anu ko tetap pacak and you tried to have phone sex with an ex coursemate~ Hahahah~!!!
Roy: Puki haram....macam cibai ler ko nih~! Dok kesian member langsung.
Hahahah...so yeah...I find it so bloody amusing and picking on him after that was a blast. So people...do learn from this one....at least Roy didn't really get it that bad...it could have been worse....his mother perhaps~ Muuhahahahahah~!!

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