27 January, 2007

I seriously beg to differ.

USM need not worry? Seriously? And their VC thinks with their academicians completed their doctorates abroad means that the command of language is good enough? Really? I would beg to differ. I say local lecturers are not up to scratch when it comes to fluent spoken English. I know they can write (kira gred C)...but when they talk my goodness gracious me....ridiculous~! And these are lecturers mind you~!

I have had conversations with undergraduates from almost every local university. And a great sum of them say they would just hold their laughter during lectures when they hear all the mis-pronunciations made. If the source of knowledge is botched don't you think the delivered goods will be botched as well?

All VCs open your ears and listen to your lecturers talk. Generally they are a complete laughing stock to their own students....hear that?.... They are laughing at you as well~!

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