05 January, 2007

Junior civil servants

We (normal private sector) have this predefined judgement upon those in the public sector. They render bad and slow services. Well apparently this is in the process for improvement. I met a few juniors of the public sector... yes typically these would be of the Malay race. Lets get this straight....they are so full of pride when it comes to the system. There is no point trying to put them down....no matter how shitty the story is like say...botched projects... corruption.... scandals of sex and lies...they will still remain proud. What a bunch huh?
They go thru a very tedious selection and training programme by the Department of Civil Service (JPA). Been given lots of incentives and being brought to many kinds of training camps. They even go for basic military training~! But truth be told they are like just any other young executives in the private sector. Surely they are closely monitored but hey....they go clubbing...get drunk and have casual sex. Rest assured that not all of them but there are groups which does.
In the day, they will slog out to finish reports for the presentation to parliament or to some minister or secretary of state and stuff like that. When they are off....they fill the trendiest hotspots....grind to the hippest music and casually romp one another. Owh...and dont forget that some senior staff are really enjoying the presence of these younglings in their daily work schedule. So more sugar to go around the sugar daddies I presume.
But they do their job and that is whay our country's administration to be fairly efficient. Just expect a kinda slow day when it rains and the airconditioning is put to full blast....the guys get a stiff rod while the female younglings get stiff frigid nips. Still the old lack the professionalism compared to the new lads. When it should be 9 to 5 strictly work instead of 9 to 5 strictly horny.

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