24 January, 2007

Let me piss all over the media.

Here in todays paper we can read about a mother "giving" her daughter to her husband and some girl from Malacca went to Kenyir to only be gang-banged by 3 pricks. Not long after that I stumble upon Shaolin Tiger's blog and his argument is pretty convincing.
Well it's not to say we are not used to this kinds of reports but day in and day out not even one day where there would be no such moral degradation in our society. Try flipping any local newspaper....(don't bother on tabloids they live on those kinds of shit)...it's rape, incest, robbery, murder, another rape, another incest, one more robbery, more murders and so on.....
Don't you get tired of this things? At least can't newspapers these days report on positive things...put happy news smack on the front page everytime. It would be less likely for someone to frown when reading good news in the morning. In a way I think what we read in the papers influences our motivation troughout the day.
Newspapers and publishers have a social responsibility and it is really a big responsibility to shoulder. The tabloids corrupts the mind and soul....if every single friggin day we read something negative sooner or later we would think negative as well. It give a really negative impact on mindsets. Why do you think that during political campaigns the media gets all the call-ups? It to influence, to change mindsets....a harsh way is brainwash~
Yes, report on pressing issues...yes report on politics, religion, economics and entertainment. But for friggin sake....pipe down on the negative stuff.... and increase the positive stories. I would like to have my morning Roti Canai and Teh Tarik without puking while reading the morning paper.

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