16 January, 2007

Malaysia - The generation that was and going to be.

Work has not been hectic of late and I somehow took more time to surf around for blogs to give me more ideas of what to write. I know for what reason I blog and it reflects to the topics I post each day. What information circulates in blogs are not really authoritative and lacks the clarification of sources. But I figure, it's more to opinions rather than the fact that 1+1=2. As some may already know, I am a 25 year old male Malaysian. And I do reflect my political stand from time to time but for the past few days I could feel something bad is going to happen and honestly I am shit scared.

Take for instance a post in Malaysia Today dated 13/01/2007 . It reveals definite names of individuals and states their actions on the RMK9. After reading the mighty long post it came to me as a big blow to the head. There are many others blogs which blasts individuals as well as organizations but...we seem to be missing the point. How a long time ago when we heard of celebrities being banned from the public media? I could remember M. Nasir's case pretty well..."Siapa itu Mahathir?". With that came a mighty hand to shut him up because it might cause a political ruckus.

But we have come a long way since then. And I have grown up by some margin to understand the consequences of sensitive issues.... I don't see the need for ridicule nor do I see it fit for leaders to use the iron fist and pound unto anyone who says otherwise to what they think. But I believe those who are at the minimum in their 50s have thus far achieved of what they wanted. Now the question that remains is....what about us? The maturing and soon to bloom young adults? Those aged 20 to 30 should be very worried with the recent turn of political events.

Was it our mistake that Tun M captained this country for 20+ years? Was it a bad thing? Or was it good? As far as I know at that point in time I was happy in school, happy enough to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings, went to high school with lots of interaction with the opposite sex. At that time those were complicated and scary enough. Now at 25, my relationship is the least of things that I could worry about.

Now its the probability of Anwar making a comeback into UMNO, or is the current relief efforts for flood victims is a ploy to blind the Rakyat? Perhaps better still daylight robbery from toll hikes and other utilities. What would come next? A greater recession or the country selling it self and its people to some Yank Tycoon? I can't come to a decision....help me make the choice oh current government~!

On top of all that I still have to worry if I could keep the relationship I am in, if I could afford feeding my future wife and children then, would I have a land title to my name so my kids still has a place where they could bring their kids and spend quality family time together? It's not everyman for himself. Its not every race for it's self. Never it was every religion wants to claim that one heaven for themselves. Where has all the nationalist pride we had 50 years back? Where is the sincerity and honesty of the scene of Malays, Chinese, Indians and the rest sitting down and sharing the same plate of food?

I am 25 now and here I am writing about the generation that I was growing up in.... how old are you and how would you want your generation to end up being? Like the past, present or future?

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