19 January, 2007

Mc Donalds - Mom...I'm Loving it (Left Overs)~!

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday...had to take half day off due to some emergency reasons. Anyhow, if I did not take leave I figure I won't have this interesting title now would I? So let me get down to it....

I don't know of how many of you who does believe me and the stories that I do tell here. But I assure you it did happen with a few details omitted to keep this here blog as "fair" as possible. To that comes to light my observation during lunch yesterday.

The location was Mc Donald's PKNS Shah Alam. Don't ask why I was there in the first place. Anyways...I had lunch with the girlfriend. Must be the season of craving because she insisted on the Prosperity Burger...done...and I was enjoying my normal Quarter Pounder Large (I ate Fillet O Fish after that....bloody lapar!). As from where we were sitting next to us is this guy scoffing down his Prosperity burger.....somehow he didn't entirely finish his meal and left half large cup of some orange fizzy drink and large curly fries still virtually untouched.

Soon after he left, this lady (carrying a take-away value meal) and her daughter (must be about 4 years old) walked passed us and the table. The lady saw the fries as I noticed she stopped for a fraction of a second and hesitated as she noticed we were watching. She walked promptly out but stopped and turned around a bit to see if we noticed. Yep we notice....so she walked off.

At that point I thought that was the last time I saw her....but guess what? The daughter came running back to the entrance and took a peep. Yes and she noticed that me and my half were watching....cutely she smiled and ran away. Not more than 5 seconds later the kid was back....walked straight towards the table with the curly fries as cool as possible. But just then she turned around and walked towards us and with her oh so cute voice asked "Errr....Abang...Kakak....meja tue ader owang tak?" while pointing to the table with the fries. "Takder saper" both of us replied. "Pasal saya nak amik fries tue...boleh?" the cute girl continued on. "Amik lah...." the girlfriend replied. With that the girl turned around, took the fries and scooted off out of sight.

The girlfriend thought that was so cute. I thought so too until this disgusting feeling crept up to me. How on earth a mother could do that? First....she prompted her small daughter to technically steal and the second letting her daughter to eat some stranger's leftovers~! The bloody nerve and cheek...Uurrghhh~!!! Sial-lah~!

Can't she just buy another pack of curly fries for her daughter if the kid so wanted it? To my eyes and view the lady does not seem to be someone who can't afford at least the smallest pack of curly fries and she wouldn't be there in the first place with a take-away Value Meal would she? The thing that hits me worse is that why oh so bloody why it has to be a Melayu when I notice such things~!??

At least the daughter did have some common courtesy and a conscience to ask politely. It's so shameful....would you tell your kid to steal? Ok...so that does happen...but would you give or let your kid eat some stranger's leftovers? Disgusting~! Simply Disgusting!


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