24 January, 2007

More foreign students?! Yay~! More social ills~!

Now this one I have to bitch on. I mean....we don't even have enough places to put our kids and now the government wants to achieve a target of 100k foreign students by 2010. Higher Education Promotion Council is being set up to find ways to bring in more foreign students for the local institutions of higher learning. Now could this be a bad move?

Ok, so I go to a local public Bumiputra University. But still look at the current situation where all these foreign kids can be seen from one corner of KL all the way to the other. And these so called students are not at all well mannered or respect our culture that much. So I might sound like a racist...so what? Honestly... some of them act like barbarians.

Look at SS15 Subang, Bangsar, Hartamas and all the other nightspots in the city. They come and make as if it's their birth rights. And with them they bring more social problems....the current foreign student population is enough. Anything more and kids here might just be like them...taking up their habits and god knows whatever else they might pick up.

I have my personal experiences with them. On one case I knew this dude from some arab state. He has no manners...thinks he has the biggest penis in the world and can boink on just about any one of our local girls as he pleases. Well....thank god later he was caught....in a car at a car park boinking his lecturer in broad daylight.

I believe not all will bring social problems but as it is things these foreign students has done goes unnoticed as it goes unreported. Now why not the media do something useful and conduct a survey on how do locals think of them bitches and bastards and give the report to the government to study the social implications? Perhaps that way these foreign seeds will not spread that badly later on and infect the rakyat.

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