23 January, 2007

My cikgu not very is the good in the English.

*Tapping fingers
The title is bloody annoying. But I have to make my point...urrghh~! So yeah... I was reading The Star Online and came across this article on teaching Math and Science in English is not really catching on that well. And it's been 5 long years since the policy came into being.
I used to hear my old man and mama telling me how schools was during their times. Both were from church administered schools then. Listening and not saying a thing got me to soaking in their criticism to teachers nowadays (and they were referring to my time in school).
Somehow I am blessed with parents that speaks English at home while my sister and I were growing up. I thank them for that... at the same time I still had teachers who were in the service 20 to 30 years prior to my time. And yeah, they spoke and taught very well in English.
Obviously we can't blame all on the family as these kids come from various backgrounds. Some even would be lucky enough to even utter the simple YES or NO. But somehow I can't bare the fact that some if not all teachers now can't confidently teach in English. Even more so when it has been set as a requirement by the government.
As far as I could possibly remember, during my time in school (SPM'99) all but one or two can't teach in English. I mean there must be something right about the system then. How could this be happening now? We send our kids to school to learn and gain knowledge but how can that be possible when teachers are ignorant or petrified to teach in English?
I can bet you that some students can even converse in English far more better than their teachers. What a shame that would be? Even in universities some so called professors are totally hopeless in speaking the language let alone write~! And I am the sort that corrects grammar or pronunciation and that would be a slap to my lecturers' faces. UiTM comes to mind (I am still studying there) as a total flop. They claim that all classes are conducted in English. *cough-cough* Bullshit~ I suggest lecturers too have to sit for periodic English Assessment test. See if they could handle the good old 1119 paper from my years as a high school boy.
So as the petrified few that can't grasp the language up to a satisfactory level I would suggest them to trade places with their students that are good in English. Teachers and lecturers alike should be very ashamed that they have failed to have good command of the language. So, we can't blame when our kids turn out to be such rotten apples now can we? When the worms came from within the tree itself.


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