03 January, 2007

My middle finger salute to elders.

A brand new year...the dawn to the betterment of mankind or is it? Apologizing is not really my thing so to speak. Why should I if I don't mean it right? But here lies a blur line between the right and wrong with the young and old. What better way to illustrate this than to use our own Eastern culture.
Eastern culture, specifically Malaysia is a bit againts civil rights. Why do I say so? Simply because the difference between right and wrong is skewed. Example, take two individuals one a young teen and another let say a 60 years old woman. They could or could not be related, it really does not matter. When this teen does something wrong it is evident that he or she must apologize to the elder lady. That is pretty much commonly excepted in any culture right? Well then, how a bout when the old hag does something wrong? Nope, no apologies given to the teen. And even more so, the teen could not even raise an eyebrow to show displeasure.
Then what happens? The old hag lives with ego still intact and still growing to gargantuan proportions. This is my 2 pence worth about this....BULLSHIT~! 2 pence now aside, now let me explain why is this a sickeningly bad culture and does not serve the younger generations as a good example.
1st, what is wrong will stay indefinitely wrong till whole of eternity. To those of us who believes in God we would know how the almighty treats the bad or wrong and the good and right....with no prejudice whatsoever. So, why here in the south eastern part of this bloody earth that young ones cannot tell off their elders that they have done something wrong and there are no 2 ways to it. Plain blunt and simple.
This here is one predicament that any younger generation in Malaysia specifically encounters. 2nd, elders never seem to know when or how to apologize. Now this is friggin stupid....elders teach us to apologize when we do wrong but they somehow don't do the same. How is that habit suppose to catch on since egos of elders are the sizes of their assholes (i bet they are large for the ego grows by the day when they get away with doing mistakes towards youngsters)?
If so called there is the term "Leadership by example" I dont blame the degradation of the current generation because of some old sod culture that practices policies of bollocks and cow dung. Like isn't it plain and simple enough that what is right stays right and what is wrong stays wrong regardless even if you are God himself? The very essence of a culture that destroys a nation...because it does not start at home in a family unit. It starts in you...because until we can change that we will still frolick in our own cow dung and still smiling for the fact that upon everything else, ego remains upheld with the highest value.
Finally, one word to the elders that they think they do not need to apologize to youngsters....Assholes.


Gadgit said...

You make older age sound like a sin - given the words u use to describe older people...i.e. 'old hag'. You forget that the old are as much victims of the socio-economic system as you are - one sector taking it out on another due to systemic pressures. We should look for systemic causes of social evils and not pounce on those who might very well be victims.

hafeezul said...

I really hate it when the elders always say.."Budak2 zaman sekarang macam2 hal..tak macam orang dulu2". What the hell is that?? They always comparing us to themselves in 1960s or 1970s. The situation, lifestyle, & economic growth is different from that time. If today we have mat rempit, drugs, abortion, and etc., what were they having back in older days? Kabaret, alcohol, and gambling were common. Each generation has its own challenge, and don't keep pressuring us because the elders 'makan garam dulu'. I've read a hadith in Mingguan Malaysia that the meaning can be simplified as this; It's normal for the young ones to make mistakes.. So, please stop pointing fingers to us, the youths for all problems in Malaysia. Are bribery, power abuse, and nepotisme all done by the youths??