05 January, 2007

Operation Eviction Notice.

Its been about a year I have been renting this house. At first it's all undergraduates living in...which has the house more like a horse stable. Now, I aspire to make this house as a truly decent bachelors pad. You know, proper furniture, a simple entertainments system, nice curtains and stuff like that. But knowing guys will be guys all the more when 3 out of 5 of us are still full time students cleanliness is a bit of an issue. Do not even ask if its tidy....at least my room is.
Now, the plan is to slowly replace each tenant with a graduated executive. To eliminate one from the current roster is by objectively evaluating his financial standing and attitude.From the four, 3 pays either on time or a week before rent is due. This leaves one that has trouble paying up unless being asked to. Now, I know we are friends and all but don't fuck up when it comes to money man.
Now, about attitude... we should know our place right? I am fine with the other 3 but this particular one dude seems to be a bit nosy and plain rude. The last time I ask him to pay up the balance of the rent (he had to pay RM130 in installments mind you) he could coolly retort by asking "Ape dah jadi dengan gaji ribu-ribu kau?". What the fuck?!! Hey by all means I don't report to anyone about my finances sure as hell why should I answer you. But yeah...I did not blurt it out to him....I just said "Bayo jer lah baki tuh secepat yang mungkin".
Now, honestly if I have it my way I would rather have some other race staying at my pad. Its, good enough this ungrateful Kelantanese Malay has his own room for only RM130 per month, sleeps on the mattress that I supplied and uses all my kitchen equipment. I don't want to mention his cleanliness habits....suffice to say I don't use my own stove anymore.
This was a bloody easy decision when a friend came to me asking is there space at my pad. Hell yeah there is...even if there is none I would make one instantly. There...now I have a replacement for this idiot which I would just love to kick out. I ain't welfare man....can't cope the responsibility and cost? Then you are simply out. Eviction notice will be out by end of the month.

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rexzyn said...

as the yiddish saying goes : "the soldiers fight, and the kings are heroes.."