15 January, 2007

A plot that never came.

Last Saturday I became a quarter of a century old. And with that came a mighty plot to bring me down. My best bud decided to plot for my birthday bashing. The reason? It's simply my birthday and I always seem to slip away. So he recruited the largest of our friends he could find at the eleventh hour and laid his plans.....came Saturday morning I scooted off to the office on my own (usually I would hitch a ride on his bike) then right after work I decided to take up the girlfriend's offer for a movie treat. Hahahahh~!!!! The jolly great escape~!

I particularly hate celebrating my birthday but this woman made some effort in coaxing me saying it is just a simple treat. Ok, I could succumb to that. The moment I arrived at her place she came out with this big box. Why don't girlfriends ever listen when we say "No" means well....simply NO. Anyways....I kinda melted with that baby face of hers and peeked into the blue box. Waaaaaarrghhhh~!!!! Looo and behold~!!! I see a limited edition football jersey~!!!

I think I just turned pink. It was a Juventus (I know they have been stuck in a rut lately) Centennial Anniversary. Bloody hell~! I would be hopping like a bunny if i was not in the car~!

Well, I have been eyeing it for sometime since it came out but never actually got to getting it. Plus, now Malaysia has a new kit and I am also eyeing for a Manchester United jersey....so I am stuck in spot of unlimited want with limited funds. So the present is a very very very good consolation. Teeehheheheh~!

Anyways, it was Japanese lunch (Sakae Sushi), Indonesian movie (Berbagi Suami) and and an Italian jersey....she sure knows how to treat her man well. To top the day off...I got away again~! Hahahaah~ you will never get me Saiyid~! Better luck next year...that is if I don't get to you first~! Hahahahah~!

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