09 January, 2007

The Rape of Malaysia.

3 years already. I see the tree is bearing fruit...but not the fruit that I had hoped for. What are the reforms and good has Pak Lah done? Somehow he promised too much of good things but he never warned of what may come. Some quarters are complaining for almost everything... maybe it's a sign. Down fall seems likely if things are not remedied swiftly.

But, could this be a case of a "much deeper" meaning? Perhaps it's us that has been too relaxed and content of what that has been given. A case of falling in too deep into the soft spot of a certain past. The vow to stop corruption has been preached over and over again...but somehow we are not really working with Pak Lah. I bet he has sound and sensible virtues that has been publicised in the media. I bet this is the severe case of not seeing the point he is trying to make.

Why do leaders get the brunt of it all? It could go wrong from anywhere within the government institution. Have we thought about it for awhile? Instead of asking for favours or seeking help from our local assembly men why not ask and offer how the rakyat may help? But politics is a dirty business. I for one will surely hope that I will never be in any part of it.

When for 20 odd years or so we have been given almost everything that other nationalities can only just dream off....now it's been pulled away one by one. I am approaching 25 soon...and now I am thinking what can I do for my country? We certainly can't expect the civil servants to do everything. There should be a time for us to come together and think really hard what can we do to help so no more privileges will be pulled beneath our bottoms.

It has been done before...that's how we gained independence. Why not do it again? Put aside the race, political affluence, economic and religious differences and walk hand in hand for the love of our birthright land. Lets not get back to how it all began...lets all start a new beginning. Roll up the picket signs and banners... lets stop the rape of our own pride and see all sides take their place. Serve and give to her as she has done for us and our fore fathers.

Identify oneself by nationality...not race....I am not Malay, I am a Malaysian.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to know that you are thingking about saving ur country rather thn complaint and not do anything about it.
Ive just joined the civil servant and am pump to start 'changing' things...