16 January, 2007

Relationship with flying Rambo knives.

Ever thought how twisted and tangled relationships could be? We have heard "I am dating my friend's ex", "She is dating my ex-girlfriend", "Just married wife runs away for not getting a house and car", "Husband sells wife to pay debts", and many more. But for what I am about to tell is surely a masterpiece. Try taking a few stories and fuse them together...that creates a whole new genre~! So my shocker and it is really based on a true story is...."I am two timing my boyfriend (who is having an affair with someones wife) with a married man whose wife does not really mind".

I wish I could write it in a much more simpler way (any of you knows how, just post it in the comments please and I'll make the changes). Anyhow...is vision 2020 is actually blurred to some ignorant degree? Perhaps globalization has got something to do with this? I'll leave the political mambo jumbo and just pull out the daggers. Which...what exactly this lady did.

She (lets call her Jojo) has been with this guy for more than 7 years. We would think that all should be resolved by now and they should be planning for something more permanent. Not even close....this dude (lets call him Huha) to which has been described to me could be said as a casual junkie and Jojo here is a tough girl (I'll tell you why in a bit).

Thru the ups and downs and hurricanes she met this family man and has an affair with him. And the wife doesn't really mind just as long as responsibilities are carried out. Well, we've heard that one before. But now on the other side Huha has an affair with a married woman...to add to that lemon twist lets add vodka~! This woman (we'll call her Shishi) just got married like less than a year ago out of a shotgun case.

Confused yet? So Jojo found out that Huha is cheating on her with Shishi the shotgun target. Owh and just to add more detail to that....Huha knows that Jojo has an affair with a married man already (Jojo said to Huha "you can leave me if you want but don't say I lied to you or didn't tell you a thing"). Great...now all the detailed structured is clear we could get to the story.

Jojo got ballistic when she found out about Shishi and Huha. Based on the fact that Huha lied when he was asked if is there anything going on. But Jojo like I mentioned is a tough lady....with rambo knife in hand, she brought Huha and met up with Shishi. Shishi has a mouth of a shotgun..."Kenapa kau nak ugut laki aku?!!". Damn~ Jojo in a split second got Shishi and Huha at knife point. "Ko nie lagi C*bai~! Dah jadi bini orang and a mother to a bastard lagi ko ader berani nak kata aku kacau laki ko?!!!".

Lets be a tad smart and think...if you are held at knife point would you dare say anything more? I thought so too....so Shishi must have been on the verge of shishi-ing and Huha was all high on rolled blunts. I dare not go into more details.....lets just say that Jojo had the mojo her way. And believe me....I saw the knife she used....it's in her bag which she carries wherever she goes. Its big enough to open the king of fruits. Yikes~! Don't mess with Jojo's mojo.

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