22 January, 2007

Tabloids...the Malay reading diet.

Ever notice the stacks of newspapers on Sunday mornings? Which ones are the shortest stack in the stands? Tabloids... specifically Malay tabloids. A few of my friends and I had this conversation about the quality of Malay writings compared to their English counterparts. I am not going to bombard my findings right here and now. But why not you try and pick up one from each and pay attention to the quality of writing.
As an example take a hand phone review from an English newspaper and compare it to the one in a Malay one. What is the difference apart from language? For one I notice the Malay one seems to delude from the product 3/4 of the time. Only the last paragraph or two only really states about the product. The rest? Pure bullshit.
The same goes to Malay tabloids. It's full of crap...if ever the authorities want to monitor and control what reading materials that the people are reading it should be to increase the betterment and knowledge. Not about artists keeping genies or planting diamonds under their skin. It is entirely sick and archiac.
There should be enough useful information around out there that could be published. But why do these tabloids concentrate on such weightless stories I have no idea. Perhaps it sells...definitely it does or else why would the stack deminish before mid-day on weekends? but I don't think that newspapers and tabloids should be only about selling them. It's a public service and a serious responsibility.
What is in the morning papers reflects the people who read them. So when papers carry stories that serves no value added information or has no significant use what would normally happen? Useless stuff gets chucked into a bin and ends up in a landfill. So thus are our minds useless and deserves to be chucked as well? It's the same thing ain't it? A pure case of GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out).
That is why majority of malays have so "ignorant" mindsets as the media has so responsibly discharged their duties to the most efficient effect of dumping garbage into their poor people's brains.

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kampunghouse said...

On the frontcover of today's Harian Metro Edisi KL,the best-selling Malay paper:"ARTIS JAMPI - guna minyak cenuai, susuk supaya kelihatan berseri." While most other best selling papers concentrate on current world issues, we Malays place a huge emphasis on our beauty. Memalukan kan?