23 January, 2007

Toon-land @ Terengganu

Cartoons are the staple entertainment diet for kids and to some adults. I do still love them but mostly the classics while I am watching anime whenever I could hold of them. Now here is a thought.... How has locally produced cartoons has been like so far? I could remember the "Sang Kancil" series on TV pendidikan. Lats "Kampung Boy" personally is the best so far...it has also won a Unicef award me thinks. Don't forget Usop Sontorian and Kluang Man but the animation was no better than watching flip cards with narration. And there were a few that made it to the local cinemas...but too few and ugly to even mention.

Now here is a multi-million ringgit project to develop an animation hub in Terengganu. Errr....why there? The last time I checked, I don't think MMU, Lim Kok Wing or even One Academy has a branch there. Somehow personally I think it does not make sense on why would RM100++ million is to be spent developing such a thing in such a state. Terengganu has got more potential to be the new industrial or agricultural hub. The land is cheap and cost of living is low....why waste that on churning fictional characters with funny ears and ridiculous skin tones?

So called 4000 job opportunities will be made available with the intention of increasing the country's GDP up 2%. Errr.....yeah and we are suppose to be laughing with funny hats to the loony bin? What else would they think of next? Malaysia's very own "Disney Land"? With even the local movie industry having so much going against them and the public that loves gossip and nonsense I bet this local "Pixar" will literally be a joke.

Get serious...put the lands to good use and give job opportunities that develops more brains instead of nutcases with marker pens.

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Nizam said...

Sometimes these people think the 'creative' types can live in the middle of nowhere without entertainment, good libraries, Theatres, shopping centres, galleries and what have you. I mean this is silly...

Do they seriously think for a second that animators would actually relocate to Terengganu?

Terengganu is no Bali nor Goa either... How can one have fun over there in an industry that thrive on people who are generally fun and quirky...