16 January, 2007

UiTM - It's system and the students.

Is it a fortunate thing that I am enrolled into university that is supposed to help one and only one particular race? For 6 years since then, I don't think so. And for 50 years its been around I don't think it has really done that much. Surely they churn graduates by the thousands but really...do you think that all of them are good? I am from that specific race....and I am enlisted into their university because more of my blood than my academic results from SPM.

For one thing, if ever the doors are opened to the rest of the other races seriously....you won't be missing much compared to what other public universities are offering. Because in here....there is a mentality. It's a brain washing campus of sorts with hidden this and that. But that's not the point of why am I writing here about this "Tusk-ing Tower".

Like many other, this UiTM uses an online registration system for it's students. All subjects and it's respective schedules are already set before the start of a new semester. Sounds good eh? Nope...simply because they (the most self centered undergrads in the world) use cunning ways to amend and shift classes as to their convenience. I say what system is that?

I recently transferred my student status from full time to a part-time. Hereby I am to pay according to credit hours I am taking in a particular semester instead of a flat rate. I would also attend classes only after working hours...typically 6:30pm to most 5 times a week. Now the F*cked up part is....there are the clash of schedules between part-time and full time for some reason. Which by right should not happen.

Full time students are to strictly take classes during the day and part-time during the evenings. Simple to understand right? Unfortunately...being Malay seems to grant these moron full time students to cheekily register for the evening classes citing that their subject clashes. Fine...that's one thing....than from the normally older and f*cked up attitudes of some part-timers (normally the ladies) would surreptitiously squeeze as many subjects to complete their courses faster...thus prompting them to dupe the lecturers into thinking that they have a clash of schedules.

Now, how is a system is suppose to work? It is suppose to work in the order in which it was initially designed right? Well in this fraternity of Malays....systems are totally customizable. The effects would be...jeng jeng jeng~!... one change here would chain react and effect others as well and the whole schedule is conveniently even more screwed up. So those who are suppose to be able to graduate accordingly when following the system ends up extending their studies. If it were full time students only that wouldn't matter much but what about those part-time undergrads who intends to achieve a better standard of living? Or those who wants to better support their families? Or those who needs to leap for greater career success?

I am just one of many that has to endure the shit what our own race does because all are simply Kiasu. For those in the same predicament as I am....how ashamed are we having to be associated to these kind of people. To those who conveniently customize the system according to their liking....here is my ROYAL MIDDLE FINGER SALUTE.


kraken said...

betul~! mangkuk hayun betul...pentingkan diri sendiri...baik masuk U monyet kalau tak follow jadual ditetapkan...

mack zulkifli said...

I am not quite sure if this is a problem that can be specifically attributed as one unique only to Malays. I would rather look at it as a problem with a system that does not work, or work against itself.

Kiasu -- or for that matter any form of bad attitude -- is not the monopoly of a certain race. I agree that UiTM should sort itself out, and even agree there is just too many inherrent weakness in that institution for one blog entry or one blog comment, but blaming this on your average 'melayuness' may not be a rational argument.

me said...

kalau ada Univ Monyet, i bet u'll be the first to enrol.

'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

the system is suck. even en. ridhwan apek hates it. hehe xD

Anonymous said...

bodola lu mat!!
org plg bodo!!

Rauff said...

setakat mengata bodoh tanpa sebab-musabab adalah sama sepertitiada akal pemikiran sendiri. Kalau nak tetap turut sistem itu terpulang lah...tetapi yang nyata sekali erti sistem mengikut mentaliti melayu adalah sesuatu sistem yang boleh diubah suai mengikut citarasa masing-masing. Tidak kah itu menebabkan kucar-kacir jadinya? Maka siapa yang bodoh dan siapa yang diperbodohkan?

Cuba renungkan.

Anonymous said...

Rules, regulation and procedures are all man-made, which means that they will be changed or updated from time to time. UiTM's system is no exception and so are other Unis.

If u are unhappy with such rulings, u can be proactive by seeing yr coordinator to voice out your concern(s). U shouldn't remain passive and expect the system to change. Be proactive in life to reduce all yr frustrations kerana semua masalah adalah jalan keluar.....PERCAYALah.

Rauff said...

Dah enam tahun mencuba tanpa apa2 perubahan. Pensyarah dan Ketua program sudah naik menyampah dengan sistem yang tak konsisten dan stabil. Jika anda nak cuba~ dipersilakan.

Sila tinggalkan komen disini bila anda berjaya kelak.


Anonymous said...

Rauf...Rauf.....I've gone thro the same process and I have successfully got what I wanted, if there's no other way work around the problem. If the coord x solve simple problems go up to the higher mgmt to trash out yr problems but mind you, bila u jumpa higher mgmt, u must come up with several solutions to yr problems (e.g. option A, B, C or D) and table out to them and let them decide.

Kalau kita nak sesuatu mesti ada cara!

Rauff said...

I went as hi as anyone could possibly have. Even the system administrator had his hands tied and was cursing the management. So yea, you did it your way and I did it my way...can it ever be the same?

Now, if you are still in the system and you think you could change it than go ahead.

You have your patience and I had mine. You said your peace and so have I. Lets just leave it that as that.