30 January, 2007

UiTM number 1~!!!! WoooHOoohoooo~!!!

Yay we friggin Malays have done it again~! We lead the country yet remain jobless at the same time~!
Get the load on the full report from Sun2Surf.
Now allow me to shower some words in my mother tongue....
Amat berbangga lah kita yer? Dah ler dok terpekik-terlolong bila kaum lain nak UiTM dibuka untuk semua kaum. Tapi bukan reti nak bersyukur....almaklumlah, yuran murah...setakat RM375.50 satu semester pun nak pakai pinjaman dah tu....ader yang nak duduk dan makan free jugak. Hah.....memang aspirasi si Abu Shah kini menjadi kenyataan....Menjadi Universiti terbaik....cuma dalam superscript tertulis.....dalam menjana graduan bumiputra yang tak reti cari kerja.
Bayangkan...graduan UiTM nak dapat kerja sikit punya susah sampai kena jadi guru tiusyen budak sekolah rendah. Dah ler pulak tuh...dok duduk dalam kepompong ihsan kerajaan sampai polisi pendidikan negara pun tak sedar. Hah...sekarang kan dah susah....macam mana nak ajar anak orang Matematik dan Sains?? Penguasaan Bahasa Inggeris pun macam hampas?
Now back in English...
Now ain't this lovely? I am really sorry that I have to say these things about my own race...but dammit. I would rather not be known as a Malay if these things were to keep going on. Almost every single social problem is associated with this friggin race. So called "Mertabat Melayu"? Whre is that now? Want power but still oozing snoot and pissing in your pants. Name all the social ills...yep Malays tops most of the lists.
Rempit? A good 90 percent are Malays....err....homosexuals and transvestites? 92% of total are Malays. We are leading all fronts~! Ehhh...what the hell~!! No...no way am I associating my self to Malays now. No....I am not Malayu or Malay...I am Malaysian. There...that's it....hahahaha~!!! I from this day forward denounce that I am Malay~!
Buat malu kaum jer.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if there are more Malays friends that are open-minded enough as you, brother??

Mack Zulkifli said...

Yeah, it gets to me sometimes. It is also untrue that this 'Malay Superiority and Privilege' actually helps most Malays. Usually a very few benefits. Take for example what happened to a friend of mine recently.

He had a good product which he demonstrated to a GLC. There were three Senior GMs who reported directly to the CEOs. Oddly enough, they were Indian, Chinese and Malay.

The Chinese loved it and recommended it to the CEO. So did the Indian, who saw how the product can enhance their business and accrue more revenue.

Who did not go for it? Yep, the Malay, because he was too lazy to do the homework required to support the product. Giving one excuse after another, he delayed the whole thing.

A while later, the product was signed up by a major company in INDONESIA. They loved it there, and moved fast.

My friend was a Malay, who is now concentrating in the Indonesian market, potentially larger than the pittance Malaysia can offer.

So how? Sometimes, I know how you feel bro.vz

zewt said...

I salute you. If only there are more like you. But I dont blame the rest, I think they are just not exposed enough, still living in a freaking world of denial.

Welcome to the real world brother. Let's strive for one race... malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Pity you (and pity MOHR too)... you tend to look only at the numbers instead of the real percentage or proportion.

While there are 3,000+ UiTM graduates who failed to land a job, you MUST also be AWARE of the FACT that UiTM produces some 30,000 graduates every year.

Then how about the other 27,000 or 90%? They successully either landed a job or got admitted to further their study.

Then, what's wrong for UiTM to boast its actually very high graduate marketability rate?

Each of other universities in average produces some 5,000-6,000 graduates every year, BUT according to the so-called MOHR statistics you quoted above, around 1,500-2,000 of them from each other universities are unemployed!

Mind the real statistics, not the mere numbers!