29 January, 2007

Wanita Melayu tak reti etika tengok wayang.

We are suppose to support the local movie industry right? So, last Saturday I did my part by watching Syaitan directed by Bade and had the cast of Rosyam Nor, Lisdawati and Que Haidar. Not going to say anything here about the movie (it's all posted in my movie blog) but the moviegoers were well typically Malay.

I managed to get the so-so seats with me girl. Well It's not like the movie is a sci-fi fest or has bullet spitting action sound effects. Now seated around us ere these bunch of friggin girls...on the left was this 2 huge big asses, on our right was these giggling kampung pussies, and behind us was is what must be an association of girls with clitoris as brains. Am I getting a bit too mean here? I don't really care as I am farking mad with Malay female moviegoers.

They show the community service ads before every show and yet somehow it does not get into the thick heads of these pea brained bitches. The fat ass one on our left gave away a synopsis and plot 5 minutes into the movie and gave her review and comments about the cast on the fly. This bitch was talking and talking about the cast as if they were her flat mates. Try watching Melodi and Sensasi at the same time~! That was how I felt like.

After half an hour I couldn't take it anymore....I snapped my fingers in front of her face and gave that fat pig of a bitch a shove while telling her off "Ko diam bleh tak? Kalau nak berborak tuh tak payah tengok wayang...pergi ke mamak terus. So just diam sikit~! ". I think I made my annoyance loud and clear enough for the few rows in front and back to hear me. And just 5 minutes later it started again. This time from our right....and the back~!

What is the farking wrong with you Malay chicks lah? I bet you dumb blondes are smart enough. The one on the right kept asking question with one another and it's not about the movie~! The ones behind us naturally has brains the size of chipmunk's clitoris~! Asking questions and giving answers to one another and making their conclusions about the movie 20 minutes from the end.

Weh....puki....aper ler sial sangat tebiat? Masuk cinema berperangai macam Jakun. Weh, Jakun sekarang lagi pandai ler dari korang. Haram jadah.... Even the kids kept very quiet during the entire movie but these bitches (my guess would be around the ripe age of early 20s) acted like they were no more then 4 year old retards.

By far and wide....of all the races that watches movies...never ever can beat the unethical and ever less civic educated of the Malay female teenage community~!


Nizam said...

But seriously this is funny, even though deep inside me, I would like to cry foul by saying it's unfair to lump together ALL Malay women as 'tak reti etika'.

Anonymous said...

Waarrggghh..... lawak siot. One thing tho, apa yg saya belajar dlm hidup ni kita x leh salah semua kalau sorang buat silap. then again, the only malay movie I ever go to was Gubra. So I dont really have any experience on this issue. But I hear you man... I can relate to some of the things you said about malay women.