29 January, 2007

What the hell am I suppose to eat?

Apparently the very things that keeps us alive is now killing us? Now that's a thought... I thought the cigarettes I consume would kill me. Well, I guess lung cancer is the least of my worries than. So let me see here...what is for dinner...hmmm...Chicken rice~! Err...nope...that has some form of steroid. Nasi goreng Daging masak merah? Not that as well....fish and chips? The waters are all polluted....good lord.
This could be a tough one....aha~! I could be vegetarian~! Only buying healthy organically grown food would help. But what about protein? and good 'old delicious fat? This got to be ridiculous. I can't be eating home grown tapioca for the rest of my life. Somehow we can't blame those in the livestock industry. There is such a high demand and there seem to be a slowly shrinking supply....the cows,lambs, pigs, chickens and ducks don't grow overnight.
Buggers....we could have an assorted platter of tofu. Artificially flavoured with your favourite red or white meat. I say this is not good...not good at all. I am only 25 and I am forced to only consume egg based food for the rest of my life? Craps...ain't no way man. So I guess Colonel Sanders has not only 11 secret herbs and spices but half of a chemical plant~!
Exciting ain't it? Phew...soon we shall see labels on the butts of whole cleaned chickens or lamb shanks printed with their chemical makeup plus a sticker on top which says Halal. Hmmmm....now what else could happen?

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