11 January, 2007

When my best bud falls in love (...again)

Can't really escape from this one....I live with it everyday. So there is this dude...fairly good looking, funny has a job and all. Been in and out of relationships (hence there is "again" in the title) for a couple of times. For a decent long run of sailing solo and blinking eye spasms seeing the beautiful female kind his rant's to some point were getting annoying. Let me take one as an example..."Haih....sunyi nye aku rasa...haih....kan bagus kalau ader awek...haih..." or this one, " Bruh, whatchu gonna do tonight? I need some chikas to brighten up my nights".

Well there are more icky-yucky ones but I'll just leave that to the best of your imagination. Its a really funny because people in love act really funny...well, I shall not count myself out from being the guilty party as well. But come to think of it he didn't really have it that hard. What was hard I suspect was finding the right one. Now I know some who limits thier relationships to only a specific genre (race in most casses).

I know one who would preferrably date Malays only (he is an Indian) and another who only happens to chance upon amois (Malay dude). Yeah...sure it is a very "Majmuk" thing but let truth be told some people don't like that idea very much. I am so into inter racial relainships but a very high understanding is needed so I steer away from that since I dont really have much patience.

Anyway, this friend of mine here finally got the calling or more like a recommendation of sorts from his own mother,"There, a girl like that Ibu won't mind. Very polite speaking over the phone". I guess knowing his mom said like that made it like an informal recommendation. So naturally "dia on jer". Tau- tau dpt pulak.

But there is one I know whom really wants to hang out with the pretty ones only. Being a bit too well built for his own good with pockets as deep as his own nostrils only all he could do is tell stories of greatness but falter in the "Walk the walk" department. Approaching the 30s and yet nothing substantial enough to keep a chick let alone pay his bills. Irresponsible is the one word that could sum it up.

But back to the main character of this story of sorts....he is slightly more cheerfull, less brash and far more cultured than he usually is. Tells us that a woman in the life of a guy can really make a huge difference either oneway or the other. He could either be more cultured or he could be worse and be a scrub aka Scrubs by TLC.

Lucky it's the former...but as a guy I will miss the old brash "tak sayang mulut" him. Some odd gays and girls would miss him too....all because he has fallen in love again. To him....all the best mate....just as long as we still have our teh tarik sessions and the occasional appreciation of booties, we will be tight man.

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