17 January, 2007

When the toll rates go up, one business flourish.

I own a car....well the truth is my dad pays the installments. I take care of the maintenance.... just barely. In the light of the toll hikes the automotive industry especially car sales in the Klang valley will be slightly effected.

However, there is another side to the glum coin which is currently experiencing brisk sales. Motorcycle sales has made a marked jump~! I was reading in the Sun this morning and indeed up to 50% higher sales has been reported by some bike dealers.

This does not come as a shock but there is the bad side to it. With annual road accidents stats shows that the highest group of road users that get into accidents are motorcyclist the last thing we need is a worse spike in the next annual road accident statistics.

More ironic is there could be a possibility of the government accidentally promoting "Mat Rempit". Well I bet they (the government) has done the calculations and tabulated the effects of toll hikes in the social implication sense. Or at least I would like to believe to. Hahahah~!

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