28 February, 2007

Just imagine what our automotive be like with this~

We can have the best security for our cars only if proton does a little bit more R&D. Lets forget about automotive engineering or design~! Throw that hope out of the window and solely concentrate on security features. See how did volvo did with emphasis on safety? The local automotive industry can do just that. Imagine tamper proof cars and anti theft system that works without monetary subscription~!
Yes! Yes~! It can certainly be done~! How? Well, we Malaysians have a knack for some hocus pocus. The Malay community simply loves these things. "Ubat pengasih", "Minyak Dagu", "Hantu Raya" and 'Toyol" has very much been a part of the culture that these kinds of stuff gets featured on Prime Time news.
Imagine our national car being equipped with similar black magic. Well this is how I envision it....Proton~! Take note....
An anti theft system which has telephatic encrypted codes! The car would not be able to be moved unless some distinct mantra or "Jampi" is recited in silence. Talk about voice recognition software~! Now lets say somehow the system could be bypassed their is an automatic tracking system and automated driving robot "ghost" that drives the car back to it's owner~! Yeah, just like the ones they had on keris in the olden days.
What about maintenance diagnostics? Well...that is really easy. The diagnostics will appear in your dreams or to your authorized mechanic or service centre. How is that we have never thought about this system before? It is really cheap....and the maintenance is definitely not high~!
Just imagine how good the local automotive industry would be in terms of value~! Hahahah~!!!

Dropping and dropping because of China and the stupid Yanks~!

Stock market dropping~! I don't trade but what are the effects to us non traders? Well, it is for certain mighty plenty of people are gonna be on a foul mood. But the market analyst says it's good....some market correction is going on and for what the Chinese government has announced on the crack down on rogue investment arms it will drive speculators away as they hurry into the nearby bushes.

Still the situation is very scary....I have a live price feed of the KLSE and watching as losers out number gainers by all to almost none before midday today. Buying rate is far below 40% and I could sense that the real investors are coming out after the long CNY holidays. That will obviously put "Buying low selling high" is pretty much the strategy for the rest of the week.

The question remains is are there gonna be winner in the end? Definitely~! Based on fundamentals many companies out there actually did well for their 4Q of 2006. And I bet lots of them are gonna exercise their ESOS to get that little bit extra apart from their recent bonus and incentives.

I reckon everything will be back to normal next by mid next month. So those who manage to catch the wave when it started could very well be gaining a tsunami load of profits in the 2nd Q of 2007. The market will stabilize unless the US decides to stupidly start another war...this time with Iran. Those idiotic Yanks~!

27 February, 2007

The teacher wears Prada.

This is a bit too much. For everything that could be used to hit a pupil, she had to use her shoe. Now what barbaric action is that? And of all places to hit she chooses the head. First it's already bad by causing injury....second it's very disrespectful regardless of age to hit anyone on their heads. Third she is a teacher....a professional who gives knowledge. Fourth is that the teacher and school is trying to cover it all up~!

Well in my days we students fought back (all boys school maaa). Even in primary we still manage to have the upper hand and gang up against a teacher should they do something we deem to be out of their bounds of power. Now what a screw-up this is. Well certainly this is an isolated case and it's not like we get to know about this every single day. It's just the few rotten apples in a whole bunch. But it should be taken into action to suspend the teacher or demote her to a lower rank. If she teaches science or math she should be demoted to lets say.....clerk work for the next 6 months...and the pay should be cut as well.

We can't expect that in cases like this the teacher is to be fired....teachers are already hard to come by. Usually it would be dealt with a transfer to another school. But I don't think that teaches a lesson. The teacher would not be humiliated because no one knows of the new teacher's history anyways. I say demote her and let her stay in the same school where the case occurred. Shame on her~!

26 February, 2007

Would you put your foot where your mouth is or would you put your foot in the mouths of others?

It may not seem to be that much of a thing but being a blogger and a reader the opinions are vast and wide. Some are purely nonsense while some others are really eye opening. I say even if we act and write with an alter ego online, the integral attitude part of us still stays. Essentially it is after all one person. I was reading this MeMe for why do you blog. I have yet to receive it but that is not my point. My point is how many of us blog for the sheer love of writing, thinking creatively and above all being honest with ones thoughts. It is really not easy as proven by the recent clash of bloggers with lawsuits slapped on them.
There is a lot of anger within the blogging community. Not only that there is great despair, pleas and rants. I bet even some are from the public sector themselves and they lash out loudly over alternative media. Perhaps there is really no trust towards mainstream media anymore. Everything is manufactured and paints to a nice picture as to whoever who pays for it wishes. Even newspapers under the same banner can have difference in details. And all the sudden we see the dear Sammy Vellu to is being compared to a vampire.
Gosh....we can't blame the man alone if ever some shit were to happen. Leaders now have teams and teams of people to assist them in the multitude of responsibilities. So should we just continue crapping? Be a voter but not wishing to make the vote count by marking all candidates?
But to me the online community is a mature bunch, at least the ones that I read. Still there are those who seem to want nothing but make noise. Which is simply makes it for entertaining reading purposes only. It carries no authority and no name to the face. So where do you want to put your foot? I'll put mine in my own mouth.

My visit to Aquaria...starting to look rundown.

I had the oppurtunity to finally get to one of KL's attraction. Its nice really but I dare say it is starting to look a bit rundown...and I also notice that the description of the exhibits are not updated and is printed with cheap bubble jet ink. With the typical Malaysian who seem not to understand English or Bahasa Malaysia signs saying not to touch the exhibits in the open tanks....it gets a bit wet around the sides which eventually seeps through the descriptions. Apart from that it is a pretty cool place....I love the glass tunnel and the effect that it magnifies the exhibits 30% more than it really is. You can really see the detail on the water inhabitants. Here are some random pictures taken.

These tanks simulate waves at sea.
Feeding time Tug of war

Panoramic of two tanks

Baby Angel Sharks me thinks~

Sting Ray under belly

House chores

These cat fishes are huge~

Mangrove Tank

The couple that went~

24 February, 2007

Now this is how all of us should do it~!

I am referring to this particular post in Malaysia Hotel News on this amazing individual who in essence is a tour guide but does it with a lot of pride and dignity as to actually having the title Dr. in front of his name.
I say all of us should and could be like him. Although it seems like an unheard off qualification in Boleh Land but this simply shows with conviction and enough passion for what we do we can just about achieve anything and be truly proud and happy with it.
Dr Amir Hashim Abdul Rahim I salute you as this is what a Malaysian is suppose to be. For all the preaching and the incentives plus many other mumbo jumbo done by the leaders to push Malaysians to better livelihood you have done it in a way that will leave many of us still dreaming.
And by no means the industry he is in is very hard to be successful. If there is an award to be given in tandem with Visit Malaysia Year 2007 for service and achievement I surely think he should be a surefire candidate if not the out right winner~!

RM 800,000 to send 93 lecturers and students is a waste of resources.

RM 0.8 million for just 93 sodding lecturers and students? What other stupid mistakes is to be made? And above all I am not surprised if the majority sent are Malays. Does anyone know exactly what are the racial composition of those sent there for this stint? Do tell me...it should provide further blasting.

What is even more important here is our private IT sector that far back? I mean we have some of the best solution providers stationed right in our neighbourhood. Some of them...SUNGARD, DIGI, MAXIS and CELCOM, Freescale, Green Packet? But it seems it is more fun to send these bunch to some other country.

And on top of that all they can do is tell of their experience to the rest of their peers. I bet their conversation will be more like this..

A: Hey aku dengar hang pi Infosys di Mysore.

Z: Ya lah....Best wooo.

A: Aper hang buat kat sana?

Z: Aku pi ronda sana...ronda sini. Aku beli banyak buah tangan.

A: Weh...makan dia sedap tak?

Z: Roti canai depa tak bleh tahan beb.....lembut...sedap giler~!

A: Awek dia plak macam mana?

Z: Fuuuhhh......kalau depa nak tau la...setakat yang kat kita tengok kat TV tue takder aper. Yang kat sana lagi giler babi cun~! Seksi Giler....hang kena pi ler kalau ader rezeki.

A: Owhh..yer ker? Aper hang bawak balik?

Y: Aku bawak balik kain sutera, kuih-kuih depa kat sana....aku ingat aku nak jual ler kat opis nanti.

A: Waaahhh....otak bisnes hang nih.

Y: Mesti le....Kerajaan dah hantar free takkan tak amik peluang buat duit kot. 100% untung hang tau~!

Well....and so the story goes or perhaps there would be some other better versions. I dare not say that it will be an ultimate failure but it has to be considered that what works in Mysore will never work here....why? It's work ethics and mindset. We can send a million of them to where ever in the universe but back in their stinking clouded minds are simply hardcoded Malaysian attitude. What we will help to do is perhaps help the local business community there by sending our high spending women participants who has this scroll listing what their friends and family wants from India. Hahahah~!!!

23 February, 2007

Cunning....very cunning~ Damn financial Institutions~!

After working for the past 8 months or so I decided upon my self that I should apply for a measly credit card. In doing so I am proud to say that I have practically sold my soul to the devil of Malaysian Finance Institution. Upon receiving the card I have somehow ceremoniously managed to almost max the use~ but it's well within my means to pay up more than the minimum required. Thanks to a few other sources of creative income. No I don't sell drugs or am I a pimp you prat~! I design websites in my free time.
Anyways...just awhile ago while thinking of what else to write I received a call thru the office line. Funny....I never receive any calls thru the office line. I collected the call and voila~! Peekaa booo!!!! Hi I am Chris from Standard Chartered~! And the rest is history....at least for now. Naturally I gave him time to explain the products of mass deception. It was really tempting but still I gave him a "No thank you, I don't find the need to take up on your offer right now."
These marketing infantry are really something...I could sense that the guy is some what new. I have done sales before and thus pretty much have an idea of how cold calls are done and he pretty much did it with lots of help from a script. What seems to be the question is how the hell he got my office number? It's not like I pass around my call cards like flayers. Or do banks actually exchange client lists in some sly plan to get more people to "buy" these products of mass deception? I do hope someone out there can explain because to me phone numbers and names are really personal information which are not to be passed around like some Wakil Rakyat's.

What did I play when I was a kid...

I notice there is a lot of this tagging thing going around....but mostly it's simply getting boring because first is this whole dragging list of blogs and we are suppose to add a few more. Basically there is not much besides a list. No added information....useful information. So I thought I might as well grab hold of this trend but make it like a long thread tied to a specific topic. Lets just simply start off with TOYS~ Yep the all time evergreen topic of what we use to play when we were younger.
I could say I had a happy childhood when it came to toys. I had both manufactured toys and home made ones. Lets see if I can recall all of them....
  1. Lasy - this is a toy similar in concept to Lego. It's Canadian if I am not mistaken.
  2. Lego - the all time plastic bricks favourite. I had the basic set in it's red briefcase and a few from the Technic and Space range.
  3. Transformers - I remember Galvatron. It transformed from a robot to a tank and a life sized laser gun~!
  4. Masks - I had this Kawasaki bike that turned into a helicopter, a hot rod that splits into 2, the bad boss Heli cum jet fighter and the good boss red flying sports car.
  5. Star Wars Millennium Falcon and Tie fighter Advanced scale model.
  6. Star Trek USS Enterprise scale model with lights.
  7. BMW 8 series RC.
  8. Micro Genius entertainment system~!
  9. Loads of Game and watch - my favourite was Oil-Slick and a submarine shooter.
  10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - All four turtles.
  11. Ghost Busters Octo One.
  12. A few Batman figurines.
  13. Life Sized M16 battery operated water gun~!
  14. Home made slingshot.
  15. Home made rubber band shooter.
  16. Gasing Jantung.
  17. Loads of Marbles.
  18. Roller Blades.
Well...I think there are plenty more but I can't remember. But this should suffice....now let me see who will I tag for this topic....Ahh-haaaa~!!! Let me tag 5XMOM~!
p/s: The rules are simple....write according to the original subject and at the end you pass the baton to and tag only one other blog by placing a link to that blog. I am starting something light and easy to write about. Owh and the list of toys must be a minimum of 10 please. Just to make it interesting.

22 February, 2007

Malaysian Stock Market snapshot as of 11:00 am.

This should be useful information to the stock traders amongst us.

Superhero of nothingness....please achieve the minimal standard.

This morning's article has got nothing specific to refer to but a more of a general perception and mindset. We are a growing nation of 26 million strong. Out of this I can really refer to the Astro tag line of "Macam-macam Ada~!". It paints a vibrant colour and the flavour of bohemian rhapsody. Really a rojak kaput scene.
We have all sorts of attitudes but mostly are flicked from foriegn cultures. We have the vocal activists that seem to bombard anything they fancy just because of some bad dinner the previous night. There are the phsyical activists....the ones who loves to stand in the middle of anywhere and prance with picket signs and shake their bum that "konon-nya" want to intimidate the authorities. The most established are those who gather resources and register a movement "fighting" for their rights by advocating scholar and political discourse. I am a bit of all the above...the third one if I have the bloody time to participate.
Still we have a tiny group outside these 3 that practically lives as a bum. Think typically a non-graduate, in the late 20s mostly, has a 9 to 5 job or some non-stable income scheme with hardly any career prospects, stays with the parents, still plays boardgames on a "semi-professional" basis, parties, reads tabloids and comic books, makes sense of politics like making sense to Final Fantasy tactics and the worst of all has never voted in their life. Yet maintains a blog as the means to get their ideas out to whoever that seem to stumble upon it by chance or haggles friends to visit it very so often just to bump the auto counter.
Certainly I do feel they have a few good points but simply just ranting and ranting while wearing an Aquaman t-shirt can't really be taken seriously right? Who are we trying to kid here? The rest of the world? Not by a long shot.... I do believe a person who is to be able to pass comment and be able to judge with good gumption should somehow fit a few criteria that highlights a society's perception of a productive and ambitious youth. At least that.
Start with a qualification (from anywhere doesn't really matter...recognized by LAN would be a star on your sheet). Have your own place....rent or own it would still mean you are independent or at least domesticated. Has a career with good prospects, pays the bills and all the loans if any. Has a really diverse social life....a penchant for culture or politics or economics...not simply just games and comic books or some come of age material. Certainly you have to be a registered voter and will vote and take your rightful place as a responsible rakyat.
If you have not done anything up to standards to yourself I would certainly suggest the things above to lead you to a higher social stature before for any amount of reasoning that you might think that anyone would take you seriously. Just talk the talk the whole day but sooner or later someone might tell you to walk it as well...then you will be stumped. What are you gonna get into? A latex suite of your favourite silicone character?

21 February, 2007

I clasify that Malaysians are lunatics~!

What the hell is happening? One after another more and more shocking news~ Its all action packed and hardly any justice. Are families that dysfunctional these days? "Hey I am horny and I want to rape my mother~!" Or how about "Wei Ah long~! You think you can get your money back izzit? now I want kill my self and my family~ Hahahah see who laughing now?!!!"...perhaps this would be the latest flavour..."You marry another women I will make sure your kids don't grow~!". Ma Hai...
Is there not a single happy story these days? Are we still that stuck in life that decent opportunities can't be had? The stock market is doing well... the economy is doing well... we have a good thing going on here. But why on earth is all this nonsense happening?
Nope, there is not a simple solution about it. I figure that it's a problem done and left to be a very long time ago. Give anything to manifest within it self and it will pop out sooner or later. When these things happen we turn to who to seek the answers? Nope...no good going to the government. I say they have done a pretty decent job. The sick ones are us~ We are sick....emotionally and mentally sick.
Just when the going gets tough a little bit and we start to crumble. All the cries of "Why god~! Why? Why you do this to me?!!!" is simply idiotic. How can we ask God and perhaps some even blame him for the misfortunes. Bullshit~! It's all us....we are to be blamed for all the crap that's going on. Wake up lah Malaysians~! Visit Malaysia 2007 is the showcase to the world of our moral degradation and bumbling stupor~!
I'll go jump off a cliff and bring the whole family with me now. Thank you.

Eh-hemm...Back to work early and you get an Ang Pow~!

This is really a nice time of year. The streets are empty.... my housing area is serene accept for the irritating Indian neighbour who locks their kid up when the brat misbehaves. He keeps on wailing and wailing and well...wailing. Anyways, back at work and lots to do. Here is something you dont see everyday....PLUS using their choppers to get an up close view on how is the traffic like. I think that's a bit too close~

Eve of Chinese New Year at NKVE north bound. The chopper was less than 100 feet from the ground~

What about Chinese New Year? well there is nothing much about it to me....accept a few movies...thats already in my movie review blog and some wierd hampers that I found.

Really cute don't you think? But I assure you the price aint cheap for these prosperous things~!
I was told there was at least a dozen variations to this one and even this is bloody expansive. So whoever recieved this here pigs in a basket you must be someone really important. Oink OinK!~
I'll go take a peek into the red packet that the boss gave me just now.....it should cover lunch for a few days I bet. Heheeheh~!

16 February, 2007

The share market is ending on a high and hopes high on a prosperous year ahead~!

Everyone should have known this already. Those who has been sitting in viewing galleries and their online price feed might have tears of joy in reaping in the profits just before the weekends and looking forward to a mighty good celebration. Of course provided they have made a sound investment in good counters. But anyway, I will be off to my parent's place and chill with the family watching DVDs (I gave my mom a DVD player for her birthday 4 days ago). That means I won't be posting....until 21st of February.
To all my Chinese readers....have a happy merry green (green is good for stock markets) new year. I know part of the celebration is to drink, gamble and drink and gamble with family and friends. Just not too much of it ya~ You do want some left to invest in the market once it opens after the holidays.
Now KL will be empty for a few days....roads will not be congested and homes will be pretty much untended. Just remember to lock everything up and if you have timers for your lights it would be a good idea to set 'em to a schedule. Do inform your non Chinese neighbours of when you will be back and how to get in touch with you if anything were to happen.
Stuff the vehicles with hampers and red packets....but do make sure the tyres are good, the engine is well oiled, all lights are working and have that Touch and Go card reloaded. Tuck the loved ones in their seats and make sure all wear their seat belts where available. Plan that journey well and make sure to have a short stop every 2 hours at or so to stretch legs and freshen up. Always adhere to the speed limit please.
Have a safe trip to and have a safe trip back...I will surely be looking forward for my readers not to be part of the statistics. Happy Chinese New Year~!!! Whoohoooo~!!! Onk-oink~! Heheheh~!!!

Pak Lah...you are amusing. RM2 Billion for Education boost.

A penchant for stabbing people with my sarcasm, I can't help but notice that whatever I make noise about something there is action taken by the lashed party. This here is one example of a post that I wrote....20 million boost just for Pak Lah's school? And some other schools are like chicken coops.

And in today's news is this to set things good and right...

I must say that I have a sneaking suspicion but then again it might just be my imagination that perhaps someone reads our blogs for Pak Lah. Yeah I know the Idea seems to be far fetched. Anyhow....this is a good thing here today. RM2 Billion to bridge the gap of rural schools. For this Pak Lah you have my thumbs up.

However there is a risk.... remember the smart school project? Remember the "teachers get laptops"? That didn't really take off did it? For one it was a total waste to give something to someone who do not not a thing what laptops is for and some school administration keeps their precious resources locked up in the store for so called safe keeping.

Lets be realistic here....this man (Pak Lah) here has visions. And the government should by all means try to fulfil their roles as good servants to the public sector. So with all the money spent, every single cent will be accounted for as a good investment. Not like how it has been running on now....with companies getting the projects to sub contract it to some other company for a quick buck.

Apart from the allocation to be spent to better the facilities it is also a crucial thing in my humble opinion to make sure the human resources knows how to use them. Or else it will again be collecting dust in some store room in some school.

15 February, 2007

Lets go and hike that page ranks~!!!!

I am hopping on the bandwagon...seems like a fun thing to do....hehheheh~!
Write a post, and copy and paste my list from below into it. Make sure the links are active and correct. If your blog is on that list, remove it because your post isn’t about self-promotion. Don’t worry, because if your name is on mine, it’s on others and will spread. Add your favourite deserving blogs to the top of the list (not compulsory). Publish the post. People will notice the incoming links, and hopefully write their own z-list posts. The result will be that we all get more links pointing to our blogs, and more readers - got to be good!

Key Points
1) Create a new post on your blog.
2) Copy and Paste the entire list of blog links below
3) Add any blogs that you want to include near the top of the list. (Optional)
4) Include the blog where you first got the list from, on the list in your post.
5) Do not include your own blog links on the list in your post.
6) Make sure that all links are copied intact.
7) Publish the Post.

My Adds:
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Good case of government official who must have been sleeping in class.

Why are there government officials and people like us? Simple to bloody hell make our life miserable with their brainless decisions. I mean what the hell could have they been thinking about to withdraw the lucky draw?

Even by right that it should be our responsibility as citizen of this country that we should change our ICs but still this blunder should not have happened in the first place. I have one word to that government official.....BODOH. Simply because of making the statement public when he should have first consulted lawyers or other feed back from others. Now you see what happens when someone talks trough his arse?

So I guess we smokers do contribute back to the community...

BAT did a good contribution in giving back what to them is their bread and butter. Why not more from the private sector make a move on helping the little people in their business effected by the floods. Look on the good side....it's all tax deductable.

How about this as an idea.... RM1 donated by each and everyone of us to be given to the flood victims. That should be a cool RM15 - RM20 million. It's just one ringgit...I hope someone has the resources to pool this kind of donation drive....I wish I had.

We offer Degree (Hons) in Caberat and Stripping.

Gathering a few keywords form Harian Metro Online a friend and I came up with these to show of Malay students in some IPTA in Arau....well....urmm...why just not see for your self....word of caution...explicit content~

What other stupid things that kids do these days? Hmmm...perhaps it's a form of Performing Arts Degree or something. Go figure...

Well the truth is there are mighty plenty of these things on You Tube. But let put it this way. What if one day it's your siter, aunt, mother, grand mother or some relative? An the face is stark clear for the whole world to see~

If ever the government would want to moderate these things....they should start with you tube and get rid of these oil in the milk.

More Fiiyaaaahhhh~!!!! KLG Sqwad's Amplify is up for download for a limited time~!

Fans of KLG Sqwad and the Bridge you better dig into this quick....Ming has just uploaded their hit single that is currently tearing up the charts on the local airwaves~

So what are you waiting for just right click on the link and "Save as"....

Get the Bridge flowing~!!
And if you got some credit to spare,request for their song on FLY.fm~!
Type Flyfm KLGSqwad-Amplify and send to 33661

14 February, 2007

Respect to our women.

This is an Asian country where many races live together and each has it's own stigma and cultural taboos. But I would like to look-up to our Malaysian Women to speaking up and breaking the age old silence to talk about sex. Highlighted in The New Straits Times today may not seem that significant but in actual fact for those who came forward to answer really personal sexual life questions it can be said there is a positive shift on the subject of sex.

Even more encouraging is that the study done found out that our local women between the age of 40 to 65 place sexual satisfaction high on their list. So men out there listen up. It's not an embarrassing thing to talk about your erectile dysfunctions. If only the problems are heard and acted positively upon we might have a better understanding and rewarding relationship.

This in turn shows that our women are really sophisticated and educated. They know what they want and all they want to do is help. So...dude....uncles and atuks....do allow that tender hands of your wife or partner take care of your Excalibur for it is she who is your number one fan~!

Sui Wei's fare well lunch.

Having a career means many things. But one of the important factors that we seem to overlook is the people we meet and get to work with. I don't normally go for farewell lunch but I'll make an exception to this one. Sui Wei was a graphic and web designer over at the company that I am currently working for. Nice chap....funny at times and loves to forward movie trailers to me.
Well today marks the final day that he will be at this company so most of us thought that it would be a good idea to have a farewell lunch. Location Kiwi's at Phileo Damansara 2.

Sui Wei is the one at the head of the table.

I could have taken more pictures but the food arrived really fast. I had a set lunch of Soup, Lamb Cutlets and Kiwi fruit juice. Really filling stuff that came up to about RM34. Anyways...may Sui Wei moves on to greener pastures. All of us will miss him.
This is Sammy...not leaving yet.

Aaackk~!!! I see hearts everywhere~!!!

It's that time of year again. Lets see how many fools of love will be out there celebrating. From insanely priced dinner for two...to the *cough* hotel stays. The love birds are out in full force~! You'll see flocksof them here....and a few flocks over there. Happily hand in hand with one holing flowers and chocolates and perhaps that sweet dainty trinket and the other with a very carbon fibre light wallet and nose deep in Mr. Visa and Mr. Master 555 notebook.
But here is a the thing. We have heard the guy who travelled from Penang all the way to Camaron Highlands just for the insane amount of roses he bought for his girlfriend and I don't know what else that will end up in the papers this year. Somehow this is the time for ridiculous spending and adding to that Chinese New Year is very near. Damn, that is a lot of money to go to waste ain't it?
Then there is the depressed souls. Those people with no companion...or just ended a relationship. These must be really a hard time. This is when girlfriends go out together and give the much needed hug, that big tub of Baskin Robbins and the collection of friggin old romantic DVD comes to use. The guys however will chill over a few beers and perhaps head to a club and try to get some booty call. You see the connection here? The single guys will be out in full force in search of some liberating action with the women in such a vulnerable state tends to fall prey to these dicks.
Well, that is one way to look at it. Another way is that perhaps the singles will have some singles party in the hope of finding a partner or soul mate or bed mates or whatever mates you can figure out. There is a demand and there is a supply....great...Valentine is like your Sunday wet market.
As for me? Yaaahahhahhaaa....I will be out...having teh tarik with the girlfriend. Minimum spending...quality time.

13 February, 2007

Hoi Melayu~! Bangga kah anda~?!!!

This has truely disturbing visual content. Discression is advised. Now on to my issue...

Here is another topic set in Malay. Since I have denounced that I am no longer Malay I now have a good graphic proof of why. Mind you I have never seen other races go to this extreme. Makes you wonder why on earth do these sort of things in broad daylight and in a public park? What crazy assholes. Seriously....take a good look.

Now I got this stuff trough my mail from a friend. Some of you may already know and seen this set of images but what seems to be my point is what the hell is becoming to this particular race? Seriously I don't care if some authority wants to charge me in court for this because these are facts of the Malay society. This is how desperate some people are and this is not why our forefathers fought for independence.
For all the shit....for all the great shit that Malays want to claim for their race I certainly vote otherwise because from these images I don't think they deserve it. While some of us work the hell out and fight for everything while those like these two here simply rip the dignity of it all away. Tsk tsk tsk....simply ungrateful.

Race specific mosque?

I think this is totally nonsense. I was trying out my 3G wap service and went to Monster Blog and read the article Mosque for all. Ok here is the dumb thing....There are Indian Muslim community mosques. A good one is Jalan Masjid India. Second It's not about being racist~ some of the comments left were really ridiculous~! All talking trough their noses.
I can still pray in an Indian Muslim mosque. No problems....even if they read the Friday sermon in Tamil or Hindi it does not matter. So what if the Chinese Muslims want to build their own mosque? Well....personally I think it's a great idea. For one thing it shows that Islam transcends across all borders and appeals throughout races. The delivery might be in a different language but the meaning is the same.
Some bunch of immature minds and perhaps some politicians who I presume have archaic mentality. And some claim that other places of worship is being torn down to make way for development. Come on....the government will not be that stupid to tip the scale of balance that Malaysia has. If this is a racial fight that some god knows who than I might say all of us would be stupid to fall into this childish game.

That was a trip to memory lane. Thanks shorty.

Shorty gave me a link to his blog this morning. First, I didn't know he had a blog (Cheap Thrills and Bigger Spills). I didn't know he had time for it and the bigger surprise is he wrote and showed pictures of how the gang has moved on in life. And damn do I look caught in action~!
Damn you GoHak~! I wished I did not bring my camera for that event. Now I am all over the big triple W having my hands around a girl. But hey...that was way back during our high school years. Now, looking at the past and present pictures it surely does bring back memories. The times were not that bad and owh we were the first ever school to host an event where our whole audio was running on MP3~! Not forgetting an LCD projector which GoHak (me thinks) did the multimedia presentation with Macromedia Director. Mind you...these were great achievements way back in the late '90s.
And some innocent timid looking chicks in those days turned out to be a real looker now~ sigh....the missed opportunities. But anyway....It's good to know everyone is doing well. Shorty works at Fly FM. GoHak I don't really know where....Alvin works with Shorty. Radar is a pilot...JT the ultimate geek in school has a knack for reviewing the underground scene where he resides now. Gibby is a doctor....Khai Yong is a doctor and married. G-Man should also be a doctor by now and the occasional junkie. Balan @ Vice heads the infamous KLG Sqwad. Faizal is and engineer....and the list goes on and on and on.
Owh and thank you for the reminder Shorty. I still do wonder till today why the hell you call me by that name.

12 February, 2007

From one thing to another....Women.

Ok I read blogs of others a lot. Espacially from Petaling Street. There are good writers out there but it all depends on your preferences. But some times I come across things that sickens me or makes my mind wonder.
I could figure why women want to look beautiful. Apart to attract men there is the confidence boost which they get. Good...I love beautiful confident women. But there are things that go a tad on the far side of sanity. There is still the ever popular cosmetic surgery, botox injections, fitness clubs (I get this vision that people look very similar to hamsters when they are on treadmills, exercise bicycles and step contraptions). But to take it step too far is this Lip Embroidery.
It is actually just a tattoo but instead of scribbling images or words it's actually the colouring of the lips with the tattoo pen. I understand that it would cost RM 1K. Completely nutters I tell you. Why would you want to go trough that much pain when all that is needed is a lipstick?
Living by the saying "No pain, no gain" is very encouraging indeed. But this lippy thing is a bit on the far side of the universe. Imagine if something terrible happens? You could very well be disfigured for all eternity. Wanting lips like Angelina Jolie but end up looking like a walrus~! Yeeshh...

From the cradel to the grave.

Believe one thing, how you were brought up that's is exactly the way you will end up being. I am not referring to materials or possessions. It's a mindset or way of thinking. Depends who you grew up with, what you read and understand and what you eat. This is one way for certain that being a Muslim entitles me to think. But this is not a religious blog and I am not an expert on it either so lets just leave that point as that.

Some may be wealthy but still lacks decent human behaviour. I need not be specific, my readers are smart enough to think what is decent and what is not. I want my readers to think...not tell them what to do. As far as aspiring bums there are plenty out there. Alarmingly with such affordable education some still opt to be bums. Why is that? Certain mindsets flourish with cascading effects. One thing starting may trigger another at a later time.

And when responsibilities are neglected, we have those like corrupted politicians or those who embezzle money, lower down are the rapists, snatch thiefs, murderers, adulterers, Mat Rempit and other sociol political sins. Even legit businesses tend to avoid the law and not pay the taxes due.
So yes, you and me might be friends with one or any of the combination mentioned. Now that is a scary thought. The epitome resides in the heart. I don't think anyone(my self included) is pure at heart anymore. There is a twisted fate to everything and anything we do. Thus we pay heavily in anger and violence to a certain degree.
Don't forget arrogance. Well so it does help in a few instances but its like superhero powers. "With great power comes great responsibility", I keep hearing those in movies. With unmoral attitudes, shortchanging in business, back stabbing between friends what a more pleasant world to live in these modern times.
But somehow everything is perfect. Cause and effect plays it's part really well....but still we carry all from the cradle to the grave. Just at different speeds. Just remember...for everything done the cascade will eventually hit you. the question is simply just...will you realize it when it comes?

10 February, 2007

Mama's Birthday present.

What would you give a 50+ year old women who is your mother for her birthday? I was asking myself this exact question throughout the week. What can I give her? She almost has everything already. I don't normally but presents for my parent's birthday but since I have started working why not splurge on them a bit eh?
Choosing a present for the dad is not that hard but for the mother now this was a challenge for me. I know for one thing she loves Bohemian Crystals. That's a bit out of my league...handbags? She has tonnes of those. Shoes.....I can't buy her just any shoe, she uses prescription orthopedic shoes and it costs a bomb and a few limbs too.
Buggers....I was scratching my head for a long time too. This is a tough one. Tried asking the girlfriend of what she thinks...she answered the typical women stuff. Hmmm....not that much help. I guess I just have to window shop and see where my feet takes me. Went to One U, sheesh....wallets are really ugly and expensive these days. Perfumes? Er....damn I don't know what she likes really. I think I'll leave the women stuff to my dad.
So still stuck without an ounce of inspiration I went to the Curve and Ikano dragging the girlfriend along. Walking almost aimlessly we passed Hock Sing Leong (Electrical appliances shop) than it suddenly hit me. We don't have a DVD player at home~! So with girlfriend in tow I went in to see whats on offer for the maximum of RM300. HSL The Curve has hopeless stuff like really outdated crap. I remembered that Harvey Norman was next door. Goody~!
Tralalalala....trotted off to Harvey's and we saw huge signs saying "SALE". Perfect~! In 20 minutes I got me mother a Pioneer DVD player for RM299. Cheap considering the features it has and the budget constraint. The plus side is.... everyone in the house can use the DVD player....hahahahah~! Killing 2 birds with one stone~! Great...now all I need is to save up for a new TV so I could take the old one and put it up at my own place. Hehehehe...~!

09 February, 2007

Woohooo~! I now have mp3 ringtones~!

Yeah...I am really lagging behind on this one. But I am the sort not to simply change gadgets as when the latest come into the market. I was thinking of getting a new phone but not anytime soon as the last time I checked my "old" T630 was still going strong and I really loved it. I get attached to my gadgets a bit too much.
I guess the T630 had feelings....it' suddenly went kaput. Well not really kaput as in not functioning at all but the keypad was all going haywire all the sudden. Pressing for 1 became 2 and vice versa. While the directional pad simply wont budge unless I push them with all my might. Right....so obviously I had something in mind already but it's gonna be really tight on me. Miraculously, my saviour came and the pinch became just a nudge. Cool~
I have a RizR Z3 on mind ever since I saw it in GSM Arena. Damn, I think slider phones are really cool. So with girlfriend off I went to see how much it would set me back. Went to one shop that offered credit terms. But after much calculations I will end up paying almost RM200 more and that is not inclusive the normal Visa card charges. That could very well be in the RM1400 region. Damn....hard pill to swallow. Went to another shop but no credit terms. But just for the heck of it I asked what would be in the range of an RizR Z3....he promptly showed me SE K618i.
Well...I was a bit down because the slider form factor that I want will breach my budget a bit. But the salesman did a good job by letting me test both phones side by side. He even let me test the K618i againts it's own sibling higher up the range. Bloody good salesmanship that chap. So for the AP set the K618i was RM970. A bargain to me when it is a 3G phone with Walkman features and really competent camera functions.
Right...in my humble opinion don't get the Z3. Its all flash without the flesh...get what I mean? It's a chick's phone as the salesman puts it. But on one side I would and could have gotten the Z3. It's just that this guy was really honest (I tried to ask for a memory upgrade but he said he can't give me a better deal and a new memo card will set me back RM230) and open to a potential customer's demand. Well....I didn't have my card on me at that time so I said that I'll come tomorrow.
Usually a salesman won't be hoping much when someone says that. But somehow I felt really good interacting with the dude. Thus I did get back to the same shop and ask the service of the same guy. I sat in front of him and I said "OK...I'll take the deal you gave me yesterday". He didn't recognize me at first but soon he remembered..."Ok, if you want to upgrade memo card I can give you better price...add RM170 only for upgrade to 1GB...plus you get the screen protector". "Can you sell me a carrying case too?" I asked. "Weehh...can-can...I give that wan also FOC lor."
Wow....so also by luck he accepted to take my old phone for trade in. The total bill came to RM1070. To me what makes it such a satisfying buy was the way the guy was selling. Not the lan-see or Kan-cheeong type. I wouldn't really mind if he didn't give me a good price for the memo card. I just loved his service. Simple as that.

How to get away from celebrating Valentines.

February is the month of love some people say. What different is it from other months? Because it is the shortest month in the year? Or it has the ability to add a day every leap year? Or is it because of some saint did some saintly thing? Whichever or whatever it is, I get away from investing in this ridiculous celebration simply because I don't celebrate it.

I have done the normal Valentine thinggy before but that as way during school days where all I need to do is ask for the cash from the father or mother. Now just because of this so called day for love everything is at least double the price. Some dumb asses we are, to be duped every year into these mushy stuff.

There is this huge ass love shape props at Cineleisure. Suddenly it hit me.... now I know where those in my friendster list took their pictures. Yuck.... I would rather have pictures taken at the Curve. The CNY deco is really nice and yes cerainly less corny.

I have made it clear to the girlfriend even before we started out that ain't no way am I celebrating Valentines. Besides it is a tad of a taboo issue because I am a Muslim and Valentine is taken after some Christian saint.

Anyways, for the guys my advice if you want to save your dosh....stay home. Or simply apply for an outstation stint from your company. You save and you earn all at the same time too~! As for me, the girlfriend has thus far not made any querries about it. But just in case she does I think I'll just pop into 7-Eleven and buy some Kit Kat and Coke for her. Hope I can still do the puppy face and get away with it.