08 February, 2007

23 people to respond to 3 years of sluggish progress.

Pak Lah decides to place a bunch of people together (23 to be exact) to I don't know do what really. After 3 years now he decides to wake up? Supposedly these 23 is to report straight to him. Hmmmm...he must have plenty of idle time in his schedule doesn't he? Well, at least there is something done to combat a 3 year old issue.

How can he hope that a team of 23 people is suppose to reform the system of thick red tape? Seems like he has a good team with expertise from both sides of the fence (public and private sectors) to study this thing.

So how does a team of 23 suppose to get about and do this? Bare in mind that mentioning the team and initiative today does not mean that the problem will be solved in a month. Such an initiative should have been done a hell long time ago. So there is the smart and stupid thing about this but can we just simply expect that it would take another 3 years for them to come up with any improvements?

The system has been around for almost 20 years at least...and don't tell me that it takes 1 year to settle the damage starting from 3 years ago. So, hurrah~~! to Pak Lah for suddenly realising the snail pace that RMK9 is going but I'll give a Oooo-Hummmm~ for the team that has yet to get to work. We'll just have to wait and see what changes in the next 12 months than.


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